Your Daily Gator is on something.

I’m just gonna put this one out there for your general amusement.

Screenshot_2019-11-21 When Auburn beats Bama next week (1)


Since he asked, feel free to answer in the comments after you stop chuckling.


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  1. aucarson

    I lived in FL for four years. They smoke LOTS of dope.

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  2. Biggus Rickus

    Mullen’s obviously a better coach. I don’t know why we’re even discussing this. I do wonder what the consensus around there will be if FSU beats Florida with an interim coach.

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    • MDDawg

      I hope we get the chance to find out!

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    • Muttley

      I think it’s both:

      Florida, you have a MUCH better coach than Saban, and five-star recruits DON’T MEAN A THING.

      Just use that recruiting budget to sign Dangerous Dan to a Malzahn-times-two contract and let him super-coach and QB-whisper whoever shows up for the next decade or two. I’ll bet he keeps closing all those gaps!

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      • Argondawg

        The weird part is they think Dan is bringing in his guys and that they are better. I saw somewhere that their scholarship number is somewhere in the lowto mid 70s and that class last year ended up being a trainwreck with transfer and DNQs. I look at the talent and experience they lose this year and they got a rough road ahead of them the next few years. It wamrs my heart.

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        • Muttley

          Every fan base tries hard to buy into the new regime, but Mullen has played them like a cheap fiddle. He did the same thing at MSU, so why not?


  3. RangerRuss

    Florida sucks is what I think.
    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  4. Scott Rollins

    I had to quit reading that post, my IQ was dropping too quickly

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  5. 3rdandGrantham

    I loved this response:

    “First, Dan IS a much better coach than Saban. We will dominate once Dan has all his men. Notice, Kirby almost lost to Dan when Dan had HALF his men, which means Kirby is HALF as good of a coach as Dan. Next year Dan will wipe his #%^ with Kirby.”

    Good hell. I honestly hope he doesn’t reproduce. By the way, last year this time the prevailing theme among Gators was that MuLLLen would beat Kirby this year. Now that narrative has been pushed out further to next year. I’m curious, when Kirby beats MuLLLen yet again next year, what will the mantra be then?

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  6. AthensRules

    It is crazy how they can’t see the differences in the two games and how that probably played and will play a difference in the game.

    (1) – Location. Auburn was playing on the road but they will be playing Bama at home. Trask got the benefit of home field against Auburn. Florida and Auburn are both tough places to win on the road thus can be a huge challenge to road teams.

    (2) – 2nd String QB – Kyle Trask although a new starter is an older guy. Nix was a true freshman playing in a hostile place (see point #1).

    (3) – Rivalry Game – yeah Auburn & Florida probably don’t like each other but this is the Iron Bowl we are talking about.


    • Will (the other one)

      I’d through out a 2b – Trask has been by far a better passer than Franks was. Not as good on the zone read, but head and shoulders better on passing downs.


    • ASEF

      It’s not just Tua. It’s both starting middle linebackers, a starting defensive end, a starting TE, a starting punter and kicker.

      Alabama is going to start true freshmen at two defensive line spots and two linebacker spots at Auburn. Against a power spread that’s really good at confusing defensive front 7s.

      I would bet on Auburn in that game.


  7. stoopnagle


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  8. Go Dawgs!

    Well, Nick Saban has beaten Kirby Smart, so I’d say that’s game set and match for the man in Tuscaloosa.


  9. Granthams replacement

    Dan is such a good coach that he had the better QB on the bench for 2 seasons

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  10. UnderDog68

    Take a long, good look at this crap…..It’s exactly how we, as a fan base sounded re. the WLOCP for at least the last 20 years. These are great days, bros…..Enjoy them to the fullest because it comes and goes in cycles.

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  11. DawgFaithful

    Kirby lost to Dan because he had half his men so Kirby must be half the coach Dan is.

    That was the best line. Pretty sure he’s just joking but still hilarious. The OP however was being serious.


  12. SenorLorenzo

    How about:

    C) Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn from time to time.

    Gators eat boogers!


  13. ApalachDawg

    They be trippin

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  14. Yes, it just has to be one extreme or the other. sarcasm/


  15. Charlottedawg

    Dan Mullen is such a fantastic coach. To be able to pull within a touchdown of Georgia with such a less talented roster is no small feat. Kirby just recruits more talented players to win games for him, he’s basically the CEO that’s terrible at every aspect of his job except for the part where the company keeps printing money and the stock price keeps climbing. Meanwhile Dan is on the earnings call going “but you need to value us off of 2021 earnings per share!!!! that’s effectively in the bag!!!!”

    I’m really concerned, enjoy our division titles and wins in Jacksonville folks. If Florida signs Mullen to a contract extension and throws in another lake house on oconee they’re going to win the cocktail party every “next year” for the foreseeable future.

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  16. Cousin Eddie

    uf logic: Muschamp beat Kirby, mullen beat Muschamp therefore mullen would beat Kirby, nevermind mind the head to head.
    Note to uf fans, stop huffing swamp gas.

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  17. practicaldawg

    Mullen is still the best HC with nearly a decade of experience who has never beaten Kirby head to head or ever played for a conference title. No one can take that honor away from him.

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  18. Spike

    Wait.. being told Dan just called another time out..


  19. Doug

    Saban? Why aim so low? If these are the kinds of pretzels Gator fans are willing to tie themselves into, why not propose that Mullen is actually a Voltron formation of Spurrier, Urban, Dabo, Jimmy Johnson, and the Bear?


  20. Brandon M

    “Man look at what he did at Mississippi State, imagine what he could do at Florida.” It looks like it might be the same thing after he brings Florida’s talent level down to that of Mississippi State


  21. Macallanlover

    Riddle me this, because it mystifies me. When we had AU down 3 TDs and were shutting them the fuck out, or when FU closed the gap to a TD when they never had the ball with a chance to tie this year, both fan bases declare a virtual victory for themselves and consider UGA lucky to escape. When UGA closed to within a score against Texas and one score against LSU with 9 minutes to go, they are considered blowouts by their fans, and many/most UGA fans. It cannot be both ways. Now I have always thought FU were simply new to the game and didn’t understand this CFB thing, but now I think that applies to many UGA fans as well.

    Same goes for how Dawg fans went into the fetal position when the gayturds were mentioned during, and after, the 90s. Now we have beaten AU 12 of the last 15 times and our fans still fear playing Auburn every single year, while they give us no respect. Did Munson have that lasting an impact on the psyche of Georgia fans? We have people who worry about losing to GT all year long when we have simply dominated them as much as you can any Power 5 program. I understand thinking of them as semi-relevant one week every year but some need to grow a pair.

    Our program is worthy of more trust/respect than we ever give it. Not to be mouthy and obnoxious about it, but we have accomplished many things to be proud and confident about.

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    • trbodawg

      Mac, I tend to agree with what you’ve typed here. IMO until we get over the hump of another MNC, we’ll be Munsoning the joy away. I also think the current set up of the “playoff” changes the fans expectation of what a ‘great year’ is.

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  22. Fried Biscuits

    How can you possibly refute this gem, “UGA SUCKS is the only ratings system worth reviewing?”


  23. Timphd

    Dear God, some of them still hold out hope for CFP participation. They have convoluted the “possible” outcomes so far that they think they will get in. God have mercy on them. Bless their hearts.