Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

They’re just not gonna make it easy, are they.


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  1. Normaltown Mike

    4th Quarter UGA football…MUST SEE TV BABY!

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  2. Derek

    Dawgs are 10-1!!

    3 time sec East champs!


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    • ASEF

      It’s not change.

      It’s get better.

      Waaaay better on offense.

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    • California dawg

      Yes, we need change. If you’re happy with this offense I’d love whatever grade of crystal meth you’re smoking. This offense is a trainwreck that’s getting worse by the week. Swift yelling at Fromm was telling. Coley has shattered our QB’s confidence. From has had 3 of the worst games of his career in the last 2 months. He was never this bad even as a freshman. He’s simultaneously over and under-coached. That’s on Coley. Our receivers (who Coley recruited) and our passing trees are on Coley. We’re squandering an insanely elite oline, Swift, and Fromm with an OC that’s clearly in over his head. We’re 10-1 because of our defense, but they understandably wear down every fourth quarter because our offense can’t score touchdowns or sustain drives.

      You jump down the throat of anyone who rightfully criticizes our offense, but the players and Kirby himself are clearly frustrated. We played manball in 2017 and 2018 to much greater affect because we had an experienced OC who was clearly a better QB coach than Coley is. But according to you, everything is fine, this all part of Kirby’s master plan and anyone who questions it is a no-nothing fan who just doesn’t get it. 

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      • Mick jagger

        I’ve never been so frustrated with a 10-1 team! Tons of offensive talent, yet still no offense.

        Congrats to Hot Rod,

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      • Muttley

        “But according to you, everything is fine, this all part of Kirby’s master plan and anyone who questions it is a no-nothing fan who just doesn’t get it.”

        Honest question: did he actually say that? I haven’t read every thread.


      • Derek

        My issue isn’t that the offense is functioning well. My issue is that it’s not ineffective for the reasons people around here suggest.

        They had two designs that got wide open receivers: the wheel to herrien. The flea flicker to George.

        Fromm missed them.

        Then they do three basic plays: two back shoulders and a 4 verts, go down and score.

        It’s not about play calls. It’s about execution. We just don’t have it from the qb and the receivers right now.

        I’m as frustrated as anyone. I’m just frustrated at reality.

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        • California dawg

          Players are always going to make mistakes. They’re human and it’s football. But for a team this talented to be making this many mistakes at such frustrating consistency points to coaching. Coley is destroying the psyche of this offense and our QB. Kirby needs to take a page out of his mentor’s playbook and retool his staff in the offseason. Doesn’t mean we have to abandon who we are but goddamn we need an OC who understands it’s not 2009 anymore. We can manball and be creative and score touchdowns all at the same time.


          • Derek

            They ain’t doing anything that Kirby doesn’t want to do. He isn’t just turning the keys over to coley. Kirby is involved in every aspect of that offense except the play calls in the moment. And he’s involved in some of those too.


            • California dawg

              I don’t deny that. But Chaney was able to execute Kirby’s philosophy AND score points. I know we lost a talented receiver corps but we still have a blue chip roster. The schemes and situational playcalling this year has been schizophrenic and Fromm’s NFL stock is tanking because he doesn’t have a QB coach.


  3. addr

    Something something, we won, why you guys so upset?

    Am I doing this right?

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  4. Tronan

    I was really worried about this game all week and by the midpoint of the 4th quarter was convinced we were going to lose 20-19.

    Fromm is doing a mean Mark Wohlers impression. Coley is trying out for the role of Jeff Bowden in the upcoming HBO series “Saturday Night Lights.” Praise Jeebus for the D and D’Andre.

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    • MDDawg

      And don’t forget Rodrigo!

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    • RC

      As I said on the twitters- Fromm’s regression is real, and it’s spectacular.

      You’ve got to wonder what is Kirby’s level of concern that this O can’t step on an opponent’s throat, and put the game away when it is time to do so. I mean- isn’t that the ultimate goal of Man Ball?

