“To me, this will always be ‘Hate Week,’ and that’s exciting.”

It may not be the streak, but this Saturday, Georgia has a chance to do something unprecedented.

Smart’s first game as a head coach against Georgia Tech was a 28-27 loss in the last minute of a 2016 thriller. The last two years have been very different, which has Smart on the verge of doing something no other Bulldogs coach has accomplished.

The Bulldogs have never defeated the Yellow Jackets three straight years by at least 20 points.

Would I enjoy watching that take place on historic Mark Richt Field?  Why, yes, I believe I would.


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5 responses to ““To me, this will always be ‘Hate Week,’ and that’s exciting.”

  1. J-Dawg

    I would love to see a final score of : 42 – 0. We can do it and need to do it now. 2 to 3 years down the road Tech will be competitive again. They can only get better! No Cager or other injured 1st stringers will play this week. I expect no Fromm in the 2nd half. Passing attack will open a bit, but not too much. I still think Kirby’s playing possum with the offense and Jake’s comment of “we’re just inches away” lends credence to it in my mind. I am not an expert on the game like some posters here, but my gut instincts are usually on point.


    • Doug

      Why not tack on one more F-you touchdown and make it 49–0? Georgia should be the team that owns the biggest blowout win in the history of the series.


  2. Busta

    Pretty sure our OL will be able to block three 220lb gTrash defenders at a time when they load the box. This UGA team has forgotten what a cupcake tastes like, hope Jake throws all over em.


  3. Classic City Canine

    I’m going to be quite upset if we don’t shut them out. If our offense was great, I’d be looking for something like 66-0. I’ll settle for 34-0 if I must.


  4. If Mr. Crowder had his way, he’d play offense and defense scoring 4 touchdowns plus a safety