Upon further review, TAMU edition

I went back and watched the replay, mainly to see if I could figure out why I was more sedate experiencing Texas A&M’s fourth quarter comeback than I was Auburn’s.

Believe it or not, I found an answer.  Whereas it looked like Georgia’s defense came undone against Auburn after going to a soft zone, the Dawgs’ still played pretty aggressive defense against TAMU.  Lanning and Smart obviously went back, watched tape and tightened things up.  All good.

The problem was that on the Aggies’ touchdown drive, they turned to a formation they hadn’t shown all game, an empty backfield set with two tight ends.

Georgia didn’t have an answer for it, at least not on that series. One big reason for that was TAMU’s o-line bowing up, giving Mond time to wait on crossing patterns to open up, which they invariably did.

Strangely enough, when A&M got the ball back on what turned out to be its last series, Fisher didn’t stick with what was working, but went back to a one-back set until his last playcall of the game, when he tried the empty backfield, twin-tights formation again on a pass that Stevenson managed to break up.

I’m a little surprised that Danielson didn’t make note of that, because it’s just the kind of detail he normally jumps on.

One thing he did catch that I might go back to review further came on a running play in Georgia’s penultimate series.  Fromm was in shotgun with Herrien to his left, motioned Herrien to shift to his right side, handed off, only to see Herrien get stuffed in the hole on the left side.  Danielson made a comment to the effect that the defender knew the late shift meant the play was going to go to the other direction.

I wanted to see from there if Danielson had found a tell in Georgia’s running game, but Georgia never called another running play from the shotgun set with a late shift.  Coincidence, or some three-dimensional chess between Coley and Elko?  Like I said, I’m curious enough to go back and see what happened before.

A couple of other quick notes.  One, if you go back to watch the game, make sure you pay attention to Solomon Kindley and Texas A&M’s Justin Madubuike.  That was an all-out war all game long.

Also, this huge run of Swift’s that essentially iced the game…

… came on essentially the same play as the first one of the game, when he lost eight yards.  The difference was that the A&M defense got suckered on the movement to the right and Georgia got the blocks it needed from Simmons and Woerner.  Amazing what a little execution can do for you.

Oh, that reminds me — after essentially taking off most of the second half with his playcalling, Coley was en fuego with that on that last drive.  That’s what’s most frustrating about watching this offense.  You can see the talent turn it on and click for a series here and there.  You can see Coley figure out how to attack a defense now and then.  For some reason, though, they can’t get their collective shit together except in fits and spurts.


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  1. Michael L. Murphy

    What does “SR” mean?



  2. Xon

    Bud Elliot with an amazing stat regarding A&M: they ONLY play well on offense when down by more than 1 score in the 4th quarter!

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  3. practicaldawg

    To me it seemed like Mond just made some clutch throws on that scoring drive. I remember 2 third downs he converted with difficult throws into tight windows, and their talented receivers made the plays. That drive was extremely hard-earned and required every down.


  4. ‪On the one hand, this gives a lot of support to Fromm’s comments about the offense being so close to busting out. On the other hand, it’s 11 games in. If it were going to happen, it would have by now. ‬


    • Mayor

      If the Dawgs could just somehow find their way into the playoff final then would be a good time for the O to bust out. Actually, the SECCG would be good too.


    • Cojones

      The close games happened under rain conditions that had bitten the team’s success at SC. Before that, not so much, so the cry for mo buttah blues should be taken in context with game conditions.


  5. Crossing patterns? What are these things you speak of?

    Seriously, you would think with the protection Jake is getting on running downs in particular that crossing patterns with our athletes at WR would be there all night.


    • Russ

      I also saw some sort of sorcery from the Aggies last Saturday where the quarterback went to hand the ball off, but he didn’t, he just faked the hand off. And if that wasn’t tricky enough (wait for it)….HE THREW A PASS!!! I thought surely that was illegal, because otherwise, any OC worth his salt would be doing it all the time with our great running game.

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  6. Rival

    Really enjoying that SEC Stat Cat site.


