He could tell you, but then he’d have to kill you.

LOL.  This is better than “we swear, the tight ends will be more involved in the offense this year.”


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36 responses to “He could tell you, but then he’d have to kill you.

  1. dawgfan1995

    You’re a daisy if you do, Tyler.

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  2. ClassicCityDawg

    If this is true, which I highly doubt, it would be absolutely mind boggling. Why would you hold back considering the gauntlet you had to run in November?

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  3. DamnGoodDawg

    I KNEW IT! Play vanilla all year until the SECCG, then when nobody gives you a chance in hell, open the flood gates.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Somewhere on a golf course, Jim Donnan is nodding and smiling.


    • J-Dawg

      I have posted several times that I felt Kirby was playing possum until the right moment. I still believe it. Too many things and mistakes happening that look a little scripted.(Swift fumbling twice in one game?) I realize that I’ll be raked over the coals for this opinion, but 21 years in the Army has taught me to pay attention to my gut feelings. Jake is a little off with his accuracy but he’ll be dialed in for the SECCG. All UGA has to do is the same thing the military does: Shoot, Move and Communicate.


  4. Mayor

    If true, NOW is the time. Win the SECCG then on to the playoff Dawgs.


  5. Berdawg108

    He has to be right. Run it up the middle can only account for 80% of the playbook.

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  6. Berdawg108

    He has to be right. Run it up the middle can only account for 80% of the playbook.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    I shudder to think how many fake kicks are in there.


  8. Reverend Whitewall

    Five wides all game long in SECCG. Money in the bank.


  9. JustSomeGuy

    Confirmed! Fromm has been playing all season with wrist weights on, and the receivers have been playing with their wrists bungee corded to their shoulder pads. It’s the only explanation.


  10. Tronan

    Stupid playcalling YTD? Stupid like a fox!


  11. I think there is some truth to it. Think how many slants, TE throws and toss sweeps we’ve seen in the last few games that weren’t there before. Is it out of the realm of possibility that Mr. Manball didn’t think he could get away with a vanilla offense with his D playing lights out? I don’t think he intentionally sandbagged, but I don’t think it is unreasonable to think he didn’t put his finger on the scale of how much to open up the playbook. The problem of course is that practicing these plays is entirely different than game reps and its a bit of malpractice to not open up the playbook from the beginning.

    I think Coley has done well the last few games so to me, Saturday comes down to 2 things – Fromm’s play and Kirby’s game management. If Fromm is >60% completion and Kirby can stay aggressive, we’ve got a chance to hang with LSU.

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  12. Down Island Way

    If not for the fact that Mr. Simmons likes his place on the bus right now and that his number is going to be called ALOT this saturday….kinda’ smelt like he wanted to name some names


  13. ATL Dawg

    We lost a game and won four by a touchdown or less. If we’ve been holding back, that would be as stupid as some of our clock management. And that’s saying something.


  14. Bigshot

    I call BS on this. There’s not a blasted thing they have not shown and if there is , it is because it didn’t work.


  15. CEPH

    Oh contraire, the smart thing to do is show a lot of plays and formations then your opponent has more things to try and prepare for. Makes sense to me!!!!

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  16. TN Dawg

    As I predicted.

    The Glengarry Plays are upon us.

    Kirby you magnificent, sandbagging bastard!


  17. This is fan fantasy bullshit.

    We lost to South Carolina.

    We barely won 4 games.

    Obviously 11-1 and SEC East champs is great. But there is no way we were intentionally holding back considering how easily this season could have been a disaster.

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  18. Epiphany:

    If we manage to beat LSU we will be the only team in the country to have beaten four Top 15 teams.

    Maybe this Georgia squad IS pretty good…


  19. Got Cowdog

    If they ain’t using the plays it’s because they didn’t get them right in practice.


  20. Alex Westberry

    Five words for Saturday – Paul Johnson – Run Game Coordinator!

    There are gonna be some slack-jawed Cajuns at the Benz when the Dawgs line up in the Triple-O. That’s the part of the playbook the Kirbs has been holding back!


    • 92 Grad

      I mean, it cant be stopped, right? It is the perfect offense, if it stops, then it is the players, not the scheme. LOL


    • Will (The other one)

      I mean, the comment did remind of hearing “they’ve only used [some percentage well under 40] percent of the playbook” back in the Donnan days, and he did break out the wishbone vs UT in 1999 (it did not go well.)


  21. UGA '97

    not showing plays…. is that the same thing as not executing?


  22. Bulldog Joe

    Looks like they can now tear out the plays that involve D’Andre Swift.

    Especially the dumb one that one that had him motion into the quarterback position.


  23. FlyingPeakDawg

    I. TOLD. YOU. SO. Kirby’s had a plan in mind since January 2. Bring on them f’ing Dawgs!


  24. I mean, I’m sure there are some things we’ve worked on but it won’t be much different. The difference will be in if we call plays to take advantage of matchups and whether or not we actually execute.

    I just don’t see run, run, pass cutting it. Not having Cager and being without Pickens for a half will give LSU even more reason to try and stuff the run and come after Fromm. I think we’ve gonna have to find a way to survive the first half.

    Initially, I wasn’t worried about this game. I figured we’d have a shot. Now that Cager is out and Pickens is out for a half, I just don’t know what we can do offensively to at least move the ball and limit reps for LSU’s offense. We’ve got to be effective running the ball! Hopefully Swift is good to go.


  25. There are a number of plays that are built off specific personnel groupings, off a particular play concept, etc.

    In the A&M game, you guys remember the garbage toss play that we ran on the first drive? The one where Swift ran left and then jumped in the air, tackled for a huge loss?

    When I saw that, I thought… why did the O-Line pull in the other direction? Then, later in the game, we ran a run action off that, and went the other direction, with the whole opened by those linemen…

    And then, in the 4th quarter, on 4th down… guess what play we ran to get the much needed 1st down to ice it? The same original toss.

    It could very WELL be that there are a large number of plays that have not been used in-game because of situation, down/distance/personnel availability/etc.

    That doesn’t mean it’ll be any different Saturday, but the idea that you need “game reps” of your plays before putting them on the field isn’t law.


  26. MDDawg

    I’d absolutely believe that there are plays in the playbook that we haven’t used all year, but I don’t buy for a second this theory that we’ve been holding them back as part of some master plan. Some plays don’t get utilized because the personnel matchup isn’t there to maximize their effectiveness or the situation dictates that you do something different.


  27. Go Dawgs!

    In all honesty, given the problems with receivers and linemen making the correct blocks, running the correct routes, running the correct routes properly, etc. it would not surprise me in the least to know that Coach Manball has limited what the offense has tried to do all season. After all, with the defense Georgia has played, we haven’t needed to do a whole lot more than we’ve done, save for the South Carolina game. And, in that South Carolina game, the team was executing so poorly that I doubt turning to a few extra pages of playbook would have made much of a difference.

    So, do I believe that we have pages upon pages of playbook that the team hasn’t shown yet this year? Yes. Absolutely. Either for lack of needing to run the plays or for lack of confidence that they actually COULD run the plays, Georgia probably has a lot that they haven’t shown yet. And in the Auburn and Tech games you started to see more of it leak out.

    Now, do I believe that Georgia will actually trot those plays out against LSU on Saturday, given that we haven’t had faith in the plays all year long? I tend to doubt it.


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