2019 Mumme Poll, Week 11

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) TwitterIt finally happened.

Screenshot_2019-11-13 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)

For the first time this season, the Mumme Poll has a unanimous selection. Way to go, Tigers.

Obviously, we had 252 ballots cast; the average number of teams per ballot was 8.2.  Both are pretty consistent with previous weeks, which means we aren’t seeing the drop in interest that kind of ruined the MP’s previous incarnation.  That makes me happy.

Here’s the breakdown by conference:

Screenshot_2019-11-13 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(1)

Screenshot_2019-11-13 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(2)

Time spent on ballot selection also remains consistent.

Screenshot_2019-11-13 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(3)

I’m not going to reprint the “where we’re from” data this week, because it’s essentially unchanged.  Suffice to say that Georgia residents continue to comprise about five-eighths of the voters, which, given the nature of this blog, makes sense.

Once again for comparison’s sake, here’s what last night’s top 25 from the CFP selection committee looks like:

Screenshot_2019-11-13 2019 College Football Rankings for Week 12 ESPN(1)

The usual thoughts and observations:

  • Obviously, the big story here is that we track what the selection committee did with Georgia, both placing the Dawgs in the top four — which means we also both found Alabama non-CFP worthy for the time being.  No, it means little right now, other than as rudimentary confirmation that we may not be quite the homers it’s logical to accuse us of being.
  • I do find it of interest, also, that we have more respect for Minnesota’s season than does the selection committee.
  • Tier One (teams with at least 90% support from the voters) is down to three now.  Duh.
  • I don’t want to keep pounding my chest about this (okay, maybe I do, a little), but we’ve produced a credible top 25 without needing to fly voters in to some fancy resort, worry about who’s wearing what hat or spend way too much time coming up with a set of rankings.  Approval voting works and maybe college football ought to take notice of the format.


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13 responses to “2019 Mumme Poll, Week 11

  1. Timphd

    If you ask me, our poll seems more valid than the CFP. They continue to give Bama too much love and have only moved Minnesota up to 8, behind 4 two loss teams despite an impressive win of Penn St. who the committe had at 4. I watched that game and it was no fluke, they outplayed Penn St in every phase, they should be ahead of Bama, Oregon, Utah, and probably even UGA. As for Bama, they gave up 46 points AT HOME to LSU, doesn’t matter that they only lost by 5, that defense is not elite.

    Of course the CFP rankings are only to provide ESPN with fodder for programming and to feed their talk shows, we all know that none of this matters until the final one comes out.


  2. Harold Miller

    RAH! RAH! RAH! for Ski – U – Mah! Look at Minnesota coming in at #5.


  3. KornDawg

    I’m okay with flying Mumme Poll voters to a fancy resort, just sayin’.

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  4. DawgFaithful

    I had Ohio St #1. Guess you didn’t get mine.


  5. Prosticutor

    Work travel’s kept me focused on other deadlines and missed the last two Mumme votes, but it looks like my two cents weren’t going to make any drastic changes this week. LSU-OSU-Clemson, plus a random throwing of darts to round out the rest. I will say, I watched all of the Gopher game on Saturday and was really impressed.


  6. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    How do we get the Mumme Poll on ESPN?


  7. James Hickey

    DQ firing?


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    Senator, you refer to this as “approval” voting. I seem to remember in early versions of the MP, there was discussion (calling out?) of odd votes. We don’t have that here (unless you count these comments) so what is the distinction between “approval” voting and fan voting (e.g. popularity contest)?

    Confused minds would like to be confused.