A constipated offense

This here is a problem.

This isn’t a “Has Jake Fromm regressed?” problem, either.  Sam Pittman hasn’t forgotten how to coach.  The offensive linemen haven’t stopped training.

The o-line is being overwhelmed by scheme, as defensive coordinators don’t worry about Georgia’s passing attack and flood the line of scrimmage with more bodies than the o-line can block.  Making matters worse, Coley continues to call running plays that plow right into the clog.

I do think Coley recognizes there’s a problem.  I saw a definite attempt against Texas A&M to get the backs outside in space.  I just didn’t see enough of it.  And Kirby can’t quit the middle, baby.


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  1. barneydawg

    I was talking to a “connected” (letterman) alumn last Sunday and he seems convinced that Kirby is our Offensive Coordinator. I have no idea if that is the case, but he told us when he came that he was going to be involved in everything.


  2. J-Dawg

    Solution for a constipated offense: Massive enemas over and over until all the crap is flushed out.


  3. Excuse my language, but these coaches get paid a lot of money to figure this shit out, so they better figure this shit out.

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  4. Bright Idea

    Defenses have slanted and pinched into the A & B gaps with their biggest bodies all year and against A&M the MLBer seemed to never get touched plus the safety flew to the line as well. The center has had a rough year too. One back shotgun has been an easy read with no QB run threat.


  5. Uglydawg

    Imagine if Georgia comes out in a two back set..and maybe with Stetson as QB sometime against LSU. Or with JF.
    Or against GT go give LSU something to practice for.


    • Will (the other one)

      There was a little two-back when Nick and Sony were still around, wasn’t there?


      • Macallanlover

        Pretty rare, if I recall. Certainly not as much as I would have thought. Think they are more about fresh legs and hammering, no surprise with that. And you cannot dismiss the wisdom of that based on results. But there were bigger holes, more often. As Bright mentioned above, we are allowing the defense to load the middle gaps and our center is struggling more.

        We have to scheme around this in a multitude of ways, not just come in to impose our will with one primary plan. This OC/staff has to use all the arrows in our quiver and not practice the Plan B, these are talented, smart players at this point. They are frustrated and need to be allowed to play in a way to make them successful. There is no better way to impose your will than doing things the other teams have prepared for. If our staff is so set in their ways at this point in the year, we need some new guys. That may not be realistic in week 14, but there has to be signs of change very soon. We have succeeded in putting a damper on what should be a great time for players and fans. I honestly felt like we lost the Auburn game when it was over, not literally, but in what we allowed to happen….and yes, we allowed that 21-0 lead to sour before the clock ran out. I know we dominated the SC game virtually across the board, but suffered an inexplicable loss by unfocused play where mistake, after mistake resulted in a negative 4-0 turnover margin, and multiple squandered scoring opportunities. Ugh!

        Yet we are still standing, miserable though we be. Not all, but a sizable enough amount that we continually have negative conversations more than hopeful ones. Time to put that all aside and figure out a way to play an opponent who looks more invincible than any we have faced. They are beatable, but our defense needs a hand. I expect a pretty high scoring game next week, we will need 30 points minimum, imo. Roll out something more exotic/varied, please. I would rather go down and have zero ammunition left at the end of the game.


        • Tony Barnfart

          We just gotta come out firing like we did in the 2018 SECCG. Remember, Fromm shocked a lot of people with how much he outplayed Tua–the Heisman frontrunner.

          I like being the underdog, in a element free indoor stadium, in our backyard, against the ballyhooed Joe Burrow. We have no choice but to let the entire offense sink or swim. The refreshing thing is that LSU has been such a darling this year that it feels like we’re playing with house money. We’ve seemed to always perform well (yes, even though the Bama games ended up as late losses) when playing against hyped superstars or with our backs to the wall.


      • 123fakest

        You’re thinking of when we used Chubb as a blocking back for McKenzie on that fourth down run against Vandy.



