Take or defer?

I enjoy Brooks Tilley’s weekly previews and, honestly, this Auburn take feels right…

We have to start fast. I’m normally a strict defer guy when it comes to the coin toss. This game might be different. If you give Auburn the ball first and somehow they manage a few big plays as our defense settles into the first drive, that could be a big early disadvantage. The thing you have to prepare for in these high profile away games is the snowball effect. Most of Georgia’s true road losses under Kirby Smart (LSU 18, Auburn 17, hell even Ole Miss 16) have been snowball type games where the opposing teams grabs an early lead or early momentum and from there on out, nothing can go right for the Dawgs. I think our quality depth significantly outweighs Auburn’s so if it’s a 4 quarter fight, I like the Dawgs. But I think we need to start with the ball and bang out a few perimeter runs or deep routes over the middle to cool the crowd and get things started.

… but weirdly enough, in the four games Smart’s coached against Auburn, the team that scored first only won one of those (last year’s Georgia win), and even in that instance, Auburn took the lead away and held it for much of the second quarter.

So, assuming Georgia wins the coin toss, what would you do?


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40 responses to “Take or defer?

  1. The other Doug

    Defer and it’s not even close.

    Kirby is excellent at getting some points off the past drive of the first half and then with the ball first in the second half the Dawgs can steal the momentum when it matters.

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  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    I’d keep the coin.

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  3. Greg

    “Receive”……man ball it. Shove it down dem SOB throats. Wear dat ass out early and late, ALL 60 minutes.


  4. ApalachDawg



  5. jrod1229

    Defer. The crowd is always jacked up at the beginning. Put the ball in their offenses’ hands where they have to keep it quiet. Let the defense do what the defense has shown it can (even if it means giving up 1 or 2 first downs) and then have the O come out.

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  6. Defer. Definitely let our D take the field and set the tone.

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  7. waterloodawg

    DEFER! Let their frosh qb come in amped up to face our fresh D.



    Kick it to them, 3 and out…then run the damn ball.


  9. UnderDog68

    Defer. Go on defense, don’t give an inch, force a punt, and then unleash the Dawgs of War.


  10. Wes

    In both ’17 games the losing team scored first, so I’m not sure I buy taking the ball to start the game. The key to the game, as against Florida, will be converting third downs on offense.


  11. Jack Klompus

    Agree on Defer. The crowd is jacked and no reason to throw our Offense on the field. Let our D take them 3 and out and quiet the crowd.

    I read that in the last 8 games, the team that scores the first TD loses.


  12. Dawg93

    Defer. There’s a better chance of them shutting down our offense on that first possession (thus energizing their crowd and their offense when we have to punt) as opposed to them getting the ball first & driving down for a score.

    Plus, as someone pointed out above, I love the idea of us working to get the last possession of the 1st half, getting some points, then getting the ball back to start the 2nd half.


  13. Defer. Put our best unit out there first and hit their freshman QB so hard his girlfriend dies.

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  14. ETDF

    Scoring is going to be difficult in this game. I try to maximize the opportunities to score. Does receiving the ball to start the game result in more scoring opportunities?


  15. AceDawg

    Yeah, UGA smashed it down Auburn’s throat on the road in 2017 on the opening drive and it meant nothing. Auburn got it going in the SECCG a few weeks later but couldn’t make the next big play before UGA got rolling. It is more simple to me. Fromm vs. Nix. The dude that plays better will win. I do like the UGA offense against the Auburn D more than Nix against the UGA defense. If I end up wrong, it will be Fromm struggling with a raucous Auburn crowd. But nah, Auburn sux.


  16. Defer – get a 3 and out and start to win field position.

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  17. Mark

    I’d defer. I want the strongest unit of the team on the field first to set the tone/quiet the crowd.


  18. David H.

    I’ll vote for Defer, but it doesn’t really matter what we think — Kirby is definitely going to defer if he wins the toss. He puts his trust in his defense above all.


    • Macallanlover

      And rightfully so, this is a defensive game, meaning each defense will win more than they lose. Let that crowd chew on a negative in the beginning, not get amped over a shut down for us. Plus, let the offense hear a few pads pop and settle into the game, even from the sideline to calm them down before having to take snaps, Defer, if we can; if not, just rise above the storm anyway you can.


  19. Mike Cooley

    Defer. I’m never in favor of playing not to lose and this strategy of taking the ball first in the name of being afraid they might score first feels like that. And why are we supposed to be so worried about their crowd anyway? They’re loud. So what? We can not be afraid of a crowd. Specifically that bunch middle aged frat boys. You Atlanta boys are pretty steadfast with this narrative that Auburn fans are rednecks but I don’t think y’all have been around many rednecks. I have never met an Auburn fan who wasn’t an arrogant country club type. Defer. Rip Nix’s head off and then get the ball and score. Screw their crowd and screw them. FTMT.


    • Muttley

      Auburn types might be country-clubbers in Atlanta or hillbillies in Columbus, but between the fake hedges of Jordan-Hare they’re a bunch of screaming, brain-damaged jihadists crying out for one afternoon of football to avenge the ever-unfolding horror and despair of their sorry, bitter, meth-tinged, domestic-abuse filled lives in Opelika and Tallapoosa.



  20. Milton Dawg

    Defer. Quite honestly, I have little faith in our offense.


    • Dawg93

      Same. We’ll score some points, but not much, so I doubt it’ll happen on the first series when the crowd is arguably the loudest.


  21. ATL Dawg

    “deep routes over the middle”

    What are those?

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  22. FlyingPeakDawg

    Defer…and then Auburn will elect to kick. No matter. They don’t have a big TE by chance do they? Asking for a group of friends in our defensive backfield.


  23. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Defer. The idea that the defense might start off a little shaky until they figure out what Auburn is trying to do doesn’t really make a difference. Unless we have a working flea flicker in our pocket we have no real advantage taking a kick in the first half as opposed to the second half. We know they can play defense. Taking the fist half kick is just as likely to backfire.


  24. Mayor

    Defer. Every time you can.


  25. Reverend Whitewall

    Defer. Nothing worse than going three and out on your first possession, AND not getting the ball back to start the 2nd half. Like giving them the ball first twice. Our offense tends to start slowly, I’d rather have the D on the field setting the tone.


  26. Reipar

    Auburn is going up 10-0 in the first quarter whether we defer or not. Then we will find out what this coaching staff actually is.


  27. illinidawg

    Surrender monkeys galore!!!!