What “so close” looks like

I get where Jake Fromm is coming from with that QOTD.  Check out this devastating block Charlie Woerner — whose blocking in general is much improved from earlier in the season — laid in the Missouri game:

Now, if only Kindley could have flattened his guy, Zeus would still be running.


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19 responses to “What “so close” looks like

  1. Got Cowdog

    And that, class, is called a clothesline. Very effective against backside pressure…..


  2. David Chadwick

    Nice whiff by Kindley.


  3. William H.

    In fairness to Kindley, Big #71 bumped him off balance….at least to my eyes.


  4. Bill Glennon

    If #8 is the free safety, he is approximately 8 yards off the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped, and he is running downhill to the running back near the hole.

    Swift can sometimes make two guys miss, but it would be nice if they would take some of these DBs out by putting more receivers wide on these run plays. The WRs are bunched in too tight, and our RBs need cleared out space, not blocking.

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  5. ETDF

    That defender that got leveled by Wolf also go drilled by Mays during the Harrian run that was a rugby scrum late in the game.


  6. Dawg in Austin

    Swift or Cook may have been able to make that cut to the left quicker than Zeus, but I totally agree with your comment about Kindley. Those feet needed to move faster.


  7. Cojones

    Nice block! Occurred right at the moment the tackler set his feet to grab Zeus and it had to be the surprise block of his college career. Woerner is a class act after not getting the ball thrown his way very often. He’s one of those guys you like to cheer for and he received a pass as a reward for team play. Now if he could just get open more often … … .


  8. jt10mc (the other one)

    You are exactly right. Our OL for many reasons have not been holding their blocks (different from “holding”) at the point of attack. Now if that is Swift…he probably cuts for a huge gain if not housing it. I think the problem with the run game has been the patchwork OL and playing together…they are just playing together as a unit again since the Vandy game the last 2 games. Let’s keep our fingers crossed when we play the Barn’ this weekend that they round into form.

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    • gastr1

      Note that Kindley and Thomas start out blocking the same man. Kindley then loses his and Thomas nearly holds to keep off the man he was supposed to take.


  9. Spike

    Charley should get arrested for that hit..


  10. Horseshoes and hand grenades.


  11. spur21

    Looks like a late lane appeared behind Mays and to the left of Cleveland


  12. sniffer

    That poor bastard’s left leg may never work right again…


  13. Cojones

    Looks like our D got us into the Playoff picture. Do we have any discussion of the guys who seem to have passed the O in importance?

    I’m a happy camper when able to watch insightfully each side of the ball play by the Dawgs and am looking closely at the upcoming game for a D battle that establishes this team’s 2019 destiny.


  14. Jeff Sanchez

    Awesome two-yard gain