  7. Bill Glennon

    It’s encouraging that Kirby seems to learn from his mistakes. He has improved a lot since SC. He went to the soft zone at Auburn too soon, but he did better v TAMU. His clock management at the end of first halves has been poor, but he pantsed Malzahn before halftime at Auburn. He trusted Rodrigo on a long field goal finally. They still don’t put teams away (mainly because of poor execution on offense), but he realizes the problem, and he tried the onside kick against TAMU as a kill shot after a TD.

    His instinct is still to go too conservative too soon, but Kirby seems to be growing into role of a very good game manager, at least against inferior opponents,


    • The onside kick was the perfect call, and Rod executed it perfectly. All Tyson has to was fall on the ball, but I think he was so surprised that he ran past it.

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      • Macallanlover

        Surprised because the wet/soft ground stopped it so suddenly one would suppose, but an athlete of Cambell’s caliber should have handled that better. It is so hard to execute an onside kick that well, someone did a nice job of scouting that as an opportunity, was a shame that we flubbed the easiest part since it was uncontested. Nice time to try that since the defense was shutting the A&M offense down at that point. Other than the fake FG against LSU using Hot Rod, I think Kirby has made pretty good ST decisions. I personally felt he should have kicked the FG against SC near the end, before the penalty, but understand why that is an arguable point.

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        • MDDawg

          Don’t forget the fake punt with Fields against Bama. Although maybe that one’s debatable. Supposedly it would have worked if they’d gotten it snapped sooner, but then it’s still on Kirby for not aborting the play once Bama had recognized it.

          And I think the plan was to kick the FG against SC but the penalty took them out of range. I think in his post-game remarks he said they just wanted to get it a few yards closer before having Rodrigo kick it, then the penalty got them moving in the wrong direction.


          • Macallanlover

            Certainly is a debate with me. It was well thought out based on his knowledge of Bama’s defense, and the situation in the game. Using Fields, a highly visible red flag, was the biggest mistake. Strategically I would give that an A, but when Bama adjusted, a timeout should have been called by Fields, then Kirby when that didn’t happen.

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    • Greg

      “He trusted Rodrigo on a long field goal finally.”

      Was saying as soon as he stepped on the field…..Where was that against SC.

      nice post.


  8. BMan

    I’d like to see more snaps with Fromm under center. I think play action is more effective from that set, and it might help the run game a bit as well. The more alignments the team uses, the more a defense has to remember. You may have hit something Senator about when Fromm moves a back over from one side to another. If this is a tell, then LSU will eat it alive. The offense has to break from some of the tendencies – and of course execute properly when the opportunities are present.

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  9. The other Doug

    Great points.
    I’ve been noticing that I tend to have an idea where a lot of plays are going after Fromm sets everyone up, and I’m not that smart. I remember a short and medium where he moved the RB to his otherside and I knew it was a pass. I also remember when he moved Cook (?) from the left side to the rightside halfback spot and I knew it was a run around the edge. The offense is just predictable.

    Coley called a pretty good game at the start, but Fromm was ice cold. He eventually got Fromm back in it, but then they never went back to being creative. That might have been Mr Man Ball telling him to be conservative.

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  10. saildawg

    Here is what confuses me, is that if you look at the two most significant possessions of the season Coley appears to be a masterful play caller, and the execution has been impressive.

    Significant Possession 1 (4th Qtr vs Florida 2+ minutes left)
    Get a delay of game forcing us to 1st and 15
    First play calls a WR screen to D. Rob for a gain of 8 (excellent play call, low risk high reward gets ball out of the box)
    3rd down out route to Wolf (aggressive play call that iced the game, great execution by the line and swift to pick up blitz, great pocket presence by Fromm)

    Significant Possession 2 (4th Qtr vs T A&M, 4+ minutes)
    As documented in the post, 1st down swing route for 3,
    2nd down toss sweep to Herrien (for all those that say we only run him up the middle)
    3rd down off tackle Herrien to pick up 1 and a first down

    1st down stuffed on zone read
    2nd down (throws a slant to Blaylock!!!!! We havent seen a slant all year!!!)
    3rd down toss sweep to swift, game over

    My point is that these are championship drives, I think we all agree that the defense has been championship worthy, but these possessions on offense are as well. They don’t end in points, but they do end in Ws. I have some hope we can put it all together soon.