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  5. Defacto Dawg

    At least we won’t have to worry about how they will fare in the CFP.


  6. Will (The other one)

    It shouldn’t be a question, but if this game repeats again, against a NATS team that couldn’t beat the Citadel, will some of you sunshine pumpers admit there may be some issues on the offensive side of the ball?

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  7. Didntgotheredawg

    Can we hire Brian Schottenheimer back? /s


  8. 92 Grad

    Yeah, more of the same. Just, win. Who cares, right? Never mind that our offense gained an embarrassing amount of yards, at home, after our D stopped a record setting amount of yards, against a senior QB. Yeah. Everything is fine.

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  9. They clearly don’t make things easy. OTOH, this defense is elite. Jimbo wants to run the ball … he gave up trying in the 2nd quarter.

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  10. Biggus Rickus

    Just sit back and enjoy your 1983 Georgia Bulldogs.

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  11. Charlottedawg

    Fromm is playing like it’s the 4th quarter of a championship game against Alabama, every game this year.

    Offense has trended from concerning to bad to has downs syndrome this season. These guys couldn’t score in a whore house with a stack of hundreds.

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    • Will (The other one)

      While he was very, very off for a large part of today (especially the first half) the play calling isn’t helping things. I’d wager no other starting QB has a higher percentage of total pass attempts on obvious passing downs (which goes back to the maddening rarity of play-action passes.)


  12. Biggus Rickus

    They noted A&M’s “furious” comeback in the second half. It’s kind of funny to me that 10 points against this Georgia team constitutes a furious comeback.

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    • sniffer

      I don’t know if it was furious, but it’s worth noting that of 11 total possessions, five of which were scoring drives, they amounted to 19 points. Nineteen measly points. So, furious or not, a 10 point comeback was significant regardless.
      And I’d like to say this also. Of those 5 scoring possessions which totaled 19 points, that A&M defense was not elite. Barely serviceable. But it held us to 4 field goals. Jeez, maybe our offense just had a bad day….

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  13. 3rdandGrantham

    Coley actually called a fairly solid game – aside from continuing to run on 2nd and long anyway. Fromm, however, has regressed horribly and clearly has lost all confidence. He’s been off all year and I’m afraid there are no miracle cures in time for the SECC and beyond.

    If not for the bad throws and reads by Fromm, this game is over at halftime and we win something like 30-13.

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  14. SCDawg

    I’ve wondered (like many of you) what could be wrong with our offense. After watching today’s game I really think something is wrong with Fromm…like maybe he’s lost his confidence or something like that? That leadership swagger he use to have that everyone responded to when he came in the field is gone. Similar to that golfer in the ‘90’s who was winning tournaments and then disappeared? Y’all know who I’m thinking of? I can’t remember his name

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  15. practicaldawg

    This was always going to be a hard game. Going 3-0 in consecutive weeks against Fla, Barn, and A&M is not too shabby. I like being in this position: everything ahead of us and everyone doubting us.

    If Cager is healed up a bit by December, I like our chances.

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  16. Go Dawgs! Glad our D is setting records! Hope we crush the nerds convincingly! And let’s thank heavens we’re not playing LSU in the rain!

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    • Russ

      Agreed. Our defense is elite and fun to watch (until Kirby waves the DBs back off the receivers). Out offense is putrid, and Jake has seemed off since SC loss at least. Left 14 easy points on the field in the 1st quarter that would have changed the game. To me, play calling has been decent but we don’t make the plays. Maybe if we had some talent.


  17. The defense is elite with lots of talent all over the place. Rodrigo is the best UGA kicker ever, and has won many games for UGA including this one. I appreciate the guys that won’t suit up for UGA in Sanford again like JR Reed, Rodrigo, Clark, Andrew Thomas, Swift, et al. It’s hard to believe that their time in red and black is almost done.

    They’ll bludgeon GT next Saturday. They’ll compete against LSU, but it will be an early missed field goal that portends the ultimate end (as is tradition). They’ll go to an NY6, and the draftable players won’t play and maybe UGA wins, maybe they won’t. This is all inevitable, and there is no reason to resist.

