TFW it just means less.

Here’s a sad, but oh-so-likely scenario heading down the turnpike.

Before you laugh too hard, I’ve seen a few bowl projections putting Georgia in the Orange Bowl.  Sounds like we could be in for an epic face off if that’s the case.


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  1. If we aren’t in the CFP, I’ll take Miami over New Orleans any day. We haven’t played in an Orange Bowl since 1960.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Does that mean they don’t have to take an ACC team if there isn’t another ACC team in (whose?) top 25?


  3. chopdawg

    Maybe they’d match us up against somebody we could beat! Oh wait…that’d be just about anybody in the ACC.


  4. practicaldawg

    At what point does the P5 become the P4 and the ACC joins the Group of 6? Serious question.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    It depends on who sits this one out. Love our team, but I can wait until G-Day to see the mailman hand off to Zeus and Kenny Mcintosh.


  6. Argondawg

    Ive seeen the same thing we would have to play,,,,,,,,,,WAKE FOREST, Maimi would absolutely be flooded with Wake and Georgia fans. LOL. Pathetic.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Georgia vs. Wake Forest in a 3/4 full Orange Bowl. If that isn’t ample punishment for missing an overtime field goal against South Carolina, I really don’t know what is.


  8. Russ

    A disinterested Georgia team facing Wake Forest would be a nightmare. No Swift, no Reed, plus a few others sitting out. Ugh.

    It’s a shame as the Orange Bowl is the only one of the Big 4 I’ve never been to. But no way will they fool me again after I wasted money on Sugar Bowl tickets last year.


  9. stoopnagle

    On the bright side, tickets will be inexpensive.


    • stoopnagle

      First off, we’re not going to the OB. Last I checked, that’s not a CFP semi-final.

      But just for fun and for any Penn State fans reading the blog, let’s just see what might be available for the OB committee to choose:

      Wake Forest is 7-2 (@Clemson, Duke, @Syracuse). 2-1 makes then 9-3 with their tiny little fanbase.

      UVA is 7-3 (Liberty, VaTech). Who knows what happens with VT. They haven’t beaten them in forever and VT is steadily improving. Say they win as home team all things being equal: 9-3, wins the Coastal, 9-4.

      VaTech is 6-3 (@GT, Pitt, @UVA). 2-1, see above, finishing 8-4.

      Pitt is 6-3 (UNC, @VT, BC). 2-1 understanding the UNC game is a toss, but Pitt is home, so go with it. 8-4.

      FSU is 5-5 (Alabama State, @UF). As much as I hope they’ll beat UF, 6-6.

      Miami is 6-4 (FIU, @Duke). 8-4.

      WF 9-3
      UVA 9-4
      VT 8-4
      Miami 8-4
      Pitt 8-4
      FSU 6-6

      I honestly don’t see how any of those will be ranked. Maybe Wake ending the year on a winning streak? Maybe UVA, but I don’t know they could impress enough to overcome the shelling they’ll take from Clemson — same for VaTech. You can easily flip those two, only VT probably has a bigger fanbase.

      Would they really put in 6-6 FSU? Miami is ranked high in computers, they’re local, but they’re also small. Still, they carry some cache, I guess.

      Who knows?


  10. David

    Orange has one of the strangest picking requirements. In addition to their ACC tie, their opponent is supposed to be the highest remaining ranked team from the SEC, Big10 or Notre Dame. But Sugar gets the highest non-playoff SEC team, and Rose gets the highest non-playoff Big10 team. So they match the “best” non-playoff ACC team vs at best, the 3rd best SEC or Big10 team (and hell, Notre Dame could slip in there if they finish 10-2).


  11. Even worse, imagine if we get 9-4 UVA in the Orange, fresh off a loss to Clemson in the ACCCG. That would mean we will play Virginia in back-to-back games at neutral sites. Butts-Mehre would not be pleased.


  12. FlyingPeakDawg

    FSU vs. Auburn in the Orange Bowl, sponsored by your local prison. The replay will be marketed as “The Longest Yard 3” on Disney+