SEC Power Poll, Week Fourteen


Another regular season in the books — we laughed, we cried, we marveled at Alabama’s march to relative irrelevancy.

Just a note:  As I usually do with the last one of these, I include each team’s net yardage per game number in a crude attempt to offer some context on the conference’s over- and under- achievers.  Take it for what it’s worth.

  1. LSU (+214.5).  As message sending goes, seal clubbing a respectable TAMU squad to finish out speaks loud and clear.
  2. Georgia (+163.6).  We’re about to find out how far a dominating defense takes you in this day and age.
  3. Alabama (+194.8).  Are they even allowed to have a football playoff without Alabama?
  4. Florida (+121.7).  As a Dawg fan, I’d be totally fine with the Gators combining ten-win seasons with second place divisional finishes for the rest of my life.
  5. Auburn (+97.2).  Does a nine-win, third place finish in the division with an Iron Bowl win, season get you a raise and a contract extension?  Asking for an agent.
  6. Texas A&M (+58).  Finished without a single win over a ranked team.
  7. Tennessee (+27.7).  5-3 in the conference with a minus-26 points differential.  The Vols are back, baby!
  8. Kentucky (+69.9).  After the Georgia shutout, the ‘Cats rushed for almost 2,000 yards in their last five games.
  9. Mississippi State (+13).  Best rivalry game finish ever.
  10. Missouri (+62.3).  Odom’s firing is proof of the meaninglessness of a win over Arkansas.
  11. Ole Miss (+28.5).  Matt Luke’s head coaching tenure was pissed away.
  12. South Carolina (-21.4).  If the Georgia win was what made the difference in Agent Muschamp keeping his job for another season, that Kirby Smart is one devious SOB.
  13. Vanderbilt (-139.9).  The streak is over.  Sigh.
  14. Arkansas (-110.6).  The only career advice I have for the Hogs’ next head coach is to hire Jimmy Sexton as his agent.


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11 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Fourteen

  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    Re: Kirby saving Agent Muschamp’s job. Happy to see you’ve come around to my way of thinking. 😆

    In a bar in Denver the Alabama loss was loudly cheered…lots of Bama fatigue out there. Not much love for us beating LSU and letting 2 SEC teams in the playoffs either!


  2. sectionzalum

    “Matt Luke’s head coaching tenure was pissed away.“

    Oh, mercy.


  3. Mayor

    UT finished the season with 5 straight wins for a 7-5 regular season.


  4. WarD Eagle

    LOL @ Alabama.

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    • Uglydawg

      Congratulations on the win WDE.
      If you don’t mind the question…how do you feel about Gus? I know you probably love him right now.
      He’s done some things that I thought were sort of the run out of the take a knee/safety formation against Wisconsin…having his defensive players take a dive to stop Georgia’s HUNH drives (which is outright cheating, and I know even Notre Dame did that against Georgia and I don’t know if Kirby is above it or not) and now (although I thought this one was pretty good) having the punter line up at wide receiver to blow Saban’s mind and cool. Saban’s duck fit after the clock hit zero was a beauty!
      I would also like to see some discussion on GTP about the way the first half ended. I thought the clock keeper was trying to help ‘Bama and it backfired on his ass. A competent clock runner would have stopped the clock at one second. So either his incompetence or his dishonesty undid Alabama. (which suited me. And the irony..looking back few years ago to Saban demanding time for the kick-6).


      • WarD Eagle

        Malzahn is a damn fine coach. He’s a better man. He plays within the rules and people get mad. Somebody said the other day that while all these other coaches are bringing Sunday to Saturday, Gus is bringing Friday night and they don’t know what to do with it. He brought the HUNH and his single wing adaptation to CFB and many teams use pieces of it now. Auburn had players faking injuries to stop play before whatever event you mentioned above. He put the wildcat in the NFL. He has 2 of the SEC’s all time leading rushing teams.

        He could surely use more consistency (UGA, LSU). He laid an egg with OL recruiting to get to this year. He’s currently recruiting juco players to make up for it and that’s never a good place to be.

        Here’s some research on what Gus has faced in his tenure and why people should understand what he’s up against.

        I could go on, but I have normal expectations -this is entertainment- so I don’t have any real reason to complain.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Things that were a big deal up until about ten years ago and now really don’t mean a damn thing: owning a big screen television, owning a smartphone, having a ten win season in college football.

    Florida, congrats on your wins over UT-Martin, Towson, coachless FSU, Miami (also losers to Georgia Tech and FIU), Vanderbilt, and Kentucky.