    Kirby needs to find a QB whisperer in the off-season to fix Fromm and this offense. It is disjointed and ugly and ineffective, and there is no excuse for it. Find a grad transfer like real quick to come in and give Fromm some competition, because with competition, he was fine, but he has had four of his worst QB performances of his career in the past six games. It is obvious that nobody in Butts-Mehre knows how to fix him. Find somebody to fix him or find somebody to replace him.

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  18. Yeah…winning sucks don’t it. SMH…

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  19. sniffer

    So, this season is on Kirby, no matter the outcome. And I hope upon hope that it ends in New Orleans. But the outcome was determined long before January 2020 when Kirby hired Lanning as defensive coordinator and Coley as his offensive coordinator. Everyone would say the defensive brain trust is just fine. What to think of other side of the ball? Kirby is little help in devising play calls, pre game or in game. Coley needs a staff of consultants, specialists or gurus. Something more than his has now. We have the funds to hire whomever we want. Who do we want?


  20. SEC East champs. Playing for the SEC title. Great!

    Our offense is an affront to football and sports in general. How embarrassing for us. Also, it has to be HORRIBLE for recruits to watch this disgusting and incompetent display of uncreative offensive .

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    • MDDawg

      See, everyone? It’s totally possible to entertain both of these thoughts at the same time. It really isn’t that difficult.

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    • Will (The other one)

      Yep. And Fromm struggling yet again while his former backup handled some some mid-game turnovers and beat a top 10 team in the early game really can’t help recruiting offensive players (aside from linemen.)

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  21. Texas Dawg

    I enjoy the wins, but DAMN they are ugly!!

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  22. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I think I will schedule a cardiologist appointment before the SECCG. Just in case.


  23. hooper

    Had some family, and friends over for the game today, and of course my weed smoking grandson in law had to slip outside to burn a bowl. Having said that I believe he had the line of the night when he said that watching Fromm go from decisive, accurate, and effective as a FR., to indecisive, inaccurate, and ineffective as a JR. has been one of the strangest things he’d ever seen from a player. I wanted to argue that point, but couldn’t really find a way at that moment. I really hope I can come up with an argument against that, because if not…………..


  24. jhorne2000

    My Predictions for Next 4 Games ( All Wins)

    Vs GaTech = 16-7

    Vs LSU = 10-7

    CFP vs Ohio St = 7-6

    NCG vs Clemson = 6-3

    Good thing there’s not a 5th game out there I’m not sure we can pull off a 3-0 victory.

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    • Dawgwalker07

      The funny thing is even if that happened and we won a national title someone would still complain about how bad the offense looked.


      • Paul

        Dawgwaker07 I will absolutely complain about how lousy our offense was this season even if we win the national championship. The fact that you win doesn’t mean you have a good offense. We’v been proving that over and over all year. Do you actually watch our games?


  25. Kdawg

    There are probably 125 or so fan bases that wouldn’t mind switching spots right about now.

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  26. Mad Mike

    What we need on offense is a crayon!

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  27. Kdawg

    In my opinion, I don’t see how this offensive performance is on Coley. Guys were “schemed” open, there were plays to be made. It wasn’t perfect but I didn’t think the playcalling was that bad.

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  28. Morris Day

    Damn. It would have been nice to beat the Aggies the first time they came to Athens as an SEC team.


  29. duronimo

    Back when J. Eason was quarterback, the offense had some success but looked somewhat disjointed. When Jake took over, the offense took on a smooth, cohesive look. Oddly it has now regressed under Fromm. If he has lost confidence, why not give the other kid a few series. He can sling it and he would defintely put the “option” back in RPO.

    Again, today, the pitch was the ticket. Dooley would run it 4-5-6 times in a row. It’s manball 101. Get your backs quickly out in space to employ their 4-5 star skills while running the defense until their tongues hang out. Smart says, “it has to be used sparingly to be effective” while not applying that same logic to runs up the middle.

