They’re good Dawgs, Brent.

About our expectations for that Georgia offensive line… you can’t expect them to defy the laws of physics, man ($$).

“Everyone knows what they’re going to get when they line up and play us. We’re going to line up and run the ball,” Georgia offensive lineman Cade Mays said. “So definitely their gameplan is to put one more guy in the box than we can block. We’ve got to get our guys blocked that we can block, and then hopefully our back can make one miss.”

Hope may be the best of things, but it’s not the greatest of offensive schemes, fellas.

And don’t think the head coach isn’t aware of it.  He’s just stubborn about it.

“They’re not stacking (the box) any more than they have ever,” Smart said. “There’s not a whole lot of difference as far as that goes.”

Smart did acknowledge that Georgia now sees “hard boxes” — when the defense outnumbers the offense — more consistently. He indicated they see those perhaps 80 percent of the time, versus 70 percent last year.

It may be time to retire the phrase manball and go with the Fabris Offense in its place.  Obviously, Kirby likes a challenge and we just need to deal with it.


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  1. Geezus

    Brant …


  2. gastr1

    We can only dream of what this offense could be if the coaching staff was a little less stupid. (I’m not even going with “stubborn” any more; it’s stubbornness to a degree that has crossed over into “stupidity.”)

    Nothing like getting a bunch of 5 star recruits and coaching them down to 3 stars.


    • Paul

      gastr1 it does seem like stubbornness has metastasized into stupidity at this point. We know the coaches break down film every week. We know the team has all the advanced statistics they care to look at look at. Kirby’s response is “we’re good.” As much as it drives us crazy he’s the one getting paid to make the decisions. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens/changes should this cost us additional games.


  3. One Mike Bobo made teams pay for the hard box with Gurley, Marshall, Chubb and Michel.

    Why we aren’t punishing teams on early downs for that is beyond me.


    • The other Doug

      We went deep a few times against Mizzou and the WR was often open, but the passes weren’t accurate. Mostly under thrown.

      Fromm threw a lot of great passes, but almost all of his bad ones were deep. Hopefully that was just bad luck.


  4. The other Doug

    Kirby is FOS. The Dawgs are seeing more stacked boxes and the safeties are crashing down the second they sniff run. None of our past OLs could make holes with those numbers either.


  5. Got Cowdog

    I clicked the Fabris link because it’s my favorite Lexicon entry. Boy that was a fun walk down memory lane. Losses to LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Okie State, and Kentucky. If you Google 2009 UGA football, Wiki has it right there in the header: “Independence Bowl Champions”.
    Good times.


  6. Anonymous

    What the hell happens to coaches after several years in Athens? I remember Richt having nothing but walk-ons and male cheerleaders for his kick return teams, but flatly refusing to kick touchbacks. Now Kirby remembers 2017 Nick & Sony running successfully against stacked boxes coached by Butch, McElwain, Fishfry, and Boom using Spurriers leftover players. Everyone has since improved their coaching and recruiting and adjusted how they play us. But we think we should be able to get the same 2017 results by running our same 2017 game plan, simply because we stand in front of a mirror every morning and say “I am a breaker of wills!”

    Anyone want to bet whether our offense under the SEC’s most experienced QB, can outplay Auburn’s offense led by a freshman this week?


  7. willypmd

    Has anyone come across our success rate on play action passes?

    I just can’t justify the absence of play action passing against a “hard box”. The safeties are crashing every run play with abandon: it seems like the absolute perfect set up?!?

    Also, why in the world do we keep having Fromm run a read option run game? He is not a threat to run and the defense treats him as not a threat, it is pointless from a deception standpoint and seems to handicap are RB’s by shortening their time to read the hole.

    I honestly believe switching read option runs for play action passes on early downs would have us in the top 5 of offensive efficiency. What am I missing?

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  8. 2675miller

    What an embarrassment for the wr’s and qb. Their coach doesn’t think they can make a play even when the numbers favor them and the opponent’s coach has no fear whatsoever that they can beat them.


  9. Derek

    Who wants one on one match ups in the pass game?

    Teams should never run the ball that way they never have anything to hope about, ever!

