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It’s ovah.

Lawrence Cager, gone.

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It’s a shame he got to a place he wanted to be, shone and then had it all come to a halt.  Best of luck on recovery, man.



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The opposite of the Georgia Way

They’re selling alcohol at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field now.  They made good money doing so and fan incidents didn’t rise as a result.  None of which should be a surprise, given the experience at other venues making the same decision.

This, however, is an alien concept in Athens, Georgia:

“The person who sits in the upper deck, the top row, now has the same sort of amenity as the person who has the private suite,” said athletic director Ross Bjork.

Can somebody please help Greg McGarity?  I can hear his coughing spell all the way down here in Atlanta.  Get him a glass of water or something.


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TFW you say, “oh, shit, they comin'”

The ending wasn’t the only moment of mirth for Elijah Moore in last night’s Egg Bowl.  This move cracked me up, too.

Hell, it was worth a shot.


UPDATE:  By the way, speaking of Moore, I had forgotten this.

August 15, 2017: Commitment
Elijah Moore commits to Georgia Bulldogs

I cannot even begin to imagine what Smart’s wrath would be like had Moore become a Dawg and cost Georgia a game the way he did last night.


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It’s gonna be some offseason in Oxford.

I see the football gods were in Starkville, Mississippi last night.

Jon Solomon is calling that the “Piss and Miss”, which ain’t bad, but, really, the jokes are gonna write themselves for a while.

I just hope somebody asks that kid if it was worth it and, after pondering the question for a moment, he answers, “totally”.  Might as well own it at this point.


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