This tracks something I posted earlier this week.  It puts in chart form Brian Fremeau’s FEI metric, which tracks the efficiency of teams by drive.

Auburn’s numbers are good, but Georgia’s are better — a half point greater on offense and a half point lower on defense.



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19 responses to “Efficiency

  1. Mark

    It’s a shame the game is not going to be played on a spreadsheet.


  2. Dawgoholic

    Our numbers are fairly close to a certain team on the bayou.

    Let’s beat Auburn, win two more and see what happens.



    Offensive line must play at there best.


  4. I think they have played a tougher schedule so far so the numbers are somewhat skewed. The 4 best teams they have played are better than the 4 best teams we have played with one of those being the same (FL).


  5. Macallanlover

    It is the #1 key to the game, and strength vs strength. We will certainly not win all those match ups but we cannot get blown up in the middle of the line by being being pushed back or penetrated. This is a bigger challenge than FU because their greatest strength is in the middle of the line, not on the edges.

    I am expecting somewhat of a stalemate up front which will make it hard to sustain drives. If turnovers stay basically equal, this will be a field position game decided by punters and kickers, and would hope one of skill players breaks a long one to give us a cushion. But I expect it to be a tough day on the finger nails for fans of both sides.


  6. Smoky Joe Would

    So as long we have the same amount of drives as them, then we win! YAY!


    • Macallanlover

      We could even spot them an extra few drives! Doesn’t matter who analyzes it. Everyone, homers and haters, sees this as a very close game, might as well keep the snacks, hooch, and nitroglycerin close by; gonna be a long day. Just hope it is a happy night.


  7. Mayor

    This chart ratifies what my own lying eyes have been telling me: Georgia is going to have a real difficult time in the SECCG against LSU.


  8. practicaldawg

    The defensive number is insane. Look at how tight the deltas between all the other teams’ numbers are, and then you get a full 0.5 drop from Barn to UGA. This UGA defense has been outlier-good. So far.


    • Same thing for those Alabama and LSU offenses. Off the charts good.


      • Uglydawg

        I just have a hard time admiring Alabama’s numbers. While Georgia and Auburn have played top ten teams..even the ones they could have avoided (ND, Oregon) with a pussy schedule, Bama has basked in the light of ooh’s and ahhhs earned against weaklings. Yeah..they did beat SC. That’s about it. They lost to the only really good team they’ve played and the game wasn’t as close as the score. Alabama’s defense isn’t elite and although it isn’t going to happen, I would love to have Georgia play them in the SECCG. I think our OL and running game would kill them.
        Every mention of Alabama’s record and statistical prowess should have be followed with the *notation..”has only played one ranked team an lost in Tuskaloosa, even with SEC refs officiating”.


  9. Surprised Bama ranks #3 on the defense chart.