Your Week 12 Mumme Poll link

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter Go to town here, peeps.


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13 responses to “Your Week 12 Mumme Poll link

  1. PDawg30577

    Link’s not working for me, Senator. Takes me back to my Gmail regarding Week 11.


  2. PDawg30577

    But you can count me in anyway. Clemson, LSU, Georgia, Ohio State, Oregon, Minnesota. Took me 22 seconds, I timed it. And, no, I don’t think the Falcons will be going to the Super Bowl this year. You’re welcome.


    • Sanford222view

      What was your reasoning for keeping Minnesota on your ballot since they loss yesterday? Not saying it is wrong. Just curious why they would make it and not Bama, Utah, Baylor, or Oklahoma who have the same record.

      I only had Clemson, LSU, and Ohio State on my ballot at this point.


      • PDawg30577

        I’m glad the technical glitch prevented me from digitally memorializing Minnesota. Didn’t realize they lost yesterday. I’ll just lop them off and submit that original ballot now.


  3. Not working for me either, Senator


  4. Russ

    Less than 5 minutes. I forgot Minnesota but then I don’t really believe in them anymore.


  5. Aladawg

    Link not working for me now.


  6. Reverend Whitewall

    I spent longer on this one than I have been, but ultimately settled on keeping the same 11 as I had last week. I just can’t bring myself to drop any 1 loss teams yet.

    However, if I were forced to pare it down, my first 4 I would drop are Bama, Baylor, Minnesota, and Penn State. I went back and forth on whether to include those 4 or not but they all do have a path to the playoff still, which is the criteria I’ve been using. Losing Tua was a big blow – given all their injuries and now not having Tua too, I think the committee would have a hard time arguing they are one of the 4 best teams as currently constructed, even if they end with only one loss. But……..I’m not confident enough in that yet to say they don’t have a path at all.


  7. Happy to once again include UGA.


  8. Gurkha Dawg

    Voted UGA #1 this week. I honestly feel we would beat anyone as long as we stay out of that fucking soft zone. I figure we will play LSU, Clemson and Ohio State. That’s one tough slate, but our D is unreal and will keep every game winnable.


  9. psyopdawg

    After last night, I now believe we can beat anyone anywhere this year. I haven’t felt that way since before the Notre Dame Game.
    Ohio St