Swallowed up

I don’t think you have to be an advanced stats geek to grasp the story being told here.

Dayum.  If South Carolina needed a +4 turnover margin to squeak by the Dawgs in overtime, what’s Tech gonna need?  +8?


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  1. Mark

    I KNOW UGA needs to rest some people and let them heal before the SECCG. I KNOW Georgia needs to clear the bench and let everybody play to gain experience. I KNOW Kirby tends to take his foot off the gas with a lead. I KNOW all of that.

    But I am so, SO hoping, desperately hoping, that the Dawgs will shut out the techmites on Saturday. It’s all I want for Christmas.

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  3. BMan

    “If South Carolina needed a +4 turnover margin to squeak by the Dawgs in overtime, what’s Tech gonna need?”


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  4. Will (the other one)

    VT beat them at the Joke by Coke 45-0. I really hope we top that. Talent-wise they’re comparable to Ark St, but far less well-coached on offense, so it could happen.


  5. The Truth

    I think we need to pour it on offensively — if possible — if only to get some fake juice out of it going into the SECCG.


  6. UGA '97

    4 Cokes. Zero Wins. 4 Hotdogs.


  7. practicaldawg

    Basically, plot UGA’s stats on a piece of poster board then swat a yellow jacket that lands in the middle of it


  8. spur21

    Our can will kill their starters. Stetson for at least a half.


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    Kirby reads that chart, sees early score will be enough to sit on, and is happy with the 3 – 0 win. 11 and 1 Bitchez!


  10. California dawg

    A solid half of real-game reps between Fromm and our receivers can only help us prepare for LSU the week after (although not sure if reps against this Tech defense classify as “game reps”). The pessimist in me says our offensive kinks can’t really be ironed out at this point, but a string of confidence-boosting offensive drives for Fromm will hopefully pay dividends in Atlanta.


  11. Coweta Dawg



  12. Cousin Eddie

    All 5 RBs need 100 yards