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Blaming Bobo?

Talk about a hot take with a backstory…

While I don’t think Mike Bobo walks on water, a guy who managed to coach a Mason-led offense to the seventh-best yards per play average in the country (not to mention first in that regard in 2012) would appear to have more than a clue.  I’m guessing he and Kirby are capable of kissing and making up over any little in-season spat they might have.

What I’m more curious about is how Kirby convinces him that Greg McGarity has turned over a new leaf.  ‘Cause I doubt McGarity himself is capable of that.


UPDATE:  DavetheDawg reminded me of this 2012 piece about Bobo and Smart.


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Chicken soup for James Coley’s soul?

Boy, this is some stat.

You know, a team with an inside running game could make a living exploiting that.  Just sayin’.


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Musical palate cleanser, trivia edition

Okay, folks — without looking it up, what’s the common thread between the main subject of yesterday’s MPC and this?


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