While some of you are busy slitting your wrists…

… a stat for the rest of us.

Yeah, but all those other teams are killing Georgia in style points, amirite?



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  1. Brandon

    Great point. There are so many other team’s fan trolls on these message boards these days its hard to know what is a legitimate concern of the fanbase. A lot of these “UGA fans” these days sound just like the UF fans I know down here near the Florida border, in fact I suspect many of them are the same people.


  2. jermainesdye

    More fun watching intramural defensive flag football Baylor and Oklahoma miss tackles in open spaces. Points! Points! Points!


    • Dawg1

      This is the type of stat that matters RE: LSU

      “LSU’s defense has given up a combined 113 points to Vanderbilt, Texas and Ole Miss, this season. That’s more than Georgia (105) has given up all season.”

      We will beat LSU. They look like Auburn 2017 IMO.

      Our O is good enough to scorew on theoir D; and our D is better when it matters.


  3. practicaldawg

    It was fun watching Chris Doering choke back gator tears on the SECN after the game, but he was sure to point out that this UGA game just isn’t aesthetically pleasing to watch. Lol. I bet it’s not.

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  4. sniffer

    Guilty as charged. I promised to watch 4 quarters and remain even. Three of those were easy. Fourth, not so much. We’ve beaten more ranked teams than anyone in ACC have even played. Same for Big 12. Its on to ATL and give LSU all we got. BTW, 600 yards to Ole Miss? Mercy.

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    • Russ

      Rhys-Plumlee had 240 on the ground. Sure hate that we lost that kid.


      • Greg

        same here….but I guess I can’t blame him, shoulda stepped up and made a scholarship offer. The kid definitely ain’t a walk-on.


        • gastr1

          I’m really wondering what happens next year. Has this season damaged Fromm’s pro standing enough that he’ll come back for his senior season? If he does leave, are we looking for a grad transfer? I can’t see Bennett ever being the starter (and I hope Kirby can’t either).


          • Jim

            Either Fromm stays or grad transfer. My money is on Fromm staying

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          • Uglydawg

            When Bennett has had the opportunity, he has impressed.
            His statistical numbers (a small sample for sure) are excellent.

            Possibly there is case to be made that his dual threat ability (he makes quick decisions and gets the ball out fast…or runs) could have a place in some situations Georgia is facing this year. (Even Fields could hand the ball off).
            Also the kid didn’t have to come back when the Dawgs needed him.
            He’s a DGD.

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        • Macallanlover

          That seemed short-sided at the time, and still does. But you have to wonder if Kirby will ever add “post 1980’s offensive wrinkles” into our offense. I mean, we aren’t talking air-raid, or triple option here, and his mentor has been on variations to the pro-style for years now.


      • He would not have been successful in our offense in my opinion. Rich Rod’s attach is much more suited to his skill set (fast as hell, marginal passer)


      • practicaldawg

        Plumlee is fun to watch, but mobile QBs don’t stay healthy for long in the SEC, IMO


  5. Russ

    Well, the other teams ARE winning the style points but I’m beginning to think this team might be pretty good. 😉

    Defense is lights out and it has become obvious to me that Kirby is only going to let the offense do just enough to win. Maybe he’ll turn it loose for a full-on smackdown of Tech.

    TBH, the offense didn’t bother me yesterday. I guess because I knew the defense was on it.

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    • Dawg1

      I’m starting to believe his body of work however. No turnovers; No long plays against. A turnover would have changed that game yesterday at any time. For Auburn it never came. We were too far in front by the time they cold muster an offense.

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  6. Mikey

    Yeah, well… beat the little LSU kitties and win the SEC CG that’s what needs to done.

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  7. Muttley

    One of my brothers told me last night that the DV has decided to fire Kirby based on the fourth quarter offensive production. I asked him for their list of candidates, but he said they hadn’t produced one. I guess they’re still forming the committee,

    I hate to settle, but unless we’ve got a firm direction forward I say that if Kirby wins in the Dome, we should give him one more year to fix this mess.

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  8. SCDawg

    When you put it like that…DAMN!


  9. Kdawg

    How ‘bout them fuckin’ Dawgs!!!!

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  10. Castleberry

    Nice. By the time we get to the SECCG – the story will be that Burrow is the first team we’ve played with a QB this season.

    I chuckled when I watched the CFB Final show’s recap of our game. Based on the highlights we lost 14-7 and there are a lot of questions about us. After throwing a touchdown win on a team that lost by a field goal in Baton Rouge…

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  11. I’m trying to watch a recording but what the hell has happened to the prime television broadcasts?? Camera work is horrific and the common taters ramble about everything but the game they’re calling. Not one mention of Cager or that Cleveland and Mays went out.

    It wasn’t just a few years ago I could watch a replay and catch what I missed while being at the game. Camera angles actually showed coverages and anything outside the tackle box. The announcers used to actually give you COLOR. It’s just fucking horrible now.

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  12. Cojones

    The NCAA is now behind the players receiving money for their image, but what about corporate sponsorship for the team as a whole and for those lost Dawgs who won’t get that headlines boost needed to score a few bucks? After much lost negotiation with the powers that be in the B-M building we are happy to announce, by Coach fiat, the sponsorship for the entire UGA football team.

    The Fing Scooter organization is proud to sponsor the Fing Dawgs to carry our banner from here onward. We welcome them into our corporate fold, especially knowing that this year will see our corporate banner embraced and spoken from the lips of the fans of the Fing Dawgs often. While there has been lip service only given here on this blog, we are proud to get our intro on national TV initiated by Coach Kirby Smart. “Go you Fing Dawgs!” will ring our Dawgs into the Holiday Season and beyond this year as it will soon be featured in Atlanta for the SECCG.

    Fing Dawgs is protected by branding patents that include alternates: “F’ing Dawgs, Go you Hairy Fing (F’ing) Dawgs”, plus other invective names uttered with our corporate label. Our future naming/brand endeavors will include a push to get out name to include other branches of our family in China, the Fo family especially. We are especially excited to push the name of the elder matron of the family in our quest to brand our stadium as: “The Mo-Fo Sanford Stadium” and the “Mo-Fo Dooley Field”. Look for our IPO intro in the coming weeks.


  13. Whiskey Dawg

    A lot of people have heard the old Buddy Ryan line about offence sells tickets, defense wins games, special teams get you to the playoffs and take it as gospel, but when they actually see it in action, they can’t acknowledge that defense is how Georgia is built to win and that deserves as much respect (if not more) than teams that score 50+.

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