It’s gonna be some offseason in Oxford.

I see the football gods were in Starkville, Mississippi last night.

Jon Solomon is calling that the “Piss and Miss”, which ain’t bad, but, really, the jokes are gonna write themselves for a while.

I just hope somebody asks that kid if it was worth it and, after pondering the question for a moment, he answers, “totally”.  Might as well own it at this point.



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  1. The Truth

    So, did Metcalf get penalized for the piss thing when he did it? If not, I would not quit raising hell about this if I were Ole Miss. the officials basically said it was ok if they didn’t penalize Metcalf, then hit this kid with a flag when he did what they had previously said was ok.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t abide it if I was the coach and I’d make whoever did it run until they puked or I got fired, whichever came first.

    But if that kid saw Metcalf do it without getting penalized the refs are culpable as well.

    If Metcalf did get penalized…nevermind.


  2. George Jones

    I’m just wondering who the MVPee of the game is

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  3. St. Johns Dawg

    Credit to the Miss State coach for actually making a wise coaching decision in that situation (perhaps an assistant suggested or influenced the decision, but nonetheless …). The knee-jerk response is to take the yards on the kickoff. If you can inject just a little bit of doubt in a player’s ability to execute – especially in the kicking game – you can get a win sometimes. Wild game that completed my Thanksgiving Day very well … Like a tasty leftover turkey sandwich.


  4. JCDawg83

    Can a coach put a player in the transfer portal?

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  5. UGA '97

    although a selfish stupid ass thing to do but didn’t help their kicker was 2nd to last in the SEC in FGs made as well as PATs…he already missed 3 of those. Either way its Ole Piss forever lessons learned.


  6. The Old Jeffster

    Egg Bowl as always is must-see TV on Thanksgiving weekend. Pissing away a game in this manner was cringe-worthy but in the end just funny as hell. Somebody will learn a lesson from this but apparently it won’t be Ole Miss. Luke’s in big trouble and with two potential replacements on his staff, might not be around very long.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    They’re changing the Egg Bowl trophy to a fire hydrant. Through counsel, Uga is negotiating royalties as we speak.


  8. CEPH

    I heard when he was crawling around on the ground he was trying to smell the spot where the other Ole Miss player did the same thing in 1917, just sayin!!!!! Also Luke has to be the dumbest coach in all of football, just listen to him talk. He reminds me of, forget it NO ONE thankfully!


  9. Russ

    I always feel bad for the kicker in these situations. Would rather see some one win it than lose is (by execution). Losing because of a bonehead penalty is just dumb.

    And yeah, the Egg Bowl never disappoints.


  10. Hobnail_Boot

    Hotty Potty!