  6. The Dawg abides

    Kindley has regressed considerably. Hill is having trouble adjusting to all the duties required at center. Mays and Cleveland can’t separate from each other. Add in nagging injuries, and the interior line has been a disappointment, when you consider that it was supposed to be the catalyst for a road-grading run game.


  7. Russ

    I really think some true hurry-up would do wonders for this offense. Jake appears to be overthinking things and has trouble letting go. If he went out Saturday with a scripted hurry-up drive with some slants, toss sweeps and (yes) a few blasts up the middle to keep the maggots guessing, it would go a long way to unclogging this offense.

    And by hurry-up, I mean quick snaps. Not rush to the line and then stand there for 30 seconds.

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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “…Kirby can’t quit the middle…”
    Yep, and to some extent, I understand Kirby’s point that you have to run to keep the defense honest. On the other hand, when you run predictably in essentially the same way most of the time, it doesn’t seem to me that you are achieving your objective. When they went to the flea flicker early only to have Jake overthrow/Pickens quit on the route (take your pick), it looked like they decided it wasn’t going to be their night with that sort of thing. But then Jake got kind of hot for a series and we got TD. Then they quit trying that!?

    I go back to the Dooley days and I love ball control. I love drives that eat up minutes and rest the D. But you can do that in more ways than running the ball. If you go 3 and out running up the middle you aren’t controlling anything.


  9. Texas Dawg

    No question that the play calling has a LOT to do with the demise of the offense. When a mediocre defense pretty much KNOWS what play is coming, they all of a sudden look like elite. The best 5 OL in all of football can not block 6,7,8 rushers. No one is asking this offense to turn in to an air raid offense. I’m perfectly happy with a vanilla offense as long as we once in a while add a little cherry and whip cream.


    • Brandon M

      What you described that you want is pretty much exactly what we did against Texas A&M… yet it resulted in our worst offensive output Yards/plays/etc. of the season. A successful offensive play requires all 11 guys doing their job. More often than not we get 9-10 guys doing their job and 1-2 guys completely whiff a block or drop a pass or make an inaccurate throw. The play calling was fine this past Saturday. The execution level was inexcusable for the talent level of this offense. I think the issue is the coaching more than the calling.


  10. 69Dawg

    See my comment in the “Best of times…” previously. Dooley ball with a vengeance. Only won 1 MNC and that because he had a one in a like time RB. LSU will load the box and send the house just like last year. If Fromm gets pressure he gets happy feet and seldom goes to his safety valve he just throws it OB and it’s on to the next 3 and out.


  11. Mayor

    Manball is all about out-physicalling your opponent. God Bless Kirby for getting our team to become the most physical team in the SEC, maybe all of CFB. That said, in HS we had the most physical team in the region. Our HC and assistants all preached “Beat the man in front of you” and we did. We would really hit ya! After the game was over the other team was always beaten up. Everybody saw it and opponents even admitted it. That season we went 4-6. There is more to winning football games than just physically manhandling the other team.


  12. duronimo

    Kirby on the pitch out, “It has to be run sparingly to work.” Why doesn’t he apply that same logic to running up the middle?


  13. WHB209

    It’s a trap….
    One more game of Kirby calling plays into the strength of the defense, Then everyone on GA’s offense, including coaches, gets a Suprep Bowel Prep Kit plus 2 Dulcolax Suppositories. No more constipated offense and LSU will be set up for the greatest trap ever contrived.
    What guts it takes for a coach to set that trap all season just for one game..
    Kirby is brilliant and has the guts of a wild, totally insane mass murderer


  14. Don’t even think you watched the game.”Scheming” wasn’t the issue.We threw on 1st down 9 times,attacked the corners with the run,ran screen plays,end arounds,slants,flea
    flickers and wheel routes. In short,we gave Jake every opportunity to win the game and salt it away in the 1st half and he failed miserably.