Chicken soup for James Coley’s soul?

Boy, this is some stat.

You know, a team with an inside running game could make a living exploiting that.  Just sayin’.



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8 responses to “Chicken soup for James Coley’s soul?

  1. RangerRuss

    Make LSU pay early for stacking the box with an imaginative passing game. I’d love to see that game end with a 9 minute drive to seal the victory.


    • The other Doug

      That’s really the key. UGA has to get LSU out of the box so they can pick up 6 yards a rush. There isn’t an OL or RB in CFB that can road grade with 8,9, and even 10 guys in the box.


    • Down Island Way

      I asked the 8 minute drive gawds for the same @ the barners in the 4th qtr…..prayers not answered …..will take whut ever UGA gets


  2. Jack Burton

    Unfortunately running the ball continuously up the center and guards asses an inside running game does not make


  3. practicaldawg

    That number may be inflated a bit after Plumlee ran for 10,000 yards on them