Where has all the play action gone?

Currently, Georgia’s run/pass ratio on offense is roughly 57/43.  That’s not particularly surprising.  This is, though.

If running is the bread, play action used to be the butter of Georgia’s offense.  Now, what is?  The read option where Fromm never keeps the ball?



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  1. Timphd

    If Jake ever keeps it on the RPO, he can run forever. From what I see on tv, the defense doesn’t even look his way. However, if he keeps and takes a bad hit…


  2. dawgfan1995

    Unsurprisingly, the Cager TD against Florida came on play action. I used to be a critic of Cheney’s for not using enough play action on the goal line. Now, we just don’t use it at all.


    • Exactly. I hate to be that guy, who is not in the arena, complaining about our playbook, but just damn. This is not rocket science. Play action from under center freezes the inside linebackers for the few seconds when they cannot see the ball and determine run or pass. The RPO from the shotgun is in open view for all from the snap.

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      • 79Dawg

        My thoughts exactly – want to get the receivers “more open in space”???? Maybe use some ***** play action to disguise passing plays, if only for a second or two!!!!
        I think one of the disconnects in the “manball” discussion is that it is not the “philosophy” we are criticizing – it is the unimaginativeness in not running decoys and deceptions from the base. Doing something other than what the other team expects you to do can definitely be a significant contributor to your success, but we seem disinterested in it…

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  3. Texas Dawg

    I thought that one of the advantages of being a run first team was that it made the play action more effective. The brief moment of indecision where the defender is unsure if it is run or pass is all it takes for a good receiver to separate himself. Makes you wonder why play action is not used more since it does not alter the concept of man ball, only makes it more effective?

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    • Tony Barnfart

      Now we don’t do play action and receivers never disguise whether they’re going to block or run a route. Seems like a self-imposed handicap.


  4. Reverend Whitewall

    Simple explanation. Play action freezes the inside linebackers, potentially opening up holes in the middle of the field. But we don’t use the middle of the field in the passing game, so no point in running play action. 🙂


  5. Morris Day

    Where is my Nick Chubb?
    Where is my vict’ry song?
    Where is my happy ending?
    Where has all the play action gone?


  6. Paul

    Of all the things that I cannot explain about our offense this year, the lack of play action is the most baffling. We run, run, run so much it has to make the play action more effective. It’s the lowest of the low hanging fruit. Yet we almost never even bother. Arrogance? Stupidity? Stubbornness? Crazy like a fox? I have no idea.


  7. Bright Idea

    It sure makes me wonder if we’ve abandoned under center because of snap exchange issues. Eric Zeier calls the run game “read-option.” What is the option?


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Under CMR our O used to be a slave to p.a. I remember us doing p.a. in obvious passing situations – where we were behind on points with precious seconds ticking off the clock. How times have changed!


  9. Macallanlover

    Commonality of the post, and all comments to it, is startling and unprecedented for our group. What is it that all are missing? Seeing a decline could be tolerated, but dead last? With our running attack success relative to others? Very odd. And I keep thinking we are saving that fake on the RPO and see Jake pick up an easy 25 yards at an opportune moment. Now I am not so sure Jake or the coaches even see that as a possibility, we have had those times where it could have been huge. WTF, you can run for 20 and slide if needed, there is often no where there other than the Turf Monster to hit him.


    • Uglydawg.

      I am also (a little) surprised at the consensus we’re seeing here.
      Dead last in play-fake.
      This is hurting Jake’s numbers that we see in an earlier post this morning.
      And when Jake’s numbers are hurting, the offense is hurting.


  10. Mayor

    The raisin d”Etra for running up the middle is to set up the play action pass. Example: Bama, 4th quarter 2012 SEC Championship Game. If you aren’t using the play action pass why are you running up the middle in the first place?


  11. Go Dawgs!

    I chalk up a lot of our struggles on offense to the receivers being inexperienced and often not in the right place, and therefore the playcalling from the coaches is dictated by a lack of trust in the receiving game. But Coley’s complete abandonment of play action passing is the thing I can’t explain, and it’s why I just have to shrug my shoulders when someone suggests he’s not competent for the job. Did he forget about it? I don’t get it.


  12. BuffaloSpringfield

    #1) the Dawgs do not have FB on the roster
    #1A) the Dawg use the NFL’s rendition of H-Back ( hybrid back ) concepts where as the TE in motion replaces FB on kick out, trap and hook blocks.
    The a University of Georgia does not have a scholarship FB on it’s roster. Perhaps in the future as suddenly NFL teams are actually running the football have shown up to more a degree.
    Smarts first year at UGA there was FB on scholarship, not only was he a blocker, short run specialist but also a receiver out out the back field.
    Concept of a offense are what 18 years old 5* look at when choosing their academic values that will lead them to the next level. ( note inherited once a UGA commit Jason Hazelwood, Oklahoma here. Which if you keep up his stats are not off the charts )
    A true RPO offense is truly dictated by the first letter READ. ( insert wishbone here as the QB reads usually the DE-DT left unblocked if he crashes down , QB keeps to second level, C or SS and then determines pitch or keep. ( fishfries offense only his was double wing sets )
    Problem with open sets is there usually a unblocked DE-DT on the LOS which in most cases can run down backside plays if timing does not develop ( see a UGA’s committed attempts on UF goal line plays )
    We do not read, Jake simply is given a dive call. Which given there is really nothing new in football it simply repeats itself in different formations. That could be as simple as 33-34 trap but with no fake it’s just the HB if aligned with the QB ( not so distant reality to the Notre Dame Box )
    Manball dictates that Jake is not a runner, by trade he is a passer in UGA offensive scheme. Not saying that Jake can’t run in the offense as directed he shall not run.
    Not sure that any of this changes Saturday. I do not have high hopes but the one positive for each is #1 UGA has better athletes #2 Auburn has DL to stop anything inside the tackle box.
    That leaves us with the Raunchy Auburn crowd vs. UGA inconsistency in the passing game……… = Tossup ?


    • Macallanlover

      Thanks for the input and effort. Little demand for a FB at many schools so don’t see why we cannot add a good one, even if just for certain situations. Also, adding the run option for Jake requires virtually zero work. He kept a couple his freshman year, and it is there for the taking. He knows it is there, and does the staff, so that is a mystery unless the coaches don’t want a no-brainer 15+ once every game or two.


  13. roswell dawg

    Good question. Again so obvious as to be painful in terms of play calling. We know our opponents will key on the run, yet play action seems to be absent from our scheme. Would love to see play action with a slant to the TE who is likely to be freed up as the linebacker assigned to cover him gets, hopefully, sucked into run defense mode. I am no expert . It just seems logical. Go Dawgs.


  14. California dawg

    If I’m Kirby I sell Jake on the idea that if he comes back he’ll have a new, elite OC and a QB coach. I don’t think Coley is as bad as some think, we can absolutely do better.


  15. JaxDawg

    Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see, but it seems there has been much more PA passes, as well as passes in the middle of the field, and runs on the edges. But I don’t know where to find the data to verify that.

    The lack of it at the beginning of the season is certainly puzzling, but if you judge by the last two games, our offense has been painfully close to hitting on all cylinders. I think Coley deserves some credit for that.