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Today, in it just means more

I’m sensing a pattern here.

Draw your own conclusions about what that entails if Georgia upsets LSU to win the conference.


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For the NCAA, another day, another meaningless phrase

Drum roll, please

The NCAA is committed to allow name, image and likeness opportunities for student-athletes consistent with the college athlete model.

And what, pray tell, is this newfangled “college athlete model”, exactly?

The college athlete model is not the professional model, meaning students will compete against other students, not professionals or employees.

What are we supposed to call students who aren’t college athletes and have jobs?

… modernization should occur within the following principles and guidelines:

Assure student-athletes are treated similarly to non-athlete students unless a compelling reason exists to differentiate.

I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Last question:  how do we keep the amateurs pure?

The NCAA is best positioned to provide a uniform and fair name, image and likeness approach for all student-athletes on a national scale.

Bless your heart, NCAA.


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Trick or treat, MFer!

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the soap opera in Columbia.  This is kind of like comic relief:

Aubrey C. Walker, a USC student manager on Muschamp’s staff, was let go from his position after being arrested on Halloween night. Columbia police records show he was charged with public disorderly conduct and taken to jail after physically fighting with another man in Columbia’s Five Points district.

Walker apparently took offense to the man’s Halloween costume, which depicted Muschamp holding a sizable check.


You will be shocked, shocked to learn the next part of the saga.

The costumed man’s name was not listed on the police report. But with the incident happening at a crosswalk in the middle of Harden Street on Halloween night, several people witnessed it.

Walker “appeared to be intoxicated” at the time, the police report says, and continued to be “loud and boisterous” when an officer attempted to stop the fight. He was taken to jail and released the next day on a $257.50 personal recognizance bond.

“I heard one of the cops say, ‘He said he works for USC football,’” one person who witnessed the incident said. “I thought, ‘Oh, that makes sense.’ He never said a word the entire time but he didn’t like that check.”



UPDATE:  Oh, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.


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“He’s going to move back to Georgia to be close to his family.”

Looks like the Dawgs have a quarterback walking on for next season.

A three-star member of the Wolf Pack’s 2019 recruiting class, Kirksey was rated as the No. 59 pro-style quarterback in the country and the No. 170 player at any position in the state of Georgia.

Roster management, for the win.


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Your 11.20.19 Playpen

Some of you have likely seen this idiocy already.  It’s a real winner.

I kinda wish they’d substituted “the mother” for “it” there.  But, sadly, I digress.

Aside from the money, it’s a government campaign, so you know there were committees, endless meetings, constant tweaking, consultations, etc. all involved in hatching this half-assed concept — okay, full-assed concept.  And yet nobody had enough common sense to strangle this in its cradle.

The topper is entirely predictable.  If you’re the politician with your fingerprints all over the body, there’s only one way to go from there.

I see the governor is from the school of any publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right.  She’ll go far, no doubt.

Perhaps they can roll out a new license plate motto:  South Dakota — The Meth State.  It’s gotta ring to it, no?


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Check out the big brain on Kanell.

Man, it’s almost painful watching the light bulb go on here.

Dude, it was about the money from the moment the idea of a CFP was hatched.  You really thought this was about some grand search for truth and greatness?

I got news for you, Danny.  It won’t be any different when they turn up the dial to eight.


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Montana respect

Someone asked Stewart Mandel in today’s Mailbag ($$) why all the CFP love for Georgia.  Here, in part, is his response:

Georgia is No. 4 because it’s beaten a 9-2 Florida team, an 8-2 Notre Dame team and a 7-3 Auburn team, all of them currently ranked in the Top 16. It also shut out three likely bowl-bound teams (Arkansas State, Kentucky and Missouri); and crushed another (Tennessee) 43-14. There simply aren’t four other teams out there with better résumés, and there certainly won’t be if the Dawgs beat 7-3 Texas A&M this week and potentially 12-0 LSU in the SEC title game. Georgia is not without its warts; it currently ranks 80th nationally in passing yards per game (220.3). But the Dawgs boast the nation’s No. 2 scoring defense (10.5), No. 6 rushing defense (2.7 YPC), No. 7 pass efficiency defense (107.9) and No. 12 rushing offense (5.4 YPC).

All of which tells me a lot more about their aptitude as a football game than the final score of that South Carolina game.

Manball may not be pretty at times, but you can’t say it hasn’t been effective.


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