Andrew Thomas, ladies and gentlemen

You know, that kid’s pretty good.


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  1. Charlottedawg

    So we get a bunch of big runs by running to the edges and what do we insist on doing? Run it up the middle baby!!!!! Who wants our backs in space? That’s making things too easy for Swift!

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    • practicaldawg

      Yeah I would love to see more toss sweeps to Swift.


    • gastr1

      I’m telling you…I know we can’t run it around the edge on every play, but why not more often? ESPECIALLY when the defense has interior linemen as good as Brown and Bryant and we have a frigging All-America tackle?!?

      I hate James Coley as an OC. HATE him. Please, please, please, someone else next year. Please.


    • Will (The other one)

      It’s to set up the play-action pass. That Coley didn’t even try in the 2nd half, but it’s coming. It’ll work, and we won’t use it again for 9 quarters.


  2. Greg

    He was probably pissed about that 1 sack he gave up. I really can’t remember any that he has gave up in his career. He is going to go down as a great one, maybe one of the best…if not the best ever at UGA. Gonna miss him…


    • Reverend Whitewall

      Yeah I can’t recall seeing him get beat around the edge like that before. Not saying it’s never happened before, but it’s been rare enough that I can’t remember it. We’re gonna miss him.


  3. Russ

    He’s about to make a lot of money. Good for him. DGD!


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Got the war eagle, the tiger, and the plainsman. Good work.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Asked this in the previous post, but at the risk of pissing off some readers I’ll re-state the question: Who goes higher in the draft, Derek Brown or Andrew Thomas?


    • Mark

      Thirty plus years ago, I read John Madden’s book about his coaching career. He wrote about a man he worked with in preparing for the draft every year (I don’t remember who. Might have been Al Davis). They had a disagreement: Madden felt that a team was built in O-linemen, and the other guy thought a team was built on cornerbacks. But it worked out OK, because Madden believed that the second most important position was cornerbacks, and his colleague felt that O-linemen were second in importance.

      Based on that, if nothing else, I’d draft Thomas first.


    • gastr1

      I imagine that elite left tackles are ore important– QBs, shut-down corners, edge rushers, then left tackles, respectively, in NFL value. I say Andrew goes higher.


    • Ldawg

      Thomas goes higher. Left tackles with his skill level are rare and NFL craves guys who protect the blind side. Interior d-line not as much. If Brown were an edge rusher (like Bosa) then maybe.


  6. Nashville West

    I don’t know what was more impressive; the fact that he blocked 3 on one play or how fast he got to the edge.


  7. Everyone was legitimately excited about Isaiah Wilson when he committed. I said from the beginning that Andrew Thomas was going to be a beast.


  8. Classic City Canine

    It’s a good thing he got those 3, otherwise that play probably goes for 3 yards at best.


  9. rchris

    And he pancaked the first guy!


  10. 2675miller

    Interestingly, This season’s OL, with Andrew Thomas being the Left Tackle UGA fans always dreamed of having, has put to rest the myth of the “road grader.” Dawg fans have dreamed of the OL that could smash the other guy with pure physicality leaving gaping holes for our star backs. If it isn’t happening this year (and it isn’t) then there is no such machine to be had. Richt’s teams had as good of offenses using makeshift ols but outstanding backs and receivers as this one. Maybe he was right after all in downplaying the value of a great OL.



    Andrew Thomas gonna get paid !