Message from Erk

Bold, yet stylish.

Timeless, too.


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  1. Derek

    The fact that we missed having him be our head guy twice, will always be a burden.

    We certainly wouldn’t be on year 39 waiting on another national championship if he’d been given that shot.

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  2. Gaskilldawg

    Folks under age 60 don’t realize that when Erk was a player and assistant coach at Auburn, Auburn’s most hated rival was Georgia Tech. Really.
    Auburn didn’t play Alabama until 1949, and until Bryant returned in 1958 (IIRC) Alabama wasn’t very good. Auburn did play SEC rival Tech every year and Tech, of course, acted smugly superior. Tech refused to play Auburn home and home; in fact, it wouldn’t even play Auburn in Birmingham. It insisted on playing Auburn at Grant Field every single year.
    Auburn fans HATED Tech’s arrogance. My Father and two Uncles were Auburn students in the early 1950s and fans throughout their lives and they hated Tech with every fiber of their beings, but they didn’t hate Alabama with nearly as much passion.

    Erk brought his Tech hatred to Athens and kept everyone focused on why GTU is the enemy. I loved Erk’s passion.


    • Texas Dawg

      “and Tech, of course, acted smugly superior”. So you’re saying that NOTHING has changed with Tech of the last 50+ years.


      • Gaskilldawg

        You are right. Except that in the early 1950s it had a football program to brag about. Almost 70 years later it’s folks act as if it was 1952.


  3. KornDawg

    I must have seen this photo 100 times, this is the first time I noticed the “Tuck Fech” on his lower back.



    Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the one and only Erk Russell. Never be another like him.


  5. Muttley

    He dealt with ’em, too- 10-3, I think. That would be the least we’ve held them to in my lifetime.

    As Sylvester Boler stomped the jackets, I was a little kid parked at my grandparents’ house on the current site of the “King and Queen” buildings in Sandy Springs by 285. My grandparents were tech people, and I dug the tension between them and my folks when they came to pick me up. Though I’d already been to a couple of tech-Georgia games at Sanford by 1973, this was where I started to really tune in.


  6. Spike

    I met Coach Russell as a student at the Coliseum one day. He had the strongest handshake I’ve ever encountered.


  7. Russ

    Erk would love this defense we have. Junkyard Dawgs for sure!

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  8. sectionzalum

    Now we know where Melania’s coat-stenciling style came from…


  9. From the bloody forehead to the “tuck fech” on his shirt this guy was a DAWG to his core. DGD!