But they meant well.

Sure, we all bitch and moan about bad officiating calls, but in terms of sheer what-the-fuck-were-they-doing-there?, it’s really hard to top that horrendous penalty call on the wrong team in the Cal-Wazzu game last weekend.  Jon Wilmer does the full “let me count the ways” takedown here.

I’m amazed this is all Mike Leach has had to say on the matter so far.

Just another day in Larry Scott’s finely tuned machine, I guess.


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  1. Derek

    Reminds me of this ref classic:


  2. Uglydawg

    Agree, in terms of WTF are they doing here it’s pretty bad.
    But in terms of immediate and lasting negative impact on a team and it’s fanbase, I can think of at least one that takes the cake.
    And as far as I know, we’ve never heard an admission or mea-culpa concerning it.
    (there. I got my ref bitching out of the way for one more day)

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  3. MDDawg

    When I think of bad officiating calls not going our way, and this being Auburn hate week, I’m of course reminded of the 2010 game. But the 2013 game saw Aaron Murray get hit on the last play of regulation in what very easily could have been a targeting call. If that same thing were to happen today, I’d at least expect a flag to be thrown and have it reviewed. Unrelated to Auburn, but I also think Murray took an unnecessary roughness type of hit after his INT in the 2012 SEC CG. That’s another one where if it happened today I’d expect a flag to be thrown.


  4. Reverend Whitewall

    What I still don’t get is how were they able to determine the mistake one play later. In other words, those types of mistakes are usually caught immediately or not until after film review after the game. It’s just weird that it was caught one play later. I don’t know. Refs are humans too, but a whole lot of human-ness went into that mess.


  5. Spike

    Penn Wagers has a woody reading these comments..

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  6. 79Dawg

    See, all you people who hate lawyers, if the Pac-10 General Counsel had been in the command center, this probably wouldn’t have happened!!! [immediately ducks]


    • MDDawg

      Wow, just wow. I was not even aware that this existed, I’ve got no emotional investment in either team, and this still makes me angry.