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Had it all the way.

I must have aged ten years in the fourth quarter.

Congrats on another SEC East title, Dawgs. You made the fan base work for it today.


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Your obligatory game day post, Auburn edition

The South Carolina debacle hangs over Georgia today, both as a warning and as a source of motivation.  As to the former, play a sloppy game and go home a loser.  As to the latter, when you’ve got so much at stake and zero margin for error, it should sharpen the focus.  If this team plays like it did in Jacksonville — and, remember, those same Gators beat this Auburn team — it will win today.

I’ve said it several times already this week, but this game is going to be a real grinder.

No big plays to come by means field position and turnovers (there’s that South Carolina warning again) are going to play an outsized role today.  The Dawgs can’t afford to get on the wrong side of either.

Your moment of duh:  both defenses are going to do everything they can to make the other’s offense one-dimensional.  I like Georgia’s chances to accomplish that more, because the Dawgs have been shutting down the run all year and they’ve got the better group of running backs.  But I also like Georgia’s chances to succeed ever so slightly if both teams’ running games are choked off because Fromm has delivered in those situations before and Nix has yet to do so.

In the end, though, neither team is going to dominate the other.  Like I said, this looks like a grinder all the way to the bitter end, with most of the scoring by field goals.  If you want to call it Georgia 19 Auburn 17, I’d say that looks about right to me.

Here’s hoping we’ll be celebrating a third straight division title tonight.  See you on the other side.



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Fergit, hayell.

I surely do hope the coaches used a special moment during this week’s game prep to get the proper amount of hate on.

There’s a tried and true way to stop a man from gloating, Dawgs.  Just sayin’.


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TFW you know points are gonna be hard to come by

One more stat for today’s game:


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Today, in classy

Really, Auburn?

At least they’re not charging for the privilege… at least I hope they’re not.


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How good is George Pickens?

Good enough for certain members of the team that Cam built to get all projection-y about his final choice of school.

At least they didn’t accuse him of doing something questionable with a laptop.


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Love hurts.

I’m not sure if this is now my favorite NCAA violation, but it’s certainly the most romantic one I’ve ever seen.

A former Seton Hall associate head men’s basketball coach had impermissible phone contacts with a prospect’s mother, according to an agreement released by the Division I Committee on Infractions. The head men’s basketball coach did not promote an atmosphere of compliance within his program because he did not take adequate steps to report or stop the calls when he found out about them.

The university, the former associate head coach and NCAA enforcement staff agreed that while the men’s basketball prospect was enrolled at a different university, the former associate head coach and the prospect’s mother had 154 phone calls without written permission from the prospect’s athletics director at the time.

After the prospect informed his original university of his intent to transfer and requested permission to contact Seton Hall, the university denied the request. The former associate head coach learned the request was denied, but still had 87 impermissible calls with the prospect’s mother.

According to the agreement, the former associate head coach said he did not report the calls with the prospect’s mother because they involved a personal relationship outside of the prospect and basketball, and he believed the communications were permissible.

Now there’s a man who’s taken get on the mom’s good side to get to the recruit to a whole new level.


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