Musical palate cleanser, a pox upon the media edition

Came across this historical note on Twitter…

That is… something.  It inspired me to post the original, which is simply great.  Robyn Hitchcock, man.


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8 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, a pox upon the media edition

  1. Mayor

    What I really love about this song is the sentimental lyrics. 😊


  2. Dawg Vegas

    Wow, I had no idea that, uh, existed. I love the original.

    He is sublime, and I had a few “No, I Don’t Remember Guilford,” “Adventure Rocketship,” and “The Man With the Lightbulb Head” on heavy rotation yesterday.

    My only complaint is the last few times through town he’s been solo, and I’m ready to see him with the full band again!

    Side note – Robyn was the special guest on Fab Fourum on the Beatles Sirius XM channel last week. Great stuff


  3. Tronan

    “Underwater Moonlight” is like the Velvet Underground’s and Big Star’s albums. Little to no commercial success but tremendous influence among succeeding generations of listeners and musicians.

    This one’s in my personal top ten:


  4. Skydawg

    Hitchcock is still putting out quality music. The self-titled album he released a couple of years ago was very solid and he’s released a couple of solid singles this year as well.


  5. voxdawg

    12 year-old Vox was absolutely destroyed to see how much of an entitled, stuck-up diva she appeared to be during her run on Celebrity Apprentice in 2012. Disappointed in her attention whore Playboy decision, too.


  6. Tommy Perkins

    A friend books Robyn in Austin 1-2x a year, so I’ve been fortunate to see him several times. His between-song patter is like John Cleese on acid. Just hilarious and absurd.


  7. cltdawg

    I remember 1st hearing this on the album DGC Rarities – great album BTW – and immediately liked it.