Somebody knows what I’m talking about.

Brent Rollins gets it, dammit.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written this season, you hopefully see what is glaringly obvious about the above three plays. Play-action. Georgia will have to take chances and try to create explosive plays on early downs, especially in plus territory. Over the last two games, the Bulldogs have used play-action on 34 percent of their passing plays (44th-most in the FBS in the two weeks). This is a stark contrast from the percentages in the low 20s we saw prior to this game. Also, LSU is prone to allowing explosive plays in the passing game, as they are 89th in the FBS in percentage of explosive pass plays allowed. If Fromm plays the way he can from an accuracy standpoint, increasing the use of play-action will only help this offense Saturday, especially for the three to four shot plays they’ll inevitably take during the game.

No shit.  Gotta do it.  Call ’em, Coley.



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6 responses to “Somebody knows what I’m talking about.

  1. Sanford222view

    This! Has to be the most mystifying part of how Coley calls games. Our emphasis on the run game but so little play action in the pass game. Hopefully we was setting everyone up for this game. I can dream, right?


  2. Excellent, excellent, excellent article.


  3. CEPH

    Watch Fromm’s fakes in the rpo’s they are really bad and they are absolutely not fooling anyone.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      Looks like he doesn’t want to turn his head from downfield. Whether that’s all him or lack of trust in his receivers doing the right thing…? Some more effective PA also opens up some nice draw plays but I just don’t see how anything changes this week. Dance with the girl who brung ya…


      • Lutz Dawg

        Since we’re wondering whether there’s a chance Bobo comes back, I have to remember how well his QB’s ran the play action. Aaron Murray was awesome at play action and running screen plays. i just don’t think Fromm does a good job of either. Both of these would be extremely helpful with our inexperience at WR. IMO, this is where Bobo could really help UGA. he’s an excellent QB coach.


        • Mayor

          Why can’t Fromm run convincing fakes in play action? Coaching, coaching coaching. It all gets back to that. Put Coley on a bus out of Athens the day after the season is over.