Not this time

As I mentioned a couple of times this week, I was relatively copacetic about Texas A&M trying to make a game of it in the fourth quarter, but let me just say, if I’m sitting in BDS Saturday watching Tech with the ball in its hand in the fourth quarter and a chance to tie or take the lead, I’m gonna be one PO’d mofo.

Just sayin’, Kirbs.



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22 responses to “Not this time

  1. Derek

    4-0 Dawgs!


  2. JasonC

    We should be able to play some bench & reserve players a bit if we can get the offense executing.


  3. Linndawg

    Is anybody hearing that Cager got hurt in practice yesterday? AJC is reporting that it was a serious ankle injury and is out for a while or for the rest of the year. The school has not made a comment yet. Just wandering.

    Go Dawgs


  4. Tatum

    We cannot beat Tech badly enough. I want this game as much as any every year. Their fans are more insufferable than any other base when they beat us.


  5. Russ

    I want Fromm to throw 4 TDs to 4 different targets, and then the Mailman come in and deliver 2 more. Oh, and Zeus and Cook each have rushing TDs.

    Heck, give Lecounte a pick 6 as well, and let Hot Rod tack on a 50 yarder just before the half expires.

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  6. Keese

    Don’t put anything past our offensive play calling


  7. chopdawg

    Just like ’81, let’s throw the bomb on our first play from scrimmage.


  8. George Jones

    It’s unlikely the outcome of this game will ever be in any real doubt but I think the final score will be closer than many will like. Georgia’s offense simply has no explosiveness and it appears to be by design. Kirby is doing an excellent Vince Dooley imitation this season in the style of play. Don’t get me wrong, Georgia is about to have their third straight 11-1 regular season and I appreciate that but from the perspective of winning a national championship I don’t think it’s going to be enough.