    Our new defensive coach is making a mark by figuring out how to effectively employ the talent. That’s why we’re in the hunt.

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  30. tamu rushes for -1 yard. Call me a happy DAWG.


  31. Stumpy Pepys

    19 is more than 13!

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  32. RangerRuss

    I’ve often said winning doesn’t feel as good as losing hurts. This is exactly what I mean. Still, winning is great.
    I’m not all gloom n doom about the SEC Championship game either. The Dawgs have two weeks to turn those flashes of brilliance into floodlights of competence. Cager should be back and hopefully Fromm’s confidence as well.
    And that rock solid D! They’re going to shut down the LSU run forcing JB to be one dimensional and sack him silly. Maybe get a pick six as they’re due. Blankenship will be himself.
    Shiiiiit man. I’m looking forward to the next two weeks. Dawgs going to kick the shit out of those maggots and I’m gonna celebrate another great season.
    Go Dawgs!

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  33. Defense and special teams. Defense and special teams. Might not be enough to win the SECC but it’s good enough to get us there. It’s also a great foundation for sustained success.


  34. BuffaloSpringfield

    Jake is fragile behind the aura that he has gained. Swift has been in the same practices as Jake. Giving to ability to change plays at the LOS with 2-3 options to run Swift just disagreed rather harshly to what Jake picked. It’s time Kirby/Coley determined that the inside zone for one or two basic reasons. The inside zone is primarily determined by the OL in move laterally and cut off penetration or the backside catches up before the play develops. ( UF’s goaline stand comes to mind, was that 5 or 6 plays with a FG ) Different OC different year.
    Jake was not under pressure on many of the misses. Two crossing patterns are plainly in the rear view mirror. Several times Jake had a 5-6 count before determining his throw.
    What’s the answer. The receivers are not as good as Bama or LSU but their not trash either.
    Two things that can open up the passing game is simple stops, outs or seams by the TE’s. If Kirby thinks he is gonna gonna get a a Top 3 TE recruiting……. he’s deranged. The one’s we have are adequate but nothing special. Their H-backs and used to seal or kick out…….. Kirbs would do well to recruit a FB with TE tendencies rather than the other way round. The hobnail boot comes to mind. Jet sweeps and reverses are ineffective due to penetration. UGA is running a pro style offense to recruit kids wanting to go to the next level.
    How exactly did that work out for Nauta and Hollifield ? A tendency of a great coach is changing year to year with the players you have. Not running NFL crap to lure recruits in and waste away.
    Hats off to Jake, Swift and Herrien. Zeus was in on one KO return ( no return ) one rushing play where either Zeus limed on the wrong side or Jake opened up to the wrong side. Cook was a no show and McIntosh is on special teams. ( see transfer portal after the Orange Bowl )
    I love them Dawg’s but there is either dissension like after the loss and not making the Final Four and Face Planting in the Sugar Bowl. You can be optimistic if you wish but 5 FG’s and a TD won’t do IT in the SECCG.
    Right now how many top four teams has a FG kicker as their MVP ?
    Call me disconcerted, call me a old get off my lawn dude. Did you watch TECH…… I know, I know the ACC isn’t worth a crap but we have a tendency to play down to the competition. The defense is very good, LeCounte’s fumble recovery was the difference in the game. Yes we have a HAVOC rate; It’s the second half, they are HAVOC to watch.

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  35. ApalachDawg

    Defense. Wins. Championships.

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  36. BuffaloSpringfield

    By the By yes Kirby we did have chances and it’s time to improve but my count this is the 11 game coming up and instead of missing chances and improving it should be polishing time.


  37. Is it perfectly drawn up like we’d all like – no.
    But, we bitch slapped the Gators (again) ,?beat Auburn at Jordan Hare, and about to kick the ever loving shit out of Tech.
    We have our showdown with LSU for a Championship and playoff spot. If you can’t enjoy these next couple weeks I feel sorry for you.

