Dog eat dog.

You had to wonder when the schools and NCAA would start treating coaches the way they treat college athletes.

At least coaches can hire agents to negotiate their contracts, though.


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4 responses to “Dog eat dog.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh, so Kansas changed its mind. Such integrity.
    NCAA violations are like penalties. You could call one on every play.
    David Beaty? Wasn’t there a British Admiral by that name in the Great War? I think he was mediocre too.


  2. I’m willing to bet that a Jimmy Sexton devised buyout clause is a lot more specific around violations. No one gets one over on ol’ Jimmy.

    Will be interesting to watch this play out though.


  3. Mayor

    Senator, you may recall I have been predicting this for several years. With buyouts getting bigger and bigger each year, sooner or later the schools would use whatever means (even fraudulent) necessary to void the buyout. When Texas Tech used that electric locker BS on Mike Leach to avoid paying his buyout and was successful in court arguing governmental immunity as a defense it became apparent that schools were now likely to say and do anything, including making shit up, to avoid paying. TT’s success was like poring gasoline on the fire. I hope Beaty beats hell out of KU in court, gets interest and attorney fees and any other damages possible. Only when the schools see one of their own raked over the coals in court will they stop this kind of behavior.


  4. i dislike jeff long even more now……and wonder if behind the curtain this is why KU hired him, like an underworld “fixer”