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Egg Bowl

Hey, it’s the only game in town tonight, so what else do we have to talk about?

One thing, and I don’t know if it’s a canary in the coal mine kind of deal or not, but tickets for one of the most bitter rivalries in the country can be found for as little as ten bucks.  Kinda sad.

As far as the bitterness goes, check this out.

Anyways, I’m leaning towards the upset on this one (MSU is a 3.5-point home favorite).  What about y’all?  Have at it in the comments, if you’re not too stuffed already.



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Not this time

As I mentioned a couple of times this week, I was relatively copacetic about Texas A&M trying to make a game of it in the fourth quarter, but let me just say, if I’m sitting in BDS Saturday watching Tech with the ball in its hand in the fourth quarter and a chance to tie or take the lead, I’m gonna be one PO’d mofo.

Just sayin’, Kirbs.


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TFW you think you’re the only reasonable person in the room

No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man…

“… the whole success vision of the student-athlete” — it’s impressive how the NCAA keeps coming up with these empty phrases completely devoid of meaning and tries to pass them off as profound, convincing concepts.


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Consider the source

You know, in a way, it’s a shame Urban Meyer is such a flawed human being.

Because he’s a really sharp football guy.  Not that that should be enough to salvage the flawed part, though.


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Message from Erk

Bold, yet stylish.

Timeless, too.


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This is unmitigated horse crap.

First of all, it’s a textbook example of why athletic directors have no business serving on the selection committee.  It’s impossible to avoid conflicts of interest when major powers are in play and ADs from P5 conferences are voters.

And Gene Smith’s “uncomfortable” because other committee members didn’t value his team the way he did?

“We could debate whether we should have been four, five, relative to Oklahoma, but I just felt that the application of the criteria relative to Georgia and us last year was troublesome for me.”

Poor baby.


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“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

It’s Thanksgiving, and that means one thing at this joint.

That will never get old.  Neither should your appreciation of all that you have in life.

Y’all have a great day today, okay?


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