Thought this was kind of interesting.

Auburn’s record in games when it hasn’t managed 450 yards of offense?  3-2.

(By the way, Auburn’s defense has only allowed one opponent all season, LSU, to gain more than 450 yards.)


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  1. Down Island Way

    First i had confidence, then i’m reading advanced stats, points allowed, yards to gain…now i’m a bit nervous (voice of Munson)…then you show this mirrored stats of the top 10 +/-…i don’t even know who i am anymore….tequila….mas tequila


  2. Mick Jagger

    Wow, Bama and LSU have 3 games of giving up over 450 yards!

    I personally think Okla is highly underrated.


    • Will (the other one)

      Grinch has made some serious improvements to their defense compared to the past few years. Their number jumped out at me (as a bit odd, as I know they’ve given up 40+ points to both Iowa State and K-State.)
      Similarly LSU had 500 yards or so on Auburn, but like us at home vs the barn last year, didn’t punch it in for TDs often.


  3. Forever dawg

    I haven’t seen a lot of Ohio State game action this year, other than highlights. That said, these stats are pretty dang strong on their end. Plus 8 on offense and minus eight on D. I’m lazy. How difficult is/was their schedule?


    • Xon

      Their schedule is not bad because the Big 10 is solid except for Maryland/Rutgers. Their only true win over a playoff ranked team though is against Wisconsin, I think. But again they’ve played a lot of top 40 caliber teams. Their biggest opponents are the last two games: Penn State then Michigan (then probably the Big 10 champ game).


  4. Dawg Lover

    I’m tired of being nervous about this game. Time to unleash hell on teams.


  5. Xon

    If we get 450 yards of offense we win by 21. Not that I’d complain, but won’t happen.