The opposite of fish fry

Admittedly, it’s easy to snark about Geoff Collins, but it’s fair to say he’s got a monumental task trying to revive a program the genius ran into the ground in terms of national relevancy (in state, too, to be honest) and he’s doing the best he can with that.

Bottom line, it’s hard for me to dislike a guy like this ($$):

For years, beginning on Thanksgiving morning, Collins would go to the Georgia Tech-Georgia junior varsity football game.

Now, as he stands behind a podium overlooking Bobby Dodd Stadium addressing the media before his first Georgia-Georgia Tech game he’ll attend as the Yellow Jackets’ head coach, he motions toward those same stands. He remembers where he used to sit when he got to go to those games as a kid and teenager. In those moments, it was the foundation of a rivalry football and gameday traditions that was laid for Collins throughout those formative years.

After the game, Collins would go over to his grandmother’s house for a Thanksgiving meal. Once everyone was filled up on turkey and dressing, the family would set up its annual “Turkey Bowl” football game in the backyard.

Since those days, Collins has moved from state to state for his career as a college coach. But even with the moves from places like Mississippi and Florida to Philadelphia and Atlanta, Collins said he believes he has his old MVP “Turkey Bowl” trophy stored away somewhere.

“(It was) a little wooden block with a wishbone sitting on (top),” he said.

Growing up just outside the greater Atlanta area and spending the Thanksgivings of his youth watching Georgia-Georgia Tech games from the stands, Collins’ web began to form.

He calls himself a true product of the state’s high school football programs. But when it comes to this rivalry, he knows exactly where to pinpoint the beginning of this web.

“I was born and raised to love this rivalry,” he said.

That’s a better attitude than the contempt Johnson professed to show for it.  And it’s where things have to start if the rivalry is ever going to become meaningful again from Tech’s standpoint.  Which I’m in favor of, if only because it makes the losses much tougher for GT fans to take.


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  1. I want to beat them 50-0. Every. Single. Year.

    Just basically shut them up forever and permanently, and totally irrelevant.

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    • IDK, I think every 10 years or so it would be nice if they were the one loss ACC Champions looking at a playoff spot, they could go into halftime with a two score lead, then the one loss Dawgs come back to win by 14 in the 4th, causing the now two loss ACC champ miss out on the playoffs.
      That would be OK.
      The flat-earthers over at stingtalk would slide right on over the edge.


      • Mark

        I have struggled with this very question since I became a UGA fan in ’74. Is it better to beat the ever-loving snot out of them, or snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, a la 1997? Which does more damage to their collective psyche?


    • Now If UGA scores 30 and fech registers -20….are you good with that


    • Greg

      223-0 would be fine with me….BWTFDIK, a wins a win, 1 point or 223 points.

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  2. Paul

    I know we all made fun of him, what with the Waffle House comments and all. But he knew this would be a miserable year for his team and he had to generate some interest and excitement however he could. Seems like a fairly decent dude. That said, I’d like to beat them 50-0 every year too. My oldest brother went to the North Avenue Trade School and I went to UGA. So, yeah. Unfortunately Kirby doesn’t seem inclined to run up a score no matter who we’re playing.

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  3. Mark

    Senator, your last sentence puts forth a wonderful point ii hadn’t considered. Thank you! I also grew up that JV game with it being my first college experience years before my parents took us on our annual pilgrimage to Athens. My grandfather bought tickets from the Shriners and we’d have The Varsity for lunch, enjoy the game, and head home to Thanksgiving dinner. We did it for years and my wife thinks there’s something odd that I crave the Varsity for Thanksgiving lunch now. Good memories.

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  4. Russ

    Great memories of that game, though I was always conflicted as my dad taught me that the winner of the JV game usually lost the “real” game later. Of course, when we would later sweep the double header, it made it all the more special.

    And yeah, I mock the guy for his Butch-like tendencies but he’s much less of a prick than (the big) Johnson.


  5. JCDawg83

    A year ago I had never heard of Geoff Collins, today I despise him. We need to beat them by at least 50 points for seven more years, put a 9 game winning streak in the books and tell them we want to drop them as an opponent because they aren’t a relevant program or legitimate competition and we want to start playing Ga State on home and home basis instead.


    • Ricky McDurden

      I’m fine if Kirby wants to do the same to Florida and threaten to leave Jacksonville for Halloween to play Georgia Southern instead


    • Otto

      Agreed GT has the widest margin of victory and longest winning streak. Smart can take those back.

