2019 Mumme Poll, Week 12

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Screenshot_2019-11-20 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)

If I may digress for a moment here… Oregon State and TCU are both 5-5, which means either some of you have interesting criteria for the top teams in the country, or you’re not paying attention to your ballots before you post them.  Try a little harder, aight?

Okay, back to our regular programming.

We had 261 folks cast votes, which means we’re back to not having any unanimous teams.  That’s actually more people than we had vote the previous week, which is a nice trend compared to years past.  What did go down this week was the average number of teams on a ballot, to 7.4.  That does makes some sense, given the lateness of the season.

Here’s what the conference breakdown looks like:

Screenshot_2019-11-20 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(1)

Screenshot_2019-11-20 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(2)

And here’s how long we took casting ballots.

Screenshot_2019-11-20 2019 Mumme Poll - (Responses)(3)

It’s taking more of us less time — not really a surprise.  The “where we’re from” data remains unchanged, with five-eighths of us hailing from Georgia.

For comparison’s sake, as usual, here’s what the CFP selection committee came up with this week:

Screenshot_2019-11-20 2019 College Football Rankings for Week 13 ESPN

A few thoughts:

  • Our top four match the selection committee’s — again, with a lot less time and expense involved.
  • The top tier (teams appearing on a minimum of 90% of all ballots) remains unchanged, but the Dawgs are creeping up.
  • Interesting how we’ve let Alabama slide more than the selection committee has.  We’re also a lot more bullish on Oklahoma than they are.
  • Utah was a big mover this week, up three spots and showing up on almost half our ballots.  Is it just a case of more awareness on our part, or genuine improvement from last week?
  • Kind of interesting to see that if you’re a playoff person of either the four- or eight-team variety, the poll results this week fit neatly into construction of either sized field.


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14 responses to “2019 Mumme Poll, Week 12

  1. siskey

    Senator, I didn’t see the link this week. I received the email but deleted it my accident. I’m glad this is back and the visitors here are keeping up with the voting.


  2. mwo

    Was there a clear cut winner for the Democratic candidate for POTUS?


  3. SCDawg

    “Our top four match the selection committee’s — again, with a lot less time and expense involved.”

    If only we could get our own tv show.


  4. Gaskilldawg

    I kept my hat on while I filled my ballot out, so ESPN would have disqualified me.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Somebody out there fess up: did you leave off LSU intentionally or by accident?


  6. Macallanlover

    You can expand that list of “surely an accident” to include any of those not choosing the Top 3. Like them, or hate them for whatever reason, those aren’t honest, objective voters. I usually consider the “idiot factor” to always be around 5% so less than four percent isn’t that bad versus norm but it is troubling as to why they would undermine the intent. I really hate ohio, and their fans, as a football program but cannot deny they will get, and deserve a spot if they finih this season off as it looks they will.

    My opinion is Utah is still being slighted, although that will work out when they play Oregon in December. This is the first year I can recall where the PAC 12 game is “must see” TV. That will be the 2nd highest conference title game for me this year.


  7. chopdawg

    I put down on my Mumme ballot that I spent less than 5 minutes making my choices…but of course, I’ve given the choices hours of thought beforehand, breaking things down in my mind, composing what-if scenarios all over the spectrum, mentally calculating the effects of injuries on possible playoff contenders, thoughtfully recusing myself from my own mind when it considers UGA’s status.

    So by the time I actually fill out my ballot, I spend less than 5 minutes listing teams, but then I collapse in my computer chair from utter mental exhaustion.


  8. Reverend Whitewall

    Was looking at the playoff poll last night. Sixteen(!!!) of the top 25 have one loss or less. That’s gotta be a record for this late in the season.

    What that also says to me, is there is a lot of chaos pent up in the system. This season has had way too much order to it. I’d argue there’s really only been one upset of note (unfortunately us), though you could throw OU’s loss in there too. But college football usually has way more upsets than that. I think these next 2-3 weeks are gonna be a wilder ride than most people are assuming at this point.


    • Macallanlover

      Due more to expanding gap between haves and have-nots, imo. You can also fault lack of quality match ups due to cowardice from some, and weakening programs (ACC for instance) in other situations. Bama’s schedule was just awful, but they usually play better OOC games. Bama has zero wins against highly rated teams, and only have 15th rated, 3 loss Auburn as a chance to get a single one before the bowl game. Clemson has no chance to play a highly rated team at all until the playoffs.


  9. Faulkner

    The next three weeks have some big games for everyone in the top 8+/-. The standings could see some significant change. Everyone except Clemson that is.