Man, first I thought people were getting worked over what’s been a mediocre, tired show, something I haven’t bothered to watch for years, and decided to stick it to Mickey.  Good show!

Then I found out it’s just some whiny Ohio State fans.

At his first-ever headgear pick on College GameDay, Coach Lee Corso pulled on Brutus the Buckeye’s mascot head and correctly picked the Ohio State Buckeyes to beat the Penn State Nittany Lions. That was 1996, and since then, Ohio State University has hosted ESPN’s pregame show 18 times. On November 23, 2019, OSU hosts for the 19th time, which is the most all-time and five more than Alabama.

With that resume, you’d think Buckeye fans would be excited for Rece Davis, OSU alum Kirk Herbstreit and the gang to set up shop in Columbus, right? Apparently, a lot of fans hate the idea of ESPN and the network’s “SEC bias” coming to their town, and some are planning a full-on boycott of the upcoming show.

Get a life, snowflakes.


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  1. Derek

    Methinks hating all things Herbie and game day is good thing even if for the wrong reasons.

    If someone hates auburn because Vince Dooley went to school there, I’m not spending anytime trying to disabuse them of their conclusion. They landed in the right spot so why argue?


  2. How can anOSU fans hate the WWL and College GameDay? The talking heads at the network are the biggest bunch of Suckeye cheerleaders on the planet led by the biggest one of all, Pretty Face Empty Suit Herbstreit.

    Of course, that classy bunch made life miserable for the Herbstreit family to the point where Kirk moved them to Nashville.

    AnOSU and FU fans deserve each other.

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    • Derek

      I agree with all of this except the suggestion that it’s irrational:

      “1) ESPN will be out to get you.

      ESPN hates you.

      And more importantly, ESPN hates your team.

      ESPN will go to any length to diss your team. Any length. You know that LSU coozie you used to have but can’t seem to find? ESPN took it. Because ESPN hates LSU. That is, if LSU is your team.

      It has nothing to do with you being too passionately involved in both liking your team and hating other teams. ESPN just likes to fuck with your head. That’s why when Mark May says something like ‘LSU has question marks at quarterback. Watch out for Florida in this one’ you get pissed. Sure, you just read the same thing in the Times Picayune. But the Times Picayune isn’t ESPN – who clearly is having a love affair with Urban Meyer and the Gators while simultaneously throwing the LSU Bengal Tigers under the bus every chance they get.

      Unless you’re a Florida fan. In which case the time that Chris Fowler made that dig about Urban Meyer’s 28-point loss to Alabama is clear evidence of an ESPN-wide plan to, in fact, shut the UF football program down.

      Remember that time ESPN ran a story about your favorite player getting arrested? Nevermind that he actually did get arrested. That’s bullshit. ESPN is bullshit. And it is obvious that, by running timely stories about factual events, ESPN is biased against your team.

      It doesn’t matter who you pull for.

      Whoever your favorite team is, ESPN hates it. ESPN hates anything you love, and loves anything you hate.

      ESPN hates your dad. Unless you hate your dad. In which case ESPN loves your dad.

      If you love bread, ESPN is ‘anti-sandwich.’ If you hate end-pieces, ESPN will run a special about end pieces. Mark May will hold up two hard, crusty-ass end pieces and hype the shit out of them all year long. Bob Ley will run a special called ‘Outside The Loaf.’ Ivan Maisel will write a column with a pun-filled headline like ‘The piece to the end puzzle’ and mind-force you to read it and then email him in anger about it.

      If you were for the Union, ESPN was for the Confederacy.

      If you had a Sega Genesis, ESPN had a Super Nintendo. If you had a Super Nintendo, ESPN had Sega Genesis.

      If you liked like Tombstone, ESPN liked Wyatt Earp.

      If you preferred Use Your Illusion I, ESPN preferred Use Your Illusion II.

      If you pulled for Dan, ESPN pulled for Dave.

      If you think OJ is guilty, ESPN is black.

      ESPN hates everything you stand for. Unless you stand for something else. Then ESPN hates that too.”

      I agree and because of it I haven’t watched game day since 2007…

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  3. Spike

    Sometimes people have just run out of things to bitch about. This is one of those times.


  4. 81Dog

    I guess SEC bias is a hate crime. The only valid response is to cancel Game Day, apologize to Big 10 fans, and hound Herbstreit and his family out of their hometown.

    Can’t have people with hurt feelings go invalidated. They must be heard!

    Oh, and make the Big Ten Network free for everyone. 😉


  5. Mayor

    SEC bias? The teams in the SEC are just better, particularly at the top!


  6. The state of Ohio is trash and OSU fans are jersey wearing losers.


  7. illinidawg

    I can’t help but think of the guys parked next to us at 4:30 at the Rose Bowl. “Are you guys going to the parade”? “Hell no, we’re going to Game Day”. They had driven from Texas, were Dawg fans but had never been to Athens AND, Game Day was in New Orleans that day! We didn’t see them when we came back from the parade or after the game but I always felt badly for them!


    • Russ

      You can’t fix stupid.


      • illinidawg

        I don’t know, these guys were from Ft Hood and they were just so fired up. There was a big stage on the grounds and I don’t think In knew GD wasn’t there until we got back from the game and watched the end of the Sugar Bowl,


  8. Doug

    “Gameday” has gone to Columbus more than any other city in the country, and if Ohio State isn’t the #1 team in terms of # of times it appeared in a matchup the show was spotlighting, it’s easily top five. These knobs are like those spoiled brats on “My Super Sweet 16” who throw hissy fits because they got BMWs and not Porsches.


  9. psyopdawg

    That was a fun read. Thanks Derek and thanks Senator


  10. Normaltown Mike

    The irony is that OSU is the most SEC school not in the SEC. The fanbase is more SEC than that of Ark, Mizzou or Vandy.


  11. Uglydawg

    That was a great post!


  12. MGW

    In reality, ESPN controls the playoff, and they put you there the last time you won a championship even though there were two far more deserving schools in Baylor and TCU. How bout give it a rest? They care about ratings, not conferences or schools. You’re fine.


  13. OK Boomer!…

    ….had to say it.


  14. stoopnagle

    Giving BamaFan a run for his money since 1890