Well, if you’re looking for a stat to hang your hat on…

This one ain’t half bad.

And here’s the thing — Georgia has to play great defense because of the way its offense is built.  And vice versa.

“You’ve got to play good football to win, period,” Smart said. “I don’t know that the adage ‘defense wins championships’ stands up as much as it used to. When you saw scores from the ’60s and the ’70s and the ’80s, it was indicative of defense compared to now. Now, it’s like, ‘I got to play pretty good defense and I got to score a lot of points. I can’t play horrific defense. I can’t play bad defense, but I might not have to be perfect,’ is the way a lot of teams have had success. They probably take more chances and risk and they just score tons of points.

“An explosive offense allows you to play a certain way on defense too, because you know that you’re going to score a certain amount of points. Sometimes that changes things. But you go over the history of the last 10 years, there’s still been some really good defenses that have won national championships. The Alabama ones, the Clemson ones. A lot of them get overshadowed by really good offenses, but there’s been some good defenses winning.”

“Right now, it’s hard to argue with the success that Kirby’s had,” said former Bulldogs quarterback Eric Zeier, who works as an analyst on the school’s radio network. “I think what would dictate change would be how we perform in a game like the one we have coming up on Saturday. I will say this: The style of offense you play can dictate how you look and how you feel on the defensive side of the ball, as well. At Georgia, you’re practicing against big and physical teams constantly. When you start to spread it out and open things up, that’s what you see every day. It’s a little bit different mentality, and I think it affects how your team functions and what its identity is.”

Call it an impose your will question, if you like, but tomorrow’s game comes down to which team can take the other out of its comfort zone.  Can Georgia’s offense chase Joe Burrow and Company if the Dawg defense can’t slow them down?  Can LSU’s offense prevail in a real slugfest if both of Georgia’s lines control the action?  Stay tuned.


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11 responses to “Well, if you’re looking for a stat to hang your hat on…

  1. This game comes down to your 2nd question. If the Corn Dogs can withstand our lines of scrimmage, the path to victory is extremely narrow. If our o-line can control the game and the front 7 causes enough havoc, we may not win, but the Tigers will know they have been through a physical wringer.

    Hit Burrow hard every chance you get.


  2. Mdcgtp

    If we control both LOS and are able to run the ball with more consistency than we have so far, I love our chances tomorrow.


  3. Mayor

    Beat LSU up physically. That will win the game.


    • dawgtired

      I would love to see the Dawgs’ physicality take over the game and get LSU our of their comfort zone. My concern is that we won’t be able to get the pressure needed to rattle Burrow. Plus, Burrow’s wheels are surprising…we’ll need a spy. I’m guessing we’ll play lots of DBs in this game.
      With the way our passing game has been sputtering, I will be nervous if we fall behind early.


  4. psyopdawg

    I remember going into the last two SECCGs with a feeling like “we’re gonna have to move a mountain to win” kind of feeling. I don’t have that feeling. I Have a different one. I feel like we have a better chance to win but I feel like it will be a carnival of deep pass attempts because we’re gonna shut down their run game. The DBs are gonna have a long day.

    ee is right. We gotta POUND Burrow and have more hurries and more sacks than we’ve had in any game this year.


    • practicaldawg

      Yep. This could be a massive game for Ojulari, Smith, and all those guys to showcase their speed and agility in the backfield.


      • 92 Grad

        I agree, problem is, Burrow has a very fast trigger. Getting rid of the ball in 2 seconds will neutralize the edge rushers.


        • Tony Barnfart

          True, but if Burrow starts going on a predictable clock because that’s all the time he has, then the route trees available become more predictable and can be jumped for possible picks.


  5. CEPH

    I prefer being smarter to being more physical any day.. you have to remember you can’t always be more physical because the other team has something to say about that as well. LSU is pretty damn physical ( ala last year) If we go in there thinking we are going to manball them we will lose.


  6. Tony Barnfart

    But we’ve heard that every week since the Kentucky game and gotten through some fairly tough opponents with better defenses than LSU by sticking to the script. We gotta ride the horse that got us there.