      I want 49+ to zip this year. The team needs to learn to keep the hammer down for 60 minutes and GT is just the punching bag to do it against. UGA would also take back the largest margin of victory at CMR field.


  6. Russ

    And I didn’t realized he was the shark humper’s DC at Florida for a couple of years, so he’s got experience losing to us. That’s nice.


  7. 81Dog

    If you can’t find it in you to dislike Butch 2.0, you ain’t trying hard enough, son. It’s great that he appreciates the historic nature of the rivalry, but the fact that he’s less of a jerk than fish fry just makes him the nerd with the fresher breath. I wish nothing but losses and disappointment for the GTU football program. If hating GTU is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    You need to step up your game, amigo. No half stepping this week. 😉

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  8. Athens Dog

    I also grew up going to the Freshman game on Thanksgiving. I have a program from the last one. Someone on my Facebook page commented that no one hates tech anymore like i do……………glad to see many still do.

    FUCK tech. Win by 50


  9. Milledge Hall

    Jeoff is the current corch of the north ave. trade school.


  10. Texas Dawg

    I hope I never see a Tech win in this game the rest of my life. I would like to see some really competitive losses for them however. Curb stomping them every year would get boring, but a last second win (once in a while) against the bugs to knock them out of a possible ACC championship would be oh so much fun. The more it sticks a knife in their tiny mechanical hearts, the better.


  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Paul the Johnson only had contempt and downplayed the rivalry because he lost so much. When he won he was chipper and smiling.


    • Legatedawg

      Maybe the “genius” actually thought after their win in 2008 (inexcusable, but I’m not gonna throw names around here) that he had found the magical key to making GT competitive in this series for the first time since the dawn of the century. If so, he was sadly disabused of that notion, in the “We run this State” game of 2009 in their house. I think that was when he came up with his “bigger fish to fry” comment as his bugs were headed to the norhingburger ACC Championsip game a week later.

      Since then, they have had the 2014 win in Athens, result of the infamous pooch kick (surely the most gutless call of CMR’s entire tenure at UGA) and the bizarre win of 3 years ago, occasioned by Eason’s pick in the waning moments. I’ve actually wondered if THAT was a contributing factor of CKS’ obsession with sit-on-the-lead that has driven us all crazy in the three years since. But this year should not be remotely that close. I have no doubt this this Saturday will have a more resounding victory than the first Georgia win in Atlanta that I ever followed via radio 54 years ago when our battered but brave Dawgs of 1965 swatted the bugs, 17-7.


  12. Dawg Vegas

    It doesn’t matter to me if my late father returned to the living and was hired as the GTU coach. I wouldn’t be able to stop crying tears of joy to see him again, and I would want to beat Tech by 100, if not more.

    I do not care for them, at all. I work across the street from their campus, and a day doesn’t go by without me flipping them off.

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  13. FlyingPeakDawg

    I know two of Kirby’s key principles are poise and discipline, but I really hope he cuts the team loose Saturday to play fast, easy and relentless. Get the stress out of completing a great regular season and tuned-up for the Championship run.


  14. Ozam

    I haven’t thought about that JV game in decades! Thanks for the memories. 🙂


  15. Doug

    I can’t hate Collins (yet). Honestly, I just kind of feel sorry for him at this point. He’s in over his head.

    But that doesn’t mean I don’t want us to beat them 52–0 on Saturday.


  16. He is doing the only thing that makes sense …..sell the ATL to the players/recruits. The problem that follows is for a later date. The kids who want Atlanta/404 for fun,parties and hip-hop lifestyle will come but can he (Collins) keep them out of trouble and in school…..but he is selling his best asset. My real question is and remains how the hell does this not work for basketball where the ACC means something.


  17. StoneColdDawg

    I concur: Geoff is Butch 2.0. Beating the NATS by 40 every year is fine with me.


  18. McTyre

    My sense is that the rivalry is plenty meaningful for Tech fans these days though it’s been one-sides. If anything, judging by the “hot take” of some UGA fans that the series should be canceled is an indication it’s lost some meaning from our side. I think that’s a stupid POV but will admit to a mindset that not losing to Tech means more than beating them.


  19. ApalachDawg

    To Hell with Tech. May they die a slow and painful death.


  20. RangerRuss

    tech? Piss on those motherfuckers.