TFW you know points are gonna be hard to come by

One more stat for today’s game:


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8 responses to “TFW you know points are gonna be hard to come by

  1. Spike

    It’s time this vaunted O line of ours, the biggest in all of football they say, to take over the AU D line and control the trenches. If not now, when? Hey.. you kids.. get off my lawn!


  2. Uglydawg.

    This is why I expect the offenses to open up and go for broke early and often.


  3. Greg

    Thinks the Dawgs will score more than their average today. Dawgs by 17 plus!!


  4. Biggen

    Yeah we said the same thing about the Missouri game and it wasn’t ever close.


  5. Anon

    Time to show how the PROCESS works. If not now then I guess it never will.


  6. practicaldawg

    5 TDs allowed in 9 games is quite something


    • California dawg

      Absolutely. It’s also surprising to see Bama’s defense has given up so many, considering their schedule outside of LSU has been a joke.


  7. One more time….”if we score, we may win”…”if they never score, we’ll never lose”…