Today, in totally unrelated matters

Yeah, uhh hunh.

LSU linebacker Michael Divinity returned to practice on Monday, two weeks after leaving the team for what coach Ed Orgeron described at the time as personal reasons…

Divinity’s return comes on the heels of an LSU win over Ole Miss in which the defense gave up some 600 yards of offense, including more than 200 yards and four touchdowns from quarterback John Rhys Plumlee.

At the time Divinity left the team, before the Alabama game, he had 23 tackles in eight games and led the team with three sacks.

Man, what are the odds on that happening?  Must be astronomical…


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19 responses to “Today, in totally unrelated matters

  1. Brandon

    I wonder what would happen if we were like “surprise, JJ Holloman is back”!


  2. Uglydawg

    Coach O explained the whole thing but we still don’t have an interpretation in English.

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  3. Muttley

    Just say neaux, Michael.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Better that he comes back now instead of the week of the SEC Championship Game when it would really break my heart. After seeing what Ole Miss did to the Tiger defense, I was just starting to try to talk myself into believing Georgia could do enough on defense to keep it close for Fromm and the boys to score enough to win.

    I hope that whatever was wrong with Divinity is right again.


  5. hodgie

    23 tackles, 3 sacks. is he a difference maker?


    • “… and led the team with three sacks.”

      Given that he’s missed games, I’d say yes.


      • hodgie

        gotcha. i am just not seeing where bringing him back makes much sense given the spotilight LSU is about to come under going into the sec/cfp. if he did something awful and they let him back, i just don’t think even ed is that dumb, especially with “marginal” type numbers.


        • hodgie

          my point is even kirby got rid of holloman, no questions asked at a time when the spotlight wasn’t even bright at a position of much more need. i think ed deserves a little credit/leeway considering we don’t know his reason for leaving team. i know i should be much more jaded than this but for some reason i find myself leaning towards him not doing anything wrong.


    • TXBaller

      In games he’s played, LSU has given up 27.4 ppg. Texas, Vandy, Fla, MissSt & Aub. Not the most prolific arsenals in the country. I’d say Divinity is marginal, at best, on a poor LSU defense.


  6. Why did he leave? Did he also withdraw from classes? Removed? I’m curious.


    • Mayor

      Legitimate question. I’m wondering if he’s even really eligible, particularly if he didn’t attend classes. But then, this is the SEC after all……

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      • Otto

        Well if it were Ohio St., he could take money, play and promise to return the next year to serve his suspension.


      • Well, I’m ASSuming much but I was thinking it may be one of these “I’m sitting the rest of this one out before I go pro” things. Or there was a falling out and he got talked into coming back.


        • Go Dawgs!

          It also could have been a genuine personal matter, a personal crisis of some kind. I hope that the kid’s OK. There’s more to life than football, after all, and if one player on the LSU defense is really the difference between Georgia winning or losing the SEC Championship Game then I’m not sure we would have won it anyway.


  7. Russ

    So it’s divine intervention?


  8. BuffaloSpringfield

    The Old Ball Coach when at UF just said his players were injured unable to play during drug testing. This was a common practice and then with URBAN, well you know the rest of story. How bout Reverend Freeze at Liberty now
    Coach O seems to above board more so than those three. If one player beats the Dawgs in the SECCG and if it’s LSU it wouldn’t necessarily have to be a defensive starter; Who ever just needs to score more than 30 points.
    Seems like that is over our composite average for the season.
    However the Dawgs have a game in Athens Saturday and the BCS would be tickled to see the aTm er’s make their choices more decisive. My prediction is there WILL not be 2 SEC teams in the playoffs. Nationally we are disputed not to be as well prepared (large Metro Areas as NFL does so well ) speaking as the other ( B.S. I’ll just say the powers that be want a national Metro spectrum) When it goes to 6 or 8 the SEC will be endowed 2 teams. Even though check my figures a 6.7 rating of the UGA – Barn game Saturday was the highest. My guess in no one north of Kentucky or more west than a Missouri watched the game. A and M is still a Texas school and rival. The expansion was suppose to be the Horns and Aggies. The Horns went like a Notre Dame and Missouri sucked up for Money.
    Pink Floyd song…….Money, Money, Money pays in the background.