A couple of troubling trends for Saturday

I mentioned yesterday that Georgia tends to see Auburn’s best when the Tigers are still playing for bigger stakes, which, realistically speaking, they won’t be doing this year.  It seems only fair, however, to cite a couple of things that run in favor of the Gus Bus.

One is something you’ve probably heard about.

Screenshot_2019-11-13 Jeriah Alderson on Twitter gotdbeat JCHAU73 Gus Malzahn is 10-0 when coming off a Bye at Auburn In ca[...]

For what it’s worth, though, none of those wins have come against Georgia.

There’s also this.

Here’s the list of those:

Screenshot_2019-11-13 Chris Fallica on Twitter Georgia perspective this weekend In the last 20 years, there have been 10 To[...]

Again, no Georgia there, although Auburn is on there twice, both way before Malzahn’s time.

Interesting stuff.  I don’t think any of it trumps Georgia being the team with more to play for Saturday.


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16 responses to “A couple of troubling trends for Saturday

  1. Bigshot

    UGA being ranked # 4 is NOT good! Rat Poison! Hope I’m wrong.


    • 81Dog

      Praise is like poison. It only hurts you when you swallow it. If we learned from the s Carolina fiasco and realize we have no margin for error, we should be ready to play. Take the crowd out of it early, and don’t let up.


    • The Dawg abides

      Rat poison for you. You only seem happy when we’re losing and you can post how much we suck and won’t ever win anything.


  2. I don’t know if we’re going to win on Saturday. We do have a better team across the board with the exception of the defensive line than Auburn, and Auburn’s line isn’t that much better than ours.

    Just win, baby.


  3. J-Dawg

    Kirby wants that SEC west road win and the team wants to advance. All the talk about how great their defense is : I see a good defense but not a great one. I also hope Swift has a flashback to the SECCG in 2017. I think all the playbook is in play for this game. Time to play possum is gone. I see the final being 27-10 UGA.

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  4. The Malzahn stat about coming off of idle weeks was concerning until you see the teams he’s played. I pulled this from the Vent as someone posted it over there.

    | year | opponent | score | opp. Final record
    | 2012 | La Lafayette | 50-27 | 5-4; had two wins vacated
    | 2013 | Ole Miss | 30-22 | 1-5; had 7 wins vacated
    | 2014 | South Carolina | 42-35 | (7-6)
    | 2015 | Kentucky | 30-27 | (5-7)
    | 2016 | Arkansas | 56-3 | (7-6)
    | 2017 | Texas A&M | 42-27 | (7-6)
    | 2018 | Texas A&M | 28-24 | 9-4; Ranked 16 in final poll
    | 2019 | Arkansas | 51-10 | LOL they bad



    Playoff people trying to set us up for failure. Prove them wrong! GO DAWGS!,,


  6. sniffer

    What concerns me is Auburn has nothing to play for except ruining ours and Bama’s season.

    Also, I don’t remember Richt ever “saying” anything about the cheap shots Murray took from Fairley or Ford. That will always bother me about Richt and make my hate for auburn nation to burn hotter. Gatornation makes no pretense about being wholesome or pure. AU would have you believe they are and what makes that more distasteful is they are bewildered at the thought that someone believes they are dirty.


  7. Anon

    If you think UGA has more to play for then you’ve never understood the mindset of auburn (fans or team). They live in a perpetual state of inferiority in regards to UGA and Bama. So their ultimate goal is to ruin their seasons. I know many auburn people and they would rather see UGA and Bama loose on any given weekend than auburn win. So yea to them they EVERYTHING to play for Saturday


    • In theory, that sounds convincing, but if you look at real world results, as Seth Emerson did the other day, that’s not how it’s played out.


    • The Dawg abides

      You’re describing irrational fans, which means all of them in Auburn’s case. Big difference between them and 18-22 year old kids. There is absolutely more to play for when it comes to the players. Their mindset is the only thing that matters on the field. Of course the reverse effect is always possible, the team with more to lose may play tighter and make more mistakes and the other team may have a wtf attitude and play looser.


  8. Jean Maxwell

    Chuck Oliver is a TURD at best. Yes he is the kang of college football.
    If he keeps saying maybe one day he will believe it, Any one who has ever heard him knows the truth….He not jack shit!



    Fuck Chuck Oliver!