Defensive about the offense

Kirby Smart hears the noise.  He just doesn’t care about the noise.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart appeared on the Paul Finebaum Show Friday, as the show broadcasted live from the Georgia campus in Athens. Finebaum asked Smart about his team’s offensive struggles during the season.

“First off, I don’t think you have to defend your offense in this conference when you’re playing the level of football that we’re capable of playing,” Smart said. “There’s good defenses, I mean, the SEC is a very defensive league. When you look across the board, and I turn on tape and I get to watch it every week, there’s some good defenses out there. There’s some really good defensive backs, and they tend to get their hands all over you. And they let them play in our league, and that’s what you look across the board and see.

“So we’ve had moments (on offense) where we’ve really shined in third down. We’ve had moments we’ve really shined in the red area. We’ve had moments that we’ve been able to run it better than others. We haven’t put that combination together. And that’s what we’re always looking to do, so we’re trying to improve.

“We’ve got two receivers that have been out of action, in action, out of action. We’ve had an offensive line that’s been in and out and a little beat up. But we’re trying to put a complete game together.”

And Jules was trying to be the shepherd, Ringo.  Trying real hard.


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30 responses to “Defensive about the offense

  1. RangerRuss

    Maybe Kirby is as frustrated with the Dawgs O as most of us are. Maybe he’s an obstinate type?
    Go Dawgs!


  2. The other Doug

    Kirby is making the best of what he’s got.


  3. Brandon

    What’s he supposed to say at this point though? Goodnight Coley, I’ll most likely fahr you in the morning. I think Coley’s work has left much to be desired, and if he were to get canned at the end of the year, I wouldn’t shed a tear, however I don’t have a problem with what Kirby has said publicly to date, I think it’s for the best that you try and build unity on your team and amongst the coaching staff, everybody pulling toward the same goal until the season is over. JMO.


  4. ApalachDawg


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    • Really? I had no idea UGA was doing so well. Thanks for the heads up.

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      • ApalachDawg

        If you are in the need for more UGA information, You should check out this cool blog called Get the Picture or GTP for short. It has all kinds of good insights and comments about the Georgia Bulldogs.
        Just put me in the camp of « just win baby ». I dont care if we win every game 3-2. When we lose another, then i will start complaining.



        • dawgtired

          The idea that it’s okay to ignore your weaknesses as long as your winning can get you into trouble. It takes time to improve some things, so if you wait until you lose to get motivated to improve…it could ruin a season. Besides, I thought Kirbs was the perfectionist type.

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          • illinidawg

            Ever think maybe all the public stuff (lying and all) has zip to do with what Kirby, and any other coach, really does with the team?


          • Macallanlover

            Agree with you. You can’t make that many changes, or speak against anyone, at this point. None of us know what KS is really thinking, the proof of him being aware of what changes are needed won’t come for a few weeks. Kirby isn’t stupid, rumors of him bringing in “consultants” recently seem likely to be true, imo. If so, he is on it; just limited as to what he can get done. Either way, we will have to ride with it and sweat everything out the rest of the year. Hopefully we don’t see us continuing to go into a shell once we get a lead. The defense has been impressive so far but the offense needs to give them some cover.


          • Gaskilldawg

            That advice would apply if I was a coach. I am not a coach. I am a fan. I cannot do anything to make UGA improve so all I can do is watch.
            How many times has a coach read a fan message board for advice? Unless you actually participate in preparing a game plan your analysis is for your benefit not the team’s, or mine.
            I am a fan. I watch for enjoyment and recreation. There are two outcomes to each game. One outcome makes me happy. One outcome makes me sad. Walking out of TIAA Bank Field after beating Florida made me giddy.
            Agonizing over we should have played more dime and less nickel would have done nothing to increase my joy. And, on the way to the car I never heard a Gator fan taunt me by saying, “You didn’t throw slants, ha ha ha!”

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      • PTC DAWG

        From the gripes I see here daily, you would think we were Belk Bowl bound..


    • Classic City Canine

      Did you enjoy 2015 Apalach? We won 10 games.


  5. TimberRidgeDawg

    You think Kirby carries a wallet with BMF on it?

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  6. The offense has been downright offensive at times this year. Whether that’s scheme, personnel, injuries, quality of defenses, or some combination doesn’t matter. The coaching staff (including Kirby) is paid a TON of money to figure it out, work around the limitations and play to its strengths. The only things I’ve seen that have been consistent positives are pass blocking and attacking the edges with our running backs.

    Of course, if we hadn’t laid such an egg against South Carolina, would we be talking about this at all?


    • Junkyardawg41

      You are spot on from my perspective. Our coaches get an awful lot of money to recruit, improve, motivate and evaluate players and call a game to maximize strengths and minimize weakness.

      For some reason, I am reminded of the AT&T commercial with the doctor who got reinstated (not officially). “Hey, how is Coley as an OC?” “He’s OK.” “Just OK?”
      “Hey, guess who has the best offense! (well, not officially). Know what to do? Me either. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. See you on game day!”


  7. ZeroPOINTzero

    I’m not sure whose to blame for the poor offensive showing but I prefer the laundry be washed behind closed doors. Right now the team is still united. Not all teams with lopsided units can say that. Just imagine if CJP we’re still here. That SOB would be sowing discontent. Would you prefer fisticuffs? We’ve been there before. It wasn’t pretty.

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  8. Derek

    The path of the righteous coach is best on all sides by the inaccuracies of the bitches and the tyranny of Mike Leach fan boys. Blessed is the coach who, in the name of Vince Dooley, shepherds his team along the ground for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost championships.
    And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy this championship approach to football. And you will know my name is the Derek when I lay my vengeance upon thee.


  9. Have we ever considered that we are conservative on offense as a function of protecting Fromm’s health? We arent exactly deep at QB.


    • Derek

      Such considerations would detract from pretending they know something about football.

      You can’t throw around words like the need for the offense to be “introspective” and “innovative” while being rational, circumspect and fact-based.


    • McTyre

      No, because reigning in the O actually keeps the game too close to sub out Fromm in the 4th like we were able to do in most games 2017-18.


  10. illinidawg

    Coach O just said their defense is just fine. LIAR!!!!