Today, in classy

Really, Auburn?

At least they’re not charging for the privilege… at least I hope they’re not.


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18 responses to “Today, in classy

  1. aucarson

    That’s not just for the visitors, it’s the new press box for all. Gotta sell those scholly seats…


  2. Spike

    Well, at least they are not in range of those assholes’s fire hoses.

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  3. chopdawg

    That’s absolutely ridiculous. How the hell you gonna call a game from there? Wonder if the CBS booth is that bad.


  4. They’ll have a great view of half the field goals today. Welcome to the view most of us plebs get in the stadium. Section home chair looks much better.


  5. I’m not a huge fan of Scott Howard announcing talents, but he seems like a genuine fan and all around good guy. And I love that he tweeted this and called Auburn out about this on game day.

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  6. ugafidelis

    “The Dawgs will receive the opening kick. They’ll be moving from up to down.”

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  7. Dawglicious

    I’d be worried for my health from the radiation sitting under that scoreboard monstrosity.


  8. 81Dog

    Low class is still class, after all. Stay classy, Barners.

    I don’t care for Auburn.


  9. Uglydawg.

    Auburn should have more class than this.


  10. Good thing McGarity accommodated their request to change the schedule. It’s already paying off!


  11. sniffer

    That’s ridiculous. But let’s be honest. Play by play and color announcing could be done from any studio in the world. If Howard needs to be 50 and 50 high to see and call a game, he doesn’t have enough monitors in his booth yet.


  12. Derek

    The people who run auburn are the worst among us. The very very worst.


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    But hey, let’s help these motherfuckers out by playing twice in a row at their place and then rearranging the schedule.


  14. Richard

    Put them in a janitor closet next to the men’s room next year.


  15. Kanu

    This is misleading. Thhe entire old press box was demolished as part of their 2017 Reno and converted into high end premium club seating.

    The new press box was built in end zone next to the new big screen, and houses not just the visitor press but home as well. It is the new press box for all.


  16. This is the new radio press box starting the 2018 season for both Auburn’s broadcast team and the visiting team’s broadcast team.

    Obviously a bad location for broadcasters, but there are many other stadiums that place radio broadcasters in similar spots. Non-paying attendees being pushed away from prime locations to sell high-price tickets. It’s all about the $$$!

    While it’s always good to dump on Auburn any (and every) day of the week, Scott was misleading with that post.


  17. Kevin Winkler, DVM, DACVS

    Was at ATLive last night. Same setup in Mercedes Benz Stadium. Press is high and in the corner.