Just wonderin’

Is it worth mentioning — let alone celebrating — that, with a win on the Plains this Saturday, Georgia clinches its third straight SEC East title?


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  1. Jack Burton

    Hopefully we can score points.

    Hopefully we can stop #5 on the jet sweep.

    I don’t see us winning in that hell hole.

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  2. Got Cowdog

    Yeah it is.
    Should that be the case, LSU v UGA will be a hell of a ball game.
    That being said, first things first: aubrun sucks. Let’s make them regret Gus’ contract extension even more….

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  3. Would it be our first win against a ranked team on the road (in regular season)? Beating Auburn on the plains would be in and of itself worth celebrating…but the SEC east is icing on the cake. I get that the new standard is to always be in Atlanta, but locking the Gators out of it is still sweet.


  4. Aladawg

    Yeah we know that, but this game has been the stumbling block since before the season ever started. With our offensive creativity we will have little margin for errors. With that place rocking, mistakes are likely to happen. I just hope they aren’t too costly. Hope Trey Hill and Cade Mays aren’t operating at 70-75%. Otherwise Brown and company will have a field day.


  5. RangerRuss

    Absolutely gotdam right it’s worth celebrating a third straight SEC East title. It’ll be especially sweet to claim it on the same field where they hosed us down 33 years ago. Beat the Dawg shit out of em!

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  6. 3rdandGrantham

    As crazy as it may seem, Kirby has yet to win a road game against a SECW opponent, so all sorts of milestones are for the taking with a win.


  7. Spike

    Ugh.. don’t forget we will have to contend with SEC Zebras…


    • Bat City Dawg

      The conference would be better if we won this saturday, so not sure why the ref comment.


      • JCDawg83

        Because SEC officials are so bad as to be embarrassing. Whether the calls are for us or against us, they are so incompetent they are a major force in any game they officiate.


        • Bat City Dawg

          Insert conference name and there is an officiating gripe. Based on headlines it looks like the Pac-12 refs are having some issues. It just seems like a silly thing to keep bringing up. It is part of the game


      • Spike

        Are you kidding me? Where have you been the last few years? Do you not watch these clowns? If I have to explain it to you you wouldn’t understand.


    • Bright Idea

      Yep, and we are due to have Hubert Owens in the white hat whose crew bastardizes every game they call.


      • LakeOconeeDawg

        Anyone watch the Penn St / Minnesota game? It was refreshing to watch a game where the refs did not insert themselves into game. I don’t remember one stoppage for a review.


      • Russ

        Well, at least Hubert’s incompetence cuts both ways. He’s not Marc Curles or Penn Wagers bad. They are just crooked.


      • I went down memory lane earlier this AM and watched the Aaron Murray/ Nick Fairley debacle in Auburn. The white hat for that game? Hubert Owens. That clown and his assistants turned that game into a near riot.


  8. Charlottedawg

    Fuck Auburn, the dirtiestiest program on Earth. Any win over those cheating scumbags should be celebrated let alone clinching an sec east title.

    Time to break the sec west road game losing streak Kirby. I know we used it for Florida but FTMF. I wanna make their student body more depressed than when they got their UGA rejection letter because we all know that’s the only reason you go to Auburn.

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    • “I wanna make their student body more depressed than when they got their UGA rejection letter”

      Well played, sir. Well played….


    • Milledge Hall

      Damn fine remarks Charlotte!!
      I call that school the
      (EARS) for short.
      Outside of what Charlotte said,
      you don’t to there…


  9. DaveinAZ

    Our defense is as good as theirs and our offense is far better. Unless the dreaded rabbit’s foot returns we win by 10+. This looks a lot like the matchup with the gators but Auburn’s QB is not there yet.


  10. The Truth

    I don’t think division titles are worth celebrating all that much, especially when we fully expected to win, EXCEPT (all caps, because this is a big except) as someone mentioned above our winning means the Gators aren’t winning the East, which is its own reward.

    I do think SEC titles are being given short shrift these days. They’re only being viewed as a stepping stone to the playoff and not being celebrated as a singular accomplishment. The Old Ball Sack himself used to say winning the SEC was the goal every year and if you could do that what comes next would take care of itself most of the time.


  11. Not sure why such a big deal if being made about not winning an SECW road game. How many SECW road games will this make in 4 seasons? This reminds me of the “we’re 5-3 in the last 8 games” Dooleying. Of all the things that could be the cause of losing Saturday that’s at the bottom of this list.

    None of it will matter. Their offense has been as anemic as ours and our defense is better.


  12. Worth mentioning to those that value tradition and rivalries. Probably not worth much to the ‘national championship or bust’ crowd.

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  13. stoopnagle

    At the start of the year, this is the game I thought would be the toughest win. It’s odd-year Auburn and our away inter-divisional game which hasn’t been friendly in the Kirby Era. Their defense is among the best in the league, arguably the best we’ve faced so far.

    Now that we’ve got 9 games of information, our defense is every bit as good as theirs – although their toughest games (LSU, UF) were on the road. Given that their frosh QB plays like a frosh QB at times and, the last I heard, Whitlow was banged up, I like our defense to continue to shine.

    The trick is us getting points on offense. How are those OL injuries? How’s Cager? Can we continue to avoid special teams errors?

    We will have to survive the initial push on offense and get the game settled into our long, drawn out style of suffocation. If we can do that, we’re going to be OK. I just worry that the off week heals their wounds and their initial plan is going to eat us up. If we survive the first quarter, I’ll feel good. As long as it’s close at half-time, I’ll feel awesome.

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  14. Minnesota Dawg

    Yes…definitely worth celebrating AFTER a win, not in anticipation of one.


  15. GruvenDawg

    I predicted this was the stumbling block at the beginning of the year. I don’t really care what our offense does anymore as long as we win the game. Keep winning and let’s take a shot at LSU. This is where the team leadership needs to take over. Win and move on…that’s got to be the team mantra from here on out. Screw offensive and defensive stats. Just win baby.

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  16. I love the match-up of our defense against their offense. We have the ability to do exactly what FU did to them and just stifle their ability to move the ball. If we can get off the field on 3rd down, I like our chance to win field position.

    Of course, the match-up with the Barn front 4 is what this game comes down to. If we can hold up against them, opportunities to make plays will be there.