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    • gastr1

      I’ll feel a lot better about things if we do actually kick the ever-loving shit out of Tech.

      Right now I wonder if we can score more than two touchdowns on offense against ANYONE.

      But a lesser team comes right at the right time, IMO, to get things straight and build back some confidence going into the SECCG.


  38. TN Dawg

    We could be just the type of team that gives LSU fits, tough defense, committed running game, shortening the game, smash-mouth football.

    We also could be overwhelmed is shit goes sideways.

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    • We have to be perfect with our style. We can not get 2 scores down. We cant turn over. STs can not mistakes.

      See the problem there? Our offense is so inept it requires perfection in all other aspects. And that is a formula for failure. Teams will score against even the best D.

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    • I agree with this 100% but I’m just not sure which side I’m going with. Oddly enough, I feel kinda good about the SECC game. This season, more than any I remember, I haven’t felt uneasy about ANY game. Sure, I wring my hands over the offense but I think it’s the defense and special teams that make me feel like we’ll have a shot against anyone.

      Of course, I may be kidding myself when it comes to LSU or the cfp but I’m not worried. Maybe I’ve finally reached a point where I accept things as they are, too. Like a coping mechanism. Lol!

      I look back on the SC game and how bad that was and how it took 4 turnovers to 0 and a missed FG. No, SC isn’t good but we did all that and still had a shot. I almost feel like we’ll have a chance as long as the offense doesn’t do that. So you can’t get a TD or even string together a couple first downs when it’s really needed. Ok. How about just don’t turn it over or take bad sacks or have your QB get a delay of game after a timeout. At the minimum don’t have negative plays!


  39. TN Dawg

    This team does have a weird “Team of Destiny” vibe to it.

    Frustrating at times. Unnecessarily nerve-racking. But they keep winning must win games after burning up their do-over early in the year.

    You have to wonder if they can keep dodging close calls and overcoming a marginal offense.

    The one thing they haven’t really done is defeat an elite level offense. We are gonna have to do it 3 times to get to the prize.

    Gonna enjoy the ass whipping we put on Tech next week. Then it’s back to the grind where our defense can hopefully continue their elite play.


  40. Bulldog Joe



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  41. RangerRuss

    These Dawgs bring to mind the tale of Little Jake and the turkey contest.
    Mom: Lil Jake, where you goin’?
    Jake: Goin’ to win a turkey.
    Mom: You ain’t got no shotgun, boy.
    Jake: This contest is for who has the biggest pecker.
    Mom: Boy, you cain’t go up in there pullin’ out all your pecker!
    Jake: I ain’t gon pull out all my pecker, Mama. Just enough to win the turkey.

    The Dawgs will need to pull out all the they have if they expect to advance in the CFP. I hope they can. Go Dawgs!


  42. Milledge Hall

    When is Dooley going to throw the ball???
    (Comments from (fans?) circa 1980-1983)
    The more things change, the more they stay the same!!!


  43. Mick Jagger


    South Carolina

    We won 3 when we didn’t look particularly good.


  44. Derek

    A message from every offensive coordinator at UGA ever:

    Terminate the

    on our football team?


    over the complaining?

    Underscore the

    you are but you’re killing the enjoyment of winning 3 straight division titles, a feat that has only been achieved by stallings, spurrier, saban and now smart.

    Beat yech!!


  45. PTC DAWG

    I like winning


  46. If you switch the offensive staffs yesterday, we win by 25.


  47. UGA '97

    by “They”, u mean Coley?


  48. Pirate.

    Pickens slowed down on the long shot or it’s a td. Jake had to put heat on it because the safety was coming over. That ball was a perfect throw . Jake missed the wheel route to Herrien. Some drops also. Dawgs are playing with 99% of all catches from last year gone. Win and advance . Tuck Fech. Dawgs just won a tough slate since the bye week. We are very close on O. Pull for your team. After reading some of these comments , I don’t think that many on this board even played high school ball .