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    • Uglydawg

      NIce post saildawg. I too have some hope (and expectation) that the Dawgs will put it all together soon…Though I wouldn’t expect to see anything new against GT…saving a few wrinkles for LSU.


  11. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    @Senator – Do you know where to look to see Yards After Catch stats for the team? I was chatting with a buddy yesterday and we were wondering what our numbers were in general, and especially if you took out throws to the tailbacks. It seems like YACatch is a major component of the Bama and LSU passing offense, but seems nonexistent in ours. Perception isn’t reality, so was wondering where to go look.


    • YAC is a huge part of what Bama, LSU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, etc. get in their offense. They have a guy take a 7-yard slant and turn it into a 50-yard play. We got a ton of it as well with Mecole in particular last year.


    • josh hancher

      Alabama 2426
      LSU 1948
      South Carolina 1592
      Florida 1525
      Missouri 1363
      Vanderbilt 1276
      Texas A&M 1258
      Auburn 1251
      Georgia 1146
      Mississippi State 985
      Tennessee 980
      Arkansas 938
      Ole Miss 928
      Kentucky 730


  12. Uglydawg

    Off subject comment addressed to Senator Blutarsky.

    The quality and content of GTP has really taken off in a great way recently.
    GTP is always one of my first reads of and throughout the day.
    GTP has amazingly well informed, witty and (mostly) reasonable folks commenting on your provoking and informative pieces.
    You’re wit is impressive.
    Today’s edition is a prime example
    I don’t know of a better blog site anywhere.
    Here on Thanksgiving week, I’m just saying “Thanks”. You make being a Georgia fan a little richer! (and it’s not sycophancy if it’s true)
    And on another note.
    I’ve been a prolific (ok..annoying) poster on here from day one. Mostly we see the same people day in and day out..with some refreshing new contributors…and I believe there has to be thousands that consistently read GTP but never post their thoughts.
    I wish more Dawg fans would post…it aint’ hard to do (that you’re reading this is proof).
    I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts.

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  13. Russ

    Good views on the defense not being as soft, Senator. To me, on TV I just saw the DBs backing off the receivers before the snap and the completions seemed to always follow. Once they started pressing at the line of scrimmage again, it seemed like we did a better job of stopping them. But I don’t have the “all 22” view you get from the stadium. Nice to know Kirby learned from his Auburn mistake, though I was still sweating bullets at the end, especially since we were only up 6, not 7 as at Auburn.


  14. FlyingPeakDawg

    For some reason, though, they can’t get their collective shit together except in fits and spurts.

    Can’t or won’t? With respect to the players, the mistakes are caused by poor execution…a bit of a concern this late in the season. As for Coley, I think that when the boss believes we can burn 4 — 6 minutes in the 4th Q to ice a game, he’s obliged to do it. So Jake and Co. stand around the line, waiting for the playcock to die down before the snap, and the calls are vanilla when the opposing D is so easily able to set-up and fully substitute. This is on Kirby, but 10 – 1 says it works.

    As for Fromm…in his freshman year, he locked onto a primary receiver or threw the ball away fairly quickly. As a sophomore, he had some great receivers and could unload quickly with back shoulder throws or slants. As a Junior…man he’s holding onto that ball a looooonnggg time. The problems have been documented, but he’s really reluctant to just take off. Maybe under orders given our backup QB situation. I trust they know this and for LSU, if Jake needs to move he will. Just a little running around by him will keep defenders honest and open up some space.


  15. Bluto, have you been holding back on the “fit and sputter offense”…doesn’t roll off the tongue, just hit’s the spot…i just had this deep down don’t know if we can survive this thing against the barners,(didn’t bother nor surprise me against tamu) cause when they got the pass plays rolling, the crowd got back into the game and all UGA could do on offense was 3 & out every 35 seconds, just thankful the clock ran out of time…go back and look at Kirby (during the presser), he was spent as we all were…to hell with ga tech!


  16. The Dawg abides

    Rewatch the first play. It was something we haven’t done before. It was a counter trey fake with the left guard and tackle pulling to the right with the flow of the play, then a flip back to the left to Swift. Slow it down, if Blaylock takes the right angle and blocks the db he’s responsible for, swift runs for a long way. Another well designed play where one guy doesn’t do his job.

