Best 10-2 team ever, PAWWWLLL!!!

Man, listening to the Alabama fan base whine, “but the advanced stats say” all offseason is gonna be awesome.


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24 responses to “Best 10-2 team ever, PAWWWLLL!!!

  1. Derek

    Stats really ARE for losers!


    • Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

      No, you have to say it like a Bama fan!

      “Stats are for loosers! We just ain’t played no defence, Pawwwlll!”

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  2. Gaskilldawg

    I looked at Roll Tide Roll last night. Several Tiders posted that the committee would rank Alabama over UGA if LSU wins because it beat South Carolina and we didn’t. Of course we beat Auburn and it didn’t but that didn’t matter


  3. TXBaller

    Bama D is soft…..


  4. ASEF

    Advanced stats don’t factor injuries. Two starting DL and a starting QB averaging a TD pass every 8 throws for a career might tilt those measures a tad.


  5. practicaldawg

    Finebaum was already hedging this outcome by saying Gus will still be on the hot seat if Barn beats Bama just because Bama didn’t have Tua


  6. California dawg

    Bama tears are delicious. Whining about the refs as if officiating ineptitude didn’t hand them a natty in 2017 against us.

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  7. Heyberto

    Well, if that’s the case, we really beat South Carolina, didn’t we? So we’re undefeated? So Bama would still be behind us… nice.


  8. FisheriesDawg

    If they’re going to play the postgame win expectancy game, they might want to reconsider their stance on that South Carolina game.

    Advanced stats are great for understanding what happened and for prognosticating what will happen. They’re terrible for rating teams after the fact because FPI, success rate, etc aren’t the goal of the game. They’re just means to an end.


  9. Milledge Hall

    I NEVER pull for the East Alabama Reform School at Auburn!
    Having said that, I’m ecstatic that Alabama lost.
    They shouldn’t have even sniffed a playoff spot with their schedule.
    The Gumps need to pay a stiff price for their scheduling ineptitude!!

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  10. Will be interested to see what kind of effort they have at the Sugar Bowl


  11. Charlottedawg

    Oh Alabama wants to point to advanced statistics, You know who was solidly in the top 4 in S&P last year? Georgia. Pretty sure S&P would have expected us to win the seccg last year too considering we out gained Bama, got more first downs, and won turnover margin but the only stat that matters is the scoreboard.

    Here’s the world’s smallest violin for the only program to get not one but two national championship chances despite not even winning their division.

    Also while I’m taking shots from the peanut gallery maybe Billy C should back test his predictive model because where I sit it doesn’t really seem to predict any more accurately than say the spread. The Florida and Notre Dame games where advanced statistics predicted Georgia running the ball at will and Georgia failing to do so at all come quickly to mind.

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    • FisheriesDawg

      Predictive models aren’t intended to tell you what will happen. They’re intended to tell you what would most likely happen if a game was played over and over and over and over again. Sometimes the model would nail it, sometimes the model would be pretty far off. But there’s a cluster within the center of a normal distribution that is the most likely scenario. But given the small sample sizes, there is a lot of error in these things. Advanced statistics can be very meaningful, and have more predictive power than basic statistics like total yardage (hello, Paul Johnson!), but you can’t expect them to tell you which way an oblong ball is going to bounce. There is plenty of error both in the model (some variables in any model aren’t accounted for) and the game (injuries, out-of-character performance (good or bad), poor coaching decisions, etc.) that make it very possible the game will play out differently.


  12. The predictably unpredictable nature of college football is a feature, not a bug. Embrace the journey 🙂