Tried to tell ‘ya

LMAO.  Like this is supposed to be news to anyone.

Mike Glazier, Missouri’s attorney who has been helping schools out of infractions jams for the last 32 years, reacted to the verdict with a new outlook on how to deal with the NCAA. He told CBS Sports that he will advise schools in the future that they “will probably not get credit” for cooperating with the NCAA.

“What I’ve always been hopeful of being able to say to [clients] is, ‘When you cooperate, you’re going to get credit for doing it.’ I still have to tell them they have to cooperate. But when they say, ‘Am I going to get credit?’ my answer is going to be, ‘I — under the current system — cannot guarantee that. My experience is that you will probably not get credit.”

Okay, well, maybe that’s news to Greg McGarity.


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15 responses to “Tried to tell ‘ya

  1. stsbms

    Glazier just figured this out, and Mizzou paid him how much? If either had been watching UGA and Auburn over the last 10 years, they would have known cooperating gets you nothing but lawyering you gets you championships.


  2. MGW

    Now why would he say he has to tell them to cooperate? It’s not a law that’s been broken or any kind of government investigation that is happening.

    I’d say the present best practice is to put every effort toward covering up as much as you can and subverting their investigation any way possible, and making sure they know that you and yours are going to sue the NCAA and it’s individual investigators for even the slightest problem they cause you if any of their actions have any adverse effects on the school or any of its employees, especially if they break one of their own rules or procedures in the process.

    As in were not cooperating at all, and if you screw up we’re going to make you pay.


  3. Bigshot

    Never cooperate. Should follow the LSU, AU, and UNC pattern. “Come and find it”


  4. RangerRuss

    “A truly chilling effect on compliance.”


    • RangerRuss

      Allow me to expound. There are inherently honest people who make honest mistakes. ‘Fessing up and cooperating should be rewarded with some relief of sanctions to encourage compliance. Once it’s been established that the authorities are interested in only being vindictive? Fuck em. I’ll do what I want and catch me if you can.
      To quote Ray Shoesmith from Mr Inbetween,”I don’t answer questions.”


  5. Mayor

    Georgia’s experience too.


  6. Ricky McDurden

    The NCAA has sentenced programs smaller than Mizzou to the gas chamber. They didn’t want to do it but felt they owed it to them.

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  7. 69Dawg

    When I was with the IRS we had the saying, “if the taxpayer furnishes the rope and the chair we will gladly hang him.” This seems the attitude of the new NCAA.


  8. Ozam.

    The NCAA is a classic bully…it will only attack the weak or willing. They walk/run away from those who punch back.