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    • That’s what I saw, as well.


    • Derek

      Must be coachin!

      Every missed assignment is either a bad call or an undefined failure of “coachin’!”

      Get with the program man!!

      Sure herrien was wide open on the wheel route but we don’t design plays to get people open ever ‘cause coachin’!

      Pickens had two steps and was missed but that was also “coachin’!”

      The players DO NOT MATTER. You’re watching chess. Each side has an equal number of pieces and they only perform as well or as poorly as they are played by the coach!!

      Dooley just had an OC that called better, more “introspective” and more “innovative” run plays than any OC ever from 1980-1982.


      • 69Dawg

        Dooley had HW and he literally took the air out of the ball unless we were behind. I have a Norte Dame friend that still can’t believe we beat them while Buck completed ONE pass the whole game. HW made the coaches be able to sleep walk thru games. Kirby doesn’t have an HW player, has an immobile QB and he’s happy as a hog in slop.


        • Derek

          I don’t about that but that’s who he has. I think he wants more athleticism out of that position, given the guys he’s recruited OTHER than Fromm.


        • Will (the other one)

          To get an equivalent player to HW in current day CFB, you’d need a 275 lb RB that runs a 4.2 40.


      • 69Dawg

        PS I know you are being sarcastic.


      • MDDawg

        No, no, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s the COACHES who don’t matter. That’s why they don’t get paid a salary, anyone could do that kind of volunteer work.


        • Derek

          I think they both matter. The idiots around here don’t think the players matter. That’s the point.

          The fact is that an idiot like les miles can win a natty with a Nick Saban roster.

          Larry Coker was no hall of game coach. He has a natty.

          Chizik has natty. But not a job.

          Charlie weis has a super bowl ring. Weis or Brady? Who would you take?

          Coaching matters. But they aren’t out there making the plays.


      • Brandon M

        Not sure where this rant is coming from… I don’t know of anyone that believes that the players don’t matter. Execution is quite literally the culmination of talent and preparation (coaching). It takes both to perform. Is it your opinion that our players just aren’t any good?


        • Mike Cooley

          Derek is insane. Like certifiably crazy. Hope that helps.

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        • Derek

          My main point is that the “solutions” most around here come up with are just demonstrably dumb.

          For example: schotty is too stupid to run an offense. I’ll trust Pete Carroll over the geniuses around here thank you. The seahawks are 9-2 so schotty hasn’t gotten in their way yet. Russell Wilson>Greyson Lambert is the solution to that complex equation.

          Another example: we need a plan b for when we can’t do anything right! Fucktarded. If they can’t throw and catch the easy ones why in the fuck would anyone think that they’d do it better if it were more complicated? Why would would practice for occasions where we can’t do anything right? Wouldn’t that aggravate the problem? I say practice what you expect to run on Saturday.

          I could go on and on.

          It just seems to me that the conventional wisdom is always that the coaches are fucking up when things don’t work and the coaches are great when they win. Vince was the same coach when we went 6-6 as when we went 12-0. Trust me. It’s true.

          Coaching is important. Where it matters most is:

          Decision making

          If you’re team can’t avoid penalties. That’s coaching. If they get into fights. That’s coaching. If they’re soft. That’s coaching. If the roster can’t compete. That’s coaching.

          All these high paid staffs that we play against ALL know football. The X’s and O’s are pretty much always even once there’s film for both sides to watch.

          We know what they are doing. They know what we’re doing. What matters is who makes the plays and who doesn’t. Usually that gets done by the roster with the best players.

          You can argue (I would) that belichick alters that a bit, but there’s only one of those and he has the best qb of all-time and no 20 hour work week restriction and none of his players are teenagers.

          You can credit Dabo or you can credit Deshaun.

          You can credit Gus/Gene or you can credit Cam.

          You can credit Vince or Herschel.

          You get the idea.


