More defensive scoring context

Today, I’ve already posted Patrick Garbin’s tweet about how remarkable the team’s defensive scoring mark is from a historical program perspective.  It’s also remarkable from the perspective of the 2019 season.

In eight conference games, Georgia has given up a total of 84 points.  To give you an idea of how dominant that figure is, consider that Vanderbilt, which has the SEC’s worst scoring offense by a country mile, has managed to score 92 points — in seven games.

SEC teams that put up some of their lowest scoring totals of the season against Georgia:  Auburn (2nd lowest), Florida (lowest), Kentucky (lowest), Missouri (lowest), Tennessee (3rd lowest), Texas A&M (2nd lowest) and Vanderbilt (2nd lowest).

I find more value in advanced stats than do some of you, but when you get down to it, the most important stat for a defense is keeping the other guy off the scoreboard.  In that regard, Georgia’s been stellar this year.


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  1. Even against South Carolina it was their 4th lowest and that was with 2 OTs and a pick 6. Their offense scored all of 10 points in regulation against our defense.

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  2. This defense is really special. The best UGA D I’ve ever seen. I love watching dominant defense – I’ve missed it so badly.

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  3. practicaldawg

    And half of Vandy’s points came in one game against an SECw team called the LSU tigers.

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  4. Anon

    Now do our offense. Not being snarky


    • Greg

      Good news is, we are beat up at this point in the season & still pulled out a victory after back to back tough games…..and we did this without Cager & Mays, letting them heal.

      Looking back at this from a year ago, I thought we would at least split between the two (Auburn & A&M)…..and that would have been our 1 loss.

      Instead, we beat the team that beat the team..😏

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  5. Agreed. This is a top 3 all-time Dawg defense, imo. Maybe even the best. I just hope the offense isn’t so inept against LSU that it kinda tarnishes the D. The last 2 games have shown that great defense can’t do it alone.

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  6. Scott

    One reason a run-oriented offense is successful is that it eats the clock, giving the opposing offense fewer opportunities and it keeps the defense relatively fresh. However, our recent ineffectiveness with countless third down conversion failures allows the opponent offense more snaps. This is why our defense is gassed in the 4th qtr. even with the great depth at most positions. If Coley can’t draw up with plays with routes our receivers can successfully execute at a higher percentage (which will open up the run game) then we will fail in the 4th qtr. against LSU. If he successfully identifies plays and routes Fromm and the young receivers can comfortably execute then we have a 50/50 chance.


  7. UGA '97

    awesome. now how many pts has our offense scored vs SEC this year? When a D gives the ball back to the O a record number of times, wouldnt logic say teams would tend to score lots more? Especially in the age of spread and targeting where the receiving core has the advantage.


  8. Mayor

    Sometimes the truth is hard to take. This year is one of those times. Georgia has the best D it has had in my lifetime. National champion caliber D. Georgia has an O that is mediocre at best. Why? If you break down the parts and examine them individually the conclusion is inescapable—it’s coaching. Great O line, great RBs, good if not great QB, receivers that are adequate if not great yet—in-short good to excellent personnel. Where is the shortfall? At OC both in scheme and in game play calling and at HC in game decision making. The fact that this team has made it this far is a tribute to the players. But the team is winning in spite of Coley and Smart not because of them.

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  9. David Moore

    Now we know why Kirby was interested in Eddie Gran. No threat of pass, defense knows your running and still 300 yds a game for UK.


  10. Cojones

    It appears that there is always something different each game and it ain’t always good. Fromme’s missed passes to wide open receivers; could that have been as a result of him wearing gloves that he discarded later? How in hell can anyone have the tactility needed for a touch pass when you have a glove surface between you and the ball?

    Seems like every game, something else is different and leads to loss of scoring.


  11. Busta

    Yea the offense has struggled, but with this defense the question is can LSU score enough points to win…not the other way around.


    • Classic City Canine

      The answer IMO is definitely yes.

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      • Busta

        True, they can. I suppose the question is “will they”. I think we can slow them down based off the LSU vs Barn game. Pundits and fans outside of GA have already given LSU the win. We’ve seen teams with elite defense and so so offense beat teams with explosive offenses but so so defenses in the past…here’s hoping we can add to that.


  12. ASEF

    Georgia’s D got a couple of gifts late with a couple of textbook PIs left uncalled. When TAMU said “screw it” with the run game and just started throwing it every down, they started moving. If that game is played in College Station – or a neutral field in ATL for a championship – the flags probably fly.

    It’s a stout and impressive defense, but everyone, including advanced stats, loved Michigan’s D last year – and Ohio State lit them up because OSU was happy to attack its weakness over and over again in part knowing Michigan’s offense was not potent enough to cash in on every mistake. As luck would have it, OSU didn’t make any mistakes in offense in that game and hung 62 on them.

    This Georgia team is starting to remind me of 2018 Michigan.


  13. mp

    This is why if why, if UGA loses to LSU, this season is going to be viewed as such a historic disappointment.


  14. Tlkdawg

    Senator; do you think you could change the quote of the day? It gets more depressing with every passing week.😣


    • Uglydawg

      NO…I still believe what JF said in the QOTD will hold true.
      The offense had opportunities against the Aggies and they didn’t capitalize on them..but it gave LSU some stuff to think about. A couple of downfield completions and LSU will get their asses out of a stuffed box and the Dawgs will be back on track. Stack the box and get burned…unstack it and get run over. Done it before against better defenses than LSU’s. Can do it again.
      It will be a tough job but the Dawgs can be fixed.
      Since not a one of us has a smidgen of control over it anyway, why not be optimistic?
      Dawgs may very likely find their O and take it to the Benz against the Tigers. Very, very possible.