Can you say… containment? I thought you could.

That is one interesting set of stats for Mr. Mond.   It appears Georgia’s defense will have the opportunity to pressure him, but can it stay disciplined enough to keep him bottled up in the pocket?



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  1. practicaldawg

    This bodes well, especially in a game that will probably look like the Kentucky game. The forecast is another Biblical flood in Athens. Jimbo is going to have to throw it some, but how accurate will Mond be on the run in the rain?


    • If it’s like the Kentucky game I hope we get the Kentucky score…. Dawgs on top 21-0 sounds mighty fine to me!


    • JCDawg83

      I’m not sure a half inch of rain and 65 degrees qualifies as a “biblical flood” but it should be wet enough to make things interesting. Mond will be a much better passer than the KY WR/QB so I don’t think it will be the fourth quarter before they complete a pass. Pressure and contain Mond and I feel like we should win easily.


    • CB

      According to my research from the Kentucky game it is physically impossible to throw the ball if there is any amount of rain in the city of Athens so we shouldn’t have to worry about it. Also, ever since October any amount of rain in Athens = monumental natural disaster the likes of which the world has never known.

      I’m sure Kirby will just line up in punt block formation on defense. We’re just lucky the rain is in Athens and not some other place like Atlanta where it’s relatively easy to throw the ball in the rain. That Athens rain sure is extra rainy.

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  2. Otto

    Likely and if the team is going to go anywhere in the post season, it has to


  3. Charlottedawg

    Do whatever we did against Ian book and Notre Dame, except for the part about leaving the tight ends wide the fuck open.

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  4. DavetheDawg

    If Nolan Smith and Azeez Ojulari set and hold the edges like they did quite well last week, we’ll be fine. Those guys are clicking.

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    • practicaldawg

      Both of those guys are going to be legendary. Ojulari is going to be a household name by next season.


    • Will (the other one)

      Yep. While the run defense improvement from last year to this year is obvious, the improvement against mobile QBs is pretty solid too.


    • Russ

      Yes, and I’ll add Dean as a good spy on Mond. If those guys keep contain and we spy on Mond trying to run, I really like our chances.

      I’d love to see another Herschel-esque beatdown along the 42-0 lines, but another 21-0 shutout works, too. I just hope we don’t need a shanked punt to cross midfield for the first time 35 minutes into the game. Not good for my ulcer.


  5. Jack Klompus

    I think this is the most disciplined defense I’ve ever seen in Athens. They do a great job of staying in their la e and doing their job. Nolan Smith has been quite good at this for a young fella.

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  6. Go Dawgs!

    The weather forecast is going to be a huge factor in this game, just like it was against Kentucky. It’s going to be wet and nasty and that’s probably going to cause problems.


  7. sectionzalum

    You know, we had “containment” against the Soviets with a benevolent Marshall Plan after WW2. Perhaps we can have a malevolent (David) Marshall Plan to contain Nix?

    I deserve to be smacked upside the head for that…. I’ll show myself out…


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    This needs to be said:

    TAMU will give us their best shot.

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  9. UGA '97

    Azeez, JJ, JD, all gonna get after it.


  10. I obviously want the win but I also hope aTm will test this defense more than most have been able to. It seems this team will live and die with the defense and, imo, aTm could give them the best LSU look. I also keep hoping the offense will come to life a little.

    Of course, the predicted weather could and probably will affect that greatly. What I expect is another slog.


  11. Also, did aTm have a BYE last week? I can’t remember if they are the last opponent with yet another off week prior to our game.


  12. BuffaloSpringfield

    Sectionzaum, I think what you are speaking of is a Patton’s plan and Dwight D. Would have no part of that unseeming plan which in hindsight might have avoided the Korean Military Action as well as the Vietnam line of demilitarization. I think we all know who supplied munitions, weapons and force in those conflicts.
    I’ll show myself out before you.
    One last word……contain has been a problem in all of the Dawgs National aspirations. Perhaps if Patton’s staff car had not been blindsided by a U.S. military truck where both the driver and passenger mysteriously disappeared. We actually could have contained.


    • illinidawg

      Baloney, there is no way we could have beaten the Red Army on their own turf and the “plan” was a British Plan not a Patton Plan and was called Operation Unthinkable for a reason.


      • RangerRuss

        You cheese eating surrender monkey!

        Juuuuuuuust fuckn with you ol buddy. I agree. One may beat the Russian military. But beating the Russian winter is even tougher.