First down and manball

This would appear to be a troubling development.

Starting with South Carolina, everybody’s got the formula on how to defend Georgia on first down.  Smart does a lot of self-scouting in game prep; you’d think at some point they’d start breaking tendencies to offset what’s been happening.


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  1. Billy Mumphrey

    Winning first and second down (run or pass) is the number one thing holding the offense back. Especially inside the opponents 30 yl. If they could do that more consistently, a lot of those field goals would become touchdowns


  2. Russ

    That’s what I noticed. We overcame poor 1st and 2nd down efficiency with excellent 3rd down efficiency, but that’s a dangerous way to run an offense. We need to continue to be diverse on early downs, not just blindly run into the wall. The toss sweeps worked last week, but we seemed to quit doing them after the 1st quarter or so.


  3. The predictability and lack of creativity from our offense is really the big thing that concerns me. It is one of those things that talent overcomes against medicore and below competition, but gets destroyed by good teams. It is also something that can fail you when you need it the most (overcoming turnovers, for example).

    It concerns me that we have gone backwards over the last 2 years in this area, and Kirby has been very dishonest in framing fan complaints on this issue as “murdering Jake Fromm.”

    The very fact he is being so brazenly dishonest about this tells me he doesn’t care, doesn’t intend to care, and wants fans to shut up.

    That sends a chill up my spine and reminds of me CMR refusing to fire Willie Martinez.

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  4. Truckin

    Some of those early stats were earned against overmatched opponents. Games have gotten more competitive since.

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  5. Navin Johnson

    We can’t count on 3rd and Grantham every week.


  6. I think we’ve sandbagged and are ready for the stretch!


  7. Kirby Smart

    Now, a clever man would pass on first down, because he would know that only a great fool run into a stacked front. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose to run on first down. But you must have known I was not a great fool; you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not pass on first down.


    • jhorne2000

      …. the thoughts of a tortured Coley ?

      Like the squirrel who makes it nearly all the way across the road , then panics: “I can’t make it” and turns back , only to then be run over.


      • RangerRuss

        You fool. You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, one of which is never get involved in a shootout in Auburn. But only slightly well known is this: Never go in against an SEC West home game when the CFP is on the line.


  8. They seem content grinding early on to open up things later. If not for 4 TOs we’d likely be undefeated.

    The (still)concerning thing to me is how everyone knows what we’re gonna do. People are saying they’re disappointed in the OL but no OL can do much better against cover zero and 9 in the box which is what we’ve seen from just about everyone, especially since SC. I’ve actually felt much better about the offense the last couple games, though. We have mixed it up a little more and having Cager be effective and Pickens hopefully continuing to develop might finally burn these defenses like they’ve been begging to have done to them.

    One way or another, something has to give and I think it’ll be Saturday.


  9. illinidawg

    #4 bitches


  10. Classic City Canine

    3rd and Grantham ain’t going to bail us out every week folks. This offense isn’t fixed and Kirby desperately needs to wake up and make some changes starting with his philosophy and only then changing coordinators.