“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

It’s Thanksgiving, and that means one thing at this joint.

That will never get old.  Neither should your appreciation of all that you have in life.

Y’all have a great day today, okay?


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20 responses to ““As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

  1. Timphd

    Thank you for this Senator. I look forward to it annually. Happy Thanksgiving to all the GTP family.

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  2. ElectroM

    Thanks for all you do Senator. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone here!


  3. Spike

    Thanks Bluto! Same to you and yours!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the GTP community! Enjoy the food and your family.

    In the words of Lewis Grizzard, thank you for the privilege of being a Bulldog, and bless all those not as fortunate as I.

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  5. sniffer

    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

    And to hell with Tech.

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  6. Uglydawg

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


  7. Tronan

    Thanks for all the work you do on GTP, Senator. This blog is one of the best things about being a Georgia fan.

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  8. Texas Dawg

    Thank you Senator for GTP and my required daily dose of DAWG news
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of DAWG NATION
    The WKRP clip still remains one of the funniest things I have ever seen
    Finally in this season of Thanksgiving I am thankful that I am a DAWG
    To Hell with Tech…. #FTMF


  9. chopdawg

    Thankful for this blog, is what I am! Happy Turkey Day to all. Wreck Tech this Saturday.


  10. BuffaloSpringfield

    Hope ya’ll have a wonderful Thanksgiving here at GTP……a tip of the cap to you Senator and yours. Blessed to apart of the only site for Bulldawgs. I wish our country could run as smoothly and consciously and your site.
    May we all be around next year to “Hate Fech Week”….. sadly I know of 3 who won’t be coming to Atlanta to Mark Richt Field this year…. we were all younger when that clip from WKRP actually aired now a lot on the site weren’t even born then.
    Life is like a roll of toilet paper the closer to the end of the roll. The faster it seems to go.


  11. Salty Dawg

    Happy Thanksgiving, Senator and GTP peeps! Every morning when I get my coffee, I am thankful for this blog and all of you who contribute. Even the never ending stats! JK (kinda), Senator!


  12. DavetheDawg

    Bailey Quarters…still hot.


  13. doofusdawg

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  14. Russ

    Senator, thank you for all you do keeping this blog going. The best Georgia community out there on the interweb.

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Dawg fans. THWT!



    Happy Thanksgiving Senator and GO DAWGS!


  16. mg4life0331

    I’m thankful for the blog and my family. I’m also thankful for Mullen/Grantham, the collapse of chop blocking and the ensuing rebuild from scratch. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  17. FlyingPeakDawg

    I’m thankful for:
    …our Junkyard F’ng Dawgs Defense #JFD
    …it only takes one point more than your opponent to win.
    …Kirby has had a plan to keep his top players motivated and focused since January 2nd by keeping the season on edge.
    …Pepto-bismol available in the 4th quarter.
    …players like Swift, Herrien, Fromm, Pickens, OL and all of the D who know how to suck it up and step forward when their backs are against the wall.
    …we’re playing LSU in the SECCG.
    …Hate Week being something we can be thankful about.
    …Saban possibly missing the playoffs with only one loss and the whining from Tuscaloosa that will ensue.

    …and for all of the things that make CFB so great.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  18. Morris Day

    Ryan McGee was wearing a WKRP Thanksgiving hoodie on the Marty & McGee TV show last night. That WKRP episode never fails to bring a smile to my face. GTP brings the smiles, too. Between the Senator’s snark and the cast of crazies around here, never a dull moment. Thanks for all y’all do and hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving day. Go DAWGS!


  19. Ozam

    Happy Thanksgiving peeps! We have so much for which to be thankful!