Old school, and loving it

Three things can happen when you throw the ball, and two of them are bad. — Darrell Royal

Georgia is sixth nationally in turnovers lost.  Jake Fromm has only thrown an interception in one game this season.

Also, this.

If you don’t throw the ball on second and long, you can’t get picked.

Of the many things I don’t understand about Georgia’s offense this season, ignoring play action tops the list.  Maybe that’s just never-been-in-the-arena me.


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  1. James Stephenson

    Well Brian Finneran was talking about it on 680 this morning and he is for sure been in the arena. He was saying with the running game they have, the PA to Tight ends are so easy. And I agree. I have not been in the arena, but heavy run with good play fakes have always been my favorite type of offense.


  2. Lets all hope that Coley is saving play action for when we REALLY need it. Facepalm….


  3. Bulldog Joe

    21 points vs. Kentucky
    24 points vs. Florida
    27 points vs. Missouri
    21 points vs. Auburn

    I would say Georgia’s offense has been remarkably consistent.

    And easy to defend.


    • And in every one of those games, who won?


    • Dawg1


      v. USC – 20
      v. ND – 23
      v. Vandy – 30

      We do like that sweet spot for Offense (20-30 PPG) figuring the other guys are not going to get more than 17-20. Tough to argue with the results so far.

      Having lived through “Air Georgia” and it’s high flying, but no major victories or titles era, I’ll take this any day.

      Imagine the smile on Erk’s face watching this group!


  4. Didntgotheredawg

    Play action takes more time to develop and therefore it runs a greater risk of sacks. But with the Oline giving up fewer sacks than any offense in the country not running the triple option, that is a risk they can afford to take. Pro style, run first offenses use play action to keep defenses honest, make them pay for loading the box, and free up receivers. I’m not usually one to criticize play calling as it’s tough and I couldn’t do better, but I believe the lack of play action is what is holding our offense back.

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  5. The other Doug

    I think we were running play action more earlier in the season, but the fake part of it was awful and nobody was buying it. Jake had a couple really good fakes against Auburn though. Hopefully it something they’re working on.

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    • spur21

      Why would we be “working” on it this late in the season? I would have thought we worked on it well before the season started. Puzzled here!


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Haven’t seen that many toss sweeps either.


  7. Bill Glennon

    They are close. They are sooooooooo close.

    The breakout is nigh.


  8. Mayor

    Because they haven’t run play action passes doesn’t mean Kirby won’t do it. Maybe he’s waiting for the right game to do it.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      Mayor, I want to believe you are correct. I really do. However, to believe that one must believe that Kirby is willing to accept a loss for the benefit of holding a few cards up his sleeve until the right game. Sure, turnovers played a massive role in our one loss this season, but why would Kirby hold back with a game in the balance? I believe this offense is what we will get for the remainder of the season. Why are they so dysfunctional? My only guess is that this is what Kirby wants. In a season in which our 3 year starting QB has been marginal at best, it is easy to play conservative on offense and rely upon your defense to win the game. It is painful to watch at times, but they do just enough to win.


  9. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    The lack of 1st and 2nd option looks to the middle of the field, made open by leveraging a play action, is something this outside the arena guy doesn’t understand. Is it that running a true play action out of the shotgun just loses the advantages? Since we don’t go under center a ton, and don’t have that big play action to sell, is it just something we’ve abandoned?

    A season into it, I don’t think Coley gets the benefit of the doubt. And this is not some “Run the damn ball bobo” type of criticism, this is more structural. Chaney has his issues getting too cute, but he had a good structure to work with. This is like watching Schottenheimer with far better athletes.


  10. abuzwingli

    Bama is ranked above us in total turnovers lost and they throw a bit more…


  11. Uglydawg.

    Thing is..there is so much up-side to the offense.
    This offense is like a pinata full of treats and we’re children waiting on it to be broken open. We know the candy’s in there. There is talent waiting to be released.
    There are things; The PA, the pump fake, the HUNH, Middle screens.QB draw, etc that can work and will work when the time comes. One way JF could help his deep recievers would be to fake pump one way and then throw the other…that works wonders in costing a defender a step.
    You know this is standard stuff. Where is it? Maybe we find out this Saturday..I thought we would see it against AU..against Mizzou…I know that the Dawgs have these or at least similar plays. I just keep thinking that when Coley opens it up, it’s going to be timely and wondrous. The question is “When is “timely ?” .
    If we can get by TAM…then think of it. LSU’s defense is very suspect. JF goes out there and runs the HUNH and some fresh wrinkles and with that Junkyard Dawg Defense, we have ourselves that party.


  12. Uglydawg

    BTW…I’ve always attributed that quote to Woody Hayes..It was Darrell Royal’s?


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    All three TDs vs. Auburn were off ofnplay action…


  14. Cojones

    Senator, I grew up hearing that quote maxim attributed to Woody Hayes. Not sure of the timing, but also have seen it attributed to Dan Devine.


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