A familiar position

No surprise here.

Just remember, Dawgs, it’s not where Vegas sets the line, but where you finish the game that matters.



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  1. sniffer

    I think the difference comes down to keeping Burrows bottled up when he takes off and runs.


  2. Pleasantly surprised by this. I was expecting +8 or +9. Games aren’t transitive, but the beatdown LSU administered on aTm last night was really disheartening.

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  3. Sam Johnson

    Love the illustrations. Must be old ones from Jack Davis. Miss his work – he could’ve have fun with yesterday’s outcome. A DGD.

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  4. Russ

    So you’re saying there’s a chance?

    I think we keep them bottled up and frustrated. Just hope we can score a few.


  5. practicaldawg

    I’ve been to every game we’ve played at the Benz and will be at this one. There’s literally no outcome I can’t stomach.

    2 intangibles I like in this game: 1) Our experience in these games vs. LSU’s and 2) the fact that LSU could lose by 40 and still go to the playoff.

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  6. ASEF

    Question for LSU is going to be the same one Alabama faced last year with Tua:

    Can they be patient when the explosive plays aren’t there? Or will Burrow force some throws if nothing is coming easy?

    Going to need some momentum plays out of special teams, I think. Very possible. And some smash-tendency shots from the offense. Maybe not so possible.


  7. Vegas seems to think we have a puncher’s chance. If we can take away their running game without committing safeties to the line of scrimmage, we can slow them down. The question is whether we can score enough to win.


  8. chopdawg

    Luv my Dawgs!…but I’m glad I don’t know how to bet football online, because I’d bet a lot of $$$ on LSU if I only had to give 4 points.


  9. ApalachDawg

    quick check of LSU lines against…
    UF -14
    @Barn -10.5
    @bama -5.5
    Dawgs -4. does vegas know more than some of the bitches on this blog?

    Stop their #22. Contain Burreaux’s scrambles and knock the fuck out of that shit eating grin he has when he runs.
    Unleash the pass rush.
    Pray that our vanilla O strategy will pay off and Fromm has a day of days with these WR.

    Go Dawgs!

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    • does vegas know more than some of the bitches on this blog?

      I dunno. Do you thikn Vegas disagrees that our offense sucks and Fromm has regressed?

      Because this year’s defense with 2017 or 2018’s offense and we’d likely be favored and also coming into the game 12-0.

      Who’s the whiny bitch?


  10. St. Johns Dawg

    Going to be a very interesting game. UGA’s goal will be to run the damn ball, churn out long drives and run clock, thereby limiting LSU’s possessions. LSU wants a shootout, because they are built for it on offense and their D can be patient – UGA hasn’t sustained offensive success for 4 quarters all year. If I’m the LSU D coordinator, I sell out to take away the running game and take my chances on UGA making some big plays through the air knowing it can’t last. THE WILD CARD – Jake Fromm in big games … Will he show up?


  11. J.M.

    I’m excited for Saturday. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily predicting a victory. It’s just an extraordinarily intriguing matchup. I believe we have the finest defense in America, and it’s about to be put to the ultimate test. If you’re any kind of a competitor, you’ve got to love that.

    The Dawgs generally bring a spirited effort to the SEC championship game. A 3-4 record may not sound great, but considering we were only favored in one of those seven matchups, it could be argued we’ve historically overachieved in this game. Even when we lose, we don’t back down from the fight. I expect we’ll be in this game in the fourth quarter. Will we make the plays necessary to send us to the promised land? Only time will tell.


  12. Ozam

    I am not sure where Garvin gets his spreads, but the game opened today at – 7.


  13. Erk's Forehead

    You know, hindsight is funny …

    As exasperating (and seemingly devastating) as the loss to South Carolina was… if we HAD won that game (say, 23-20) and finished the season 12-0, wouldn’t we be in exactly the SAME situation in the CFP rankings as of today due to eye test? (I.e., our 12 wins – even w the 3 narrow wins against Top 15 opponents – likely would still have us ranked #4 behind LSU, Ohio State and Clemson.).

    Am I crazy?


    • You aren’t crazy, but we would definitely be at least #3 ahead of Clemson. Our wins over Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn would utterly destroy Clemson’s schedule.

      We would probably ahead of OSU (they have NOTHING out of conference).

      We would probably not be ahead of LSU (they beat Bama/Texas/Auburn, we beat Florida/Notre Dame/Auburn), but it would be close.

      We’d like be #2. The networks would absolutely love an SEC title game 1 v. 2.

      Of course, the dumb thing would be if the SEC title game was 1 vs 2, and both undefeated, they’d both go into the playoffs – probably 1 and 2 again, making the title game virtually meaningless.


    • TN Dawg

      The only difference is that there would be a possibility of backing into the CFP with a tight loss if we were still unbeaten.

      As is, like our last half a dozen games, it’s a true elimination game for us.


  14. Another Will

    Believe in the Victory.


  15. 81Dog

    Fwiw, all the experts are picking LSU, most think we have no chance and will get waxed. These are the same guys who all liked Alabama to prevail in a low scoring Iron Bowl a week ago.

    LSU deserves to be favored, but we can beat them. It won’t be easy, but it’s not a fever dream. Long as we’re going to MBS, might as well try to win it.

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  16. Hobnail_Boot

    Georgia opened in 2005 as 2.5 point underdog, and finished around 5.5. I know, this is the only UGA game I’ve ever put any money on.

    Garbin making up numbers? 🤔


  17. Bob

    Peter Burns of the SEC Network said that LSU is going to wipe the field with Georgia and 44-17 seemed to be about right. I know he is an LSU grad and I hope that Orgeron’s boys are believing this.