          • spur21

            Derek everybody we play is also in hindered by the 20 hour rule so explain that one a little better.
            Yup everybody has “film” so why continue to do the things on said film when the film shows it doesn’t fucking work.
            Your bullet points are correct but you left out game plan – strategy and creating plays that play to your strength and players strength. If you have speed utilize it.
            Our defense is pretty much lights out. The offense actually sucks most of the time. Looking at the recruiting I’d say the talent is about equal on both sides of the ball yet one unit performs at an elite level the other meh. I guess you will make an argument that coaching is equal on both side – you would be fucking wrong again.
            You use Lambert vs Wilson in your argument – doesn’t hold true. We have an elite defense yet 3rd string QB’s – first start freshman QB’s – WR / OB’s – a QB that didn’t start a game in H.S. all of which had success – that is coaching and game planing. If they can be successful against possibly the best defense in college ball explain to me why our super talented offense works in spurts against less talented defenses.
            There is more but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you obviously know best and are the master of “cherry picking”.


            • Derek

              I’d suggest to you that if the plays aren’t working, somebody isn’t doing their job. It’s why I look to the wheel to herrien and the flea flicker. What more do you want from a play call? You have to hit them, right?

              Then we run three simple plays: 2 back shoulders and a 4 vert for 6. What changed? Fromm made the throws. They were less open, but they were complete. Didn’t take anything fancy at all.

              Recruiting rankings don’t make a functional receiving crew or an accurate qb. They just don’t. We’ve got a ton of talent but they collectively continue to fuck up. They miss blocks. They drop passes. They make the wrong reads. Fromm misses open guys.

              People are daring us to throw and we can’t consistently beat them. We are trying. Guys just have to make the plays.

              It’s not the play call. It’s the execution. There are NO plays that work without blocking, throwing and catching. You do those things well and the plays will look like fucking brilliant calls.

              Quite frankly I think if 15 hadn’t struggled with injuries we wouldn’t be where we are. Cager made everything else work. Fromm trusted him. When he’s not in there, things aren’t going well for anyone.

              Does cager have a better wr coach than the other guys? Does coley get dumb with cager on the bench?

              Players are vastly more important than plays. Bad playing makes good calls look terrible.

              Go back to 2015. Greyson had one or two incompletions in two games. Bama shows up. First play we run a 9 to Malcolm. He has the corner smoked. Greyson misses badly for what should have been a td or a big gain on the first play.

              What’s the conclusion around here? Schotty can’t call a game.

              Greyson could overcome those deficiencies beautifully for two games and then suddenly Greyson can no longer out perform the play calls? It’s just not rational. At all.

              Schotty is 9-2 for a guy with natties and a SB ring. Again, I’ll lean on Carroll to know better than me who can be an OC. Why won’t you guys?

              Anyway I’ll take carrolls judgment over you bleacher and couch OC’s everyday.


              • Cojones

                I heartily approve this post, but realizing that no one seeing the simplistic reasoning of a simplistic game is doomed to vote for Trump – due to lack of reasoning. Plus, if you can see this reasoning, you won’t blog so much about the coaches and players and it would stymy the postings and we wouldn’t meet like this on a daily basis.

                Shit happens in CFB games, friends , and we haven’t seen the last of it yet, so why not line up on the sidelines, give a hearty “Go Dawgs” like you mean it and enjoy the games….I meant wins.


  17. DawgByte

    I watched it twice – never again.

    Two things struck me about this game.

    Watching our offense was like looking for clues that a glacier had moved. From was 1-7 for something like 6 yards in the first Qtr. In his best impression of Michael Jackson, the glove didn’t work, as he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.
    Our D is the best we’ve had in a long time -1 yards rushing, are you kidding me.


  18. UGA '97

    Our full man ball definition means we wear down opponents and pull away in the 4th quarter. Never happened in SC, Florida, Auburn, & Tex AM games…The D was gassing b/c the O never pulled away. This is dysfunctional man-ball.

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  19. BuffaloSpringfield

    In the end Fits and Spurts will beat you no matter how difficult the D makes on the opposing team. You have to have a answer, there is one with every team. I am not sure there is a answer. There are possibly 2 first rounders on offense…….. I don’t need to say who……..As long as the NFL looms large, you can say it’s coaching, you can say it’s the OC, reality says it’s in the locker room …….. it happened last year it’s the same this year