    I mean we know the run game isn’t working that’s why the defense gives up a pass defender for run support!

    We’re wasting valuable time not being a finesse chuck and duck team that lives and dies on the arm of the qb and hopes it’s weak defense won’t give up 50.

    Tired of these shutouts, post-season appearances and top 5 rankings. Come on Kirby!!!

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    • Will (the other one)

      Yes, yes it’s only one of those two options. Because as we all know, NCAA rules forbid our talented runningbacks from going to on wheel routes or being involved in the passing game. Sure, you may have heard rumours that LSU’s leading pass-catcher vs Bama was their RB, but that can’t be true. Sure they may have won, but did they really impose their will?


      • D as in Dawg

        Fromm has tunnel vision and it gets worse if he’s feeling pressure… Like he will Saturday. That and he has been inaccurate with poor touch on too many plays this year. He’s a DGD and very smart, but he’s not going to take a game on his shoulders and win it. He may feel free to prove me a liar on all of the above.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    It’s going to be very interesting to see what kind of offense we hit the field with in Mercedes-Benz Stadium if we should get there to play LSU. Our defense is the best that LSU will have seen, but they’re still good enough to put points on the board. Will Georgia finally run out the up-tempo with more passing looks? Or will we stay the same, slow-paced man ball offense we have been? I am worried we get smoked if we are.


  11. BuffaloSpringfield

    I clicked on the Fabris link also it’s amazing, I think he was a Dawg for eh 9 years. Look at his resume my goodness. You don’t have to be smart to be a football coach. Just be smart enough before they figure you out. Stints in the Pro’s ( scratches head ) Notre Dame, Miss. Jr. College, Indiana and now Kansas State, there are other too but I was somewhat amazed that you can sometimes fool all the people all of the time and still Coach.
    His time in Athens if my failing mind recalls had Pollack, Houston, Grant, and many more.
    Special teams was always directional kicks. Did not cover them so well. K.O.R’s was dismal, sometimes 8 yds deep from our own end zone. With one up back deciding to tell the KO return to kneel or run it out.
    My thoughts of special teams this Saturday with a O/U at 40 pts. dropping in a day from 45.5 from Vegas. We need no short, off the side of the foot punts or the dreaded golfer slang of shanks. For goodness sake with all the movement we show on punt return does anyone really hold a block of say 3 seconds. I know those aren’t scrubs out there on punt team that we TRY to block. My goodness there more different colored jerseys around Blaylock than his Dawgs before he can see the ball.
    I hate to put the pressure on Hot Rod but I think he is the difference in a win for the Dawgs. The big question is the pink or silver cleats his lucky shoes.
    In the rear view mirror I’d have said Swift would have had 130 yds and 2 TD’s. Herrien 75 and Zeus 34. With Cager having 5 catches for 110 yds and 2 TD’s, Woerner 4 catches for 35, Jackson 3 catches for 28 and Drob 4 catches ( which does he have 4 all year ) and a TD.
    In reality we squeak out 2 TD’s and Hot Rod makes 4 FG’s…… that’ll give us 26. Now what you got on the WareagleTigerPlainsmen side ?


  12. Classic City Canine

    Hope? When your roster is full of five-stars, you better do more than hope they can make a play. What the hell Kirby?


  13. The Dawg abides

    Dial this up to the 45:50 mark. What the hell happened to these plays? If Fromm could make this throw as a freshman, why not now? I know he doesn’t have a Mecole to throw to, but the coaches need to trust guys like Robertson, Blaylock, or Jackson to at least try some RPOs.


  14. My hunch is that if Fromm just has a slight uptick in hitting those deep balls, then we will see greater production for both run and pass. But at what point do we say ‘ok, not hitting as many deep balls as we would like to open up the running game’ lets try a different approach?

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  15. FlyingPeakDawg

    Dem RBU boys ain’t missing dem tacklers PAAWWWLLLL!!!

    Film room must be fun…”OK, Swift, Herrien, the rest of you. Look here. When you OL has got their man engaged, you guys need to be dodging more of the LB’s hitting